Entry of the Lost Worlds (Vargon Research)

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Vargon Entry LW.png
The Entry to the "Lost Worlds"
General Data
*SIM Type: Evolutionary_Science_Research_Projects
*Initiated: 110212
*Ended: ongoing
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Vargon Research
*SIM Concept: Nabuleone Rhode
*Historian: Nabuleone Rhode

Evolutionary Science Research Project

Mission Goals

The main objective is to find an entry point to the Vargon intersteallar gateway system to find the Lost Worlds of the Vargons It is assumed that this Lost Worlds of the Vargons are a number of star systems or planets which were created or manipulated from the Vargon species for their own style and joy.

Preliminary Findings and Events

  • Records taken from the Personal Log of Commander Nabuleone Rhode

Mission Logs

After my little adventure at the subspace sandbar and the first contact to the crystalline probe of the Vargons I decided to follow the coordinates which the probe gave me. I am on the search for the Lost Worlds of the Vargons and to find out more about this ancient species. The first informations and findings showed that their technology is high developed and the "capturing" of my shuttle was a first proof of it. It is hard to evaluate all the pictures in my head and it will need some time, but I am not able to withstand to follow the coordinates and to find out what I will find.

What do we know and what are the objectives of this trip ?

The Vargons are an ancient species who created and manipulated star-systems and planets for personal purpose and fun. They must have been creators and engineers and used a high developed technology. A proof are the usage of a interstellar gateway transportation system and this crystalline probes and the ability to bring a shuttle inside a subspace sandbar. The Lost worlds are hidden and shouldnt be found - for unknown reasons. The coordinates I got from the crystalline probe are shortly outside the Pinastri System and after reaching the point a little flash blinded me and for two seconds I have no sensors. After that I appeared on an unknown planet or asteroid with a nitrogen oxygen atmosphere, dark and far away of any source of light. I decided to make a little walk and collect some datas. Is this one of the lost worlds ?

I found a little habitat and many of storage crystals and a permant subliminal mental pressureburden on me. On the surface were lots of ruins and no biological lifesigns. I deteced no scripts andany other kind of signs. A round cage attracted my attention and I decided to sit inside and a light illumination appeared arround me. The mental pressure got more intense and a kind of a conversation started. A voice in my head explained something about the planetoid and I learned, that the planetoid I am on is a training ground for vargon terraforming and other projects. The little habitate included extensive crystalline data storages. A large statue showed a humanoid winged figure. An image of the Vargons? I couldnt find a proof for the fact, that the Vargons look like this - or the opposite.

I am not able to research and examine all that alone. I hopefully can come come back with a research-team.

I took some more scans and decided to return exactly at the point where I appeared and hopefully the "flash" leads me back to the Pinastri System. And exactly that happened - amazing.

After the return I reroute all shuttle sensor and tricorder data in the databases for further evalutaion.