Exit Stage Left

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"Time on the planet may move faster than in normal space."
Exit Stage Left
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Taylorholic Durant Missions
*Production number: TDRP1600
*Initiated: 180103
*Ended: 180100
*Year: 2416
*Aliens: Vitulians
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Profectionem - I.E., Leave.
*Next Mission: 2416
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Through the use of classified surveillance technology we have discovered that the residents of Vitulus II, located just inside the Tokari Sector, have developed warp technology. Their first flight beyond the bounds of their solar system took place 171214.23. The USS Taylorholic Durant is being sent to initiate First Contact.

Having fully recovered from an ancient strain of the Terran flu, the crew of the starship Durant will now go through departure routines, disengage from SS Peedy Thor, and set course for Tokari.

First star to the right, and straight on til morning.

Crew participation

Poison Toocool (Comm), Commanding Officer

Cheryl Skinstad (Comm), Executive Officer

Jorden Allen (Cmdr), Vice Chief Engineering

Yuki Horten (LT), Helm Officer


Reporting: Comm Poison Toocool:

We again had difficulties leaving spacedock on the SS Peedy Thor. It took the attention of our engineering crew and helm to ensure that the ship and the station were not again damaged. The response from spacedock operations seemed... less than helpful. We have decided to report all difficulties to station command. Once is understandable. But we did not receive cooperation when we investigated the incident. Twice is too many.


Captain's Log, Supplemental:

I am advised that the reports from myself, the XO, and the Vice Chief Engineer have been created and are ready to transmit. I await a response.