Footloose and Fancy Free

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Footloose and Fancy Free
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP087
*Initiated: 111023
*Ended: 111023
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Footloose and Fancy Free
*Previous Mission: Lift Off!
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

The Chenae escort pulls off to go investigate a distress call, leaving the Sheppard an easy target for the Oclar, still determined to secure the Starfleet ship for themselves.


Location: 20,000 years in the future, en route to a Chenae repair facility

Alert Status: Yellow

Captain's log, Stardate 111023

Well, what can I say - the Sheppard is still on her patrol path; unfortunately, our patrol has taken us 20,000 years into the future. We have encountered a species called the Oclar, who assisted our escape of the ice planet only to claim our ship as payment. We only managed to escape that fate through the intervention of the Chenae.

It seems the diplomatic talks with the Uretcha and Retcha that created the Chenae in our time period lasted, as have the people. The commander of the Chenae vessel, it seems, is a bit of a historian and I have already had several conversations with him about the Chenae history and what they know of the Sheppard.

Much of what they know is myth or based on the few surviving records and accounts of that time, much of it turned into scripture. They don't believe in a divine being so to speak, but more a way of life. This way of life starts off with a recounting of a great ship called the Sheppard helping fight the the curse of the Demons and bring the people together to walk the honourable and right path. The recounted story as i heard it had several similarities to the events based around the Nabraithians and the mutagenic virus they released on the Nuecha people. There where, of course, several differences as you would expect from 20,000 years of repitition; however, the fact still remains they knew about the ship, had records from the time and even stories surrouning some of the senior staff. In fact, Commander Hamelin even has a battleship named after her and some of the more militaristic aspects of the clergy refer to her as their patron.

--smiles at the screen before carrying on--

The Chenae went through a period of travel before eventually settling down and establishing a permanent government. The region of space they occupy is several hundred light years and the commander informs me that the area around the Nekrit expanse is the very edge of their space. The Chenae vessel is in fact only a minor science vessel doing research along the Nekrit expanse when they picked up our signal and responded. Their technology far outstrips our own and even though they are willing to assist us, they have placed some restrictions on our movements and what we are allowed to see and scan, basically like we did with their ancestors. They are just not willing to give us technology we have not developed on our own yet.

I can understand that and as long as they are willing to help us I can live with it... the Oclar are a different matter though. It seems they are a race of scavengers; not able to develop their own technology, they take from others, often not understanding or being able to repair the ships they have taken. As a result we can expect to see them again - apparently they take violations of their own laws seriously and the Chenae are expecting them to attempt at least once more to acquire the Sheppard.

Computer, end log.


As the Sheppard made its way to the repair facility, its Chenae escort had to pull off to go investigate a distress call it had received. Shortly after the Chenae left, Tactical detected a warp signature at the very edge of the sensors' range. Ten minutes later, two ships suddenly showed up front and starboard of the Sheppard and started firing. Since the Starfleet ship's main communications array was down and the secondary had a lesser range, there was no way to contact the Chenae; however, Ops coordinated the launch of two shuttles which would act as relays for Sheppard's distress signal.

Soon after, a harpoon landed on Sheppard's hull and Oclar intruders boarded the vessel. While Executive Officer Jess Hamelin led a deck-by-deck team along with Acting Security Chief Cordova Marabana to find and repel the intruders, the Oclar made it to Engineering, where they captured and set out to torture Lieutenant Alexander Zapatero. Commander Marabana's team managed to dislodge them, but before they could rescue Lt. Zapatero, more Oclar beamed in and overran the Security detail.

Two Oclar had managed to reach the bridge, where efforts to hack into one of the Oclar ships' computers were under way. The two intruders were promptly stunned, but reports came that two Oclar shuttles had forced their way into the shuttlebay and landed more intruders. This prompted some discussion regarding options for crippling the Oclar. While Captain Dwi went down to the armory to secure some ordinance, Chief of Operations April Coswell set out to put some of those options in motion. One of those plans involved beaming some blue ice worms from Science officer Araulya Coronet's lab directly to the bridge of one of the Oclar ships, while another involved helm officer Melisa Ellison remotely activating one of Sheppard's damaged shuttles in the shuttlebay and using it to pound one of the Oclar shuttles into uselessness.

Meanwhile, Commander Marabana rendez-vous'd with Captain Dwi in the armory and prepared two explosives, which were then beamed out in the vicinity of the Oclar vessels' most sensitive systems. On the bridge, Commander Coswell implemented the Captain's orders to release anesthetic gas on all decks to incapacitate the intruders - just as the Sheppard's two shuttles were coming back with the Chenae. One Oclar shuttle did, however, manage to flee the Sheppard. It didn't go back to the Oclar ships but instead warped out of sight.