Face Off

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Face Off
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP060
*Initiated: 110416
*Ended: 110416
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Face Off
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

The Sheppard emerges from the Badlands to find Starfleet and the Alliance on the lookout for her, and the Rechta fighting a deadly virus on a nearby planet.


Captain's log, Stardate 110416.

-- And andorian Face appears on the screen her antannae twitching --

The Sheppard has finally gotten to the edge of the Badlands. The crew has worked hard to get us underway after the failure of the bionodes on Wednesday, which dumped the Sheppard into a plasma funnel, nearly resulting in our destruction.

...I .... think it woke them up. After the revelations of the previous week everyone seemed to be in a daze, just doing their work and not really paying full attention. To be honest I can't blame them, but distraction is dangerous as is being complacent. I had intended to kick them out of it by a series of inspections and drills; there's nothing like an angry captain to make you jump to it.

However, it seems events overtook me, and the crew is most definitely awake now. I am seeing determined faces on the bridge and a crew that is starting to think and function again.

In the next few hours we will hit open space and I for one will breath a lot easier to be out of these plasma clouds.

Computer, end log.


As the ship neared the edge of the Badlands, the crew picked up several Starfleet, Alliance and Rechta vessels, which happened to be searching for Sheppard. Furthermore, it seemed that the USS Luranza's Captain Meril was engaged in a heated discussion with the Alliance's Lady Rade regarding the course of action to follow - the Alliance commander wanted revenge for Sheppard's disappearance with Lady Byrna on board. After contacting Captain Meril and Lady Rade, Captain Dwi also learned that the two commanders were having a disagreement on how to deal with a viral outbreak affecting the Rechta on a nearby planet. The two Starfleet captains, helped by Lady Byrna, dissuaded Lady Rade from her plan to simply eradicate the planet.

In addition, Captain Dwi sent an away team under the commander of Acting XO Kaelin Odriscoll to help with the Luranza's medical efforts on the planet, while Lady Byrna liaised with the Alliance to provide air support for the away team. After beaming down, the Sheppard crew were attacked by mutated beings who, it turns out, were local inhabitants who had contracted the virus. Progressing towards the UFS medical facility set up by the Luranza, the Sheppard away team encountered an unconscious medical crewman, who turned out to be Luranza nurse Suzie Setsuko. As she regained consciousness and filled them in on what had happened, the Sheppard crew began to suspect that most of the UFS medical staff sent to the planet must have succumbed to the virus. Investigating the medical facility, where they found the unconscious Luranza CMO Dr. Levitsky, confirmed their suspicions.

Sheppard CMO Dana Dimsum, accompanied by security officers, collected samples from a waterborne green fog from which the virus seemed to emanate. Combining this with an artificial antibody, Dr. Dimsum was able to cure both Dr. Levitsky as well as Nurse Setsuko, who had begun to show the telltale signs of hyperagressiveness associated with the onset of the virus. The cure was then distributed in the planet's atmosphere by the Sheppard and the Luranza.


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