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General Data
*Production number: AST-RP086
*Initiated: 130113
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Home Sweet Home
*Next Mission: Critical Frequency
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, SS Astraios, Stardate 130118:

USS Mak'ala has disengaged the pirates and retreated, as ordered, we cannot read their location on our short range sensors. I hope they managed to convey our urgent message to USS Argonaut - currently at Treman on a diplomatic mission to negotiate an end to their harbouring of these terrorists - to proceed at best speed to intercept the pirate vessels. Assuming they have received our message they should get here within 20 minutes at warp 9. In the meantime we managed to damage one pirate vessel and the others backed off a little. We will have quick briefing to assess all available data and plan our next move. Radiation protocols are in place. Planet shield is holding but civilians are evacuating to shelters just in case. The electromagnetic pulses from the Astraionian sun are erradic and distruptive. Communications have been trying to raise the rest of the fleet with no response. I must hear from all departments, especially engineering, which is dealing with a hull breach on deck 15, failing systems, and an assault on our life support systems by the increasing levels of radiation.

Crew participation

Cptn Poison Toocool - Captain

Commander Genny7 Markus - Executive Officer / Medical

LTcmdr David7 Bravin - Chief Science

Commander Karl Quar - Chief Engineer/Helm

Commander Dolfke Barbosa - Security Chief

Delta Cadet Mikey Macintyre - Tactical/Communications


Reporting: Commander Genny7 Markus - Executive Officer, Stardate 130120

All Senior Officers have been called to the OPS briefing room aboard SS Astraios with the Captain about how each department is coping at this time. The Captain has asked me to stand in for Dr. Lane, who like all the other doctors on the station are very busy treating both our crew and the colonists with radiation treatments. I reported that things were under control but the station is full up and people are spread all over the space station, but that so far we have had no injuries.

Each of the other Senior Officers gave their reports, and as the last one had just finished a message came in from OPS telling the Captain that the USS Argonaut was 5 minutes ETA from us tracking the pirate ships, and were awaiting the Captain's next orders. The Captain turned to Tactial and ordered security teams to be sent to the station here and to the planet surface to protect the facilities. Then the Captain told OPS to tell the Argonaut to transport six Officers aboard as soon as they were in range. As we had time before transport to the Argonaut we all took the opportunity to change back to our duty uniforms.

Once aboard we all went to our stations and the ship's course was set to 455 mark2 which headed us towards the sun. We needed to get our LRS and communications up and running and it was suggested that if we were to fire programmed probes in a circle towards the border of the sector we could then recover our LRS and communications. Science and Engineering got straight on with the probes and finally they were launched. Once that had happened OPS tried to communicate with the Ma'kla to find out their situation and any data they might have for us about the pirate ships.

Suddenly three Klingon ships start to decloak in front of us and the Captain calls for Battle Stations. A battle ensues in which every one take damage, then a message comes in from the Ma'kla that they are damaged and are unable to help us and are making for the Space Station for repairs. We have managed to damage two of the three ships and orders go out to security for boarding parties to stand ready....


"Reporting: Captain Poison Toocool - CO, Stardate: 130120"

It's done.

We've disabled two of the Klingon ships and the third left in a hurry, its wings clipped. Teams have boarded the two vessels to take control, and beam survivors to the brig or to sickbay if warranted. I await a complete report on numbers. Once the ships are secured Science is to board them and examine computer records for any clue as to how they were able to affect the Astraionian sun and cause a massive solar storm. I remain convinced - as does Commander Markus - that these rogue warriors who thirst for latinum, trade in sentient life, and lust for 'honour'.... (a concept I find laughable given their actions) - simply don't have the 'smarts' to create the advanced technology they use. They are getting it from somewhere.

Commander Meth left Astraios before the ceremony and subsequent attack, to carry details of the pirate activity to the Klingon High Council. From her remarks, it appears she is of the opinion they will support any action we care to take against these mercenaries.

The ship's CMO wants me to rest so I am sitting in my borrowed quarters while Cmdr Markus and Captain Osbourne oversee repairs to the Argonaut and monitor the away teams. I chaft at the constraints to my freedom. Normally I would recommend some shore leave on Treman to relieve the tension but that's the last place I wish to be...