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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP048
*Initiated: 100227
*Ended: 100302
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: From Genesis to Revelation
*Previous Mission: Battling Aeon
*Next Mission: On the Seventh Day
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Valerius Swansong

The troubling discoveries of the previous week lead to unexpected results from three of the crew.


Captain's Log - Stardate 100223

Present Position: 238.58 LY Rimward from Pinastri

I have been studying the project known as Genesis. Currently our problem with finding the device, which had been pulled out of time, is proper disposal. To this end, we have found a system that has, besides its sun, a single lone planet. Currently our plan is send the device into the sun. However, it has not escaped our attention that the device might detonate upon contact. For this reason we have to be mindful of a blowback effect. We will be surveying the planet in this region of space to ensure that no life exists on it, incase it is affected in any way by the project’s destruction.


After acquiring the Genesis Device on 100220, the USS Shogun entered the selected system of a K class star that had only one planet orbiting it, which we determined to be D class. Lieutenant Digfoot ordered the formation of two away teams in order to conduct a thorough survey of this world in order to ensure that the destruction of the device in the star would not have an adverse effect on the system or the world in orbit. Due to the nature of the D Class planetoid, orders were given for the Heavy EVA suits to be worn by all personnel. The first team, led by the Captain, would beam down initially and sweep in one direction with the second, led by Lieutenant Digfoot investigating another area. Alpha Team observed that thesurface seemed to be made of basalt, with evidence plenty of cold, hard lava and large amygdaloidal rocks nearby. Traces of water were detected and the science team extroplated that this could have once been the location of an ancient river system. The team headed North, until they came across a cavern system withan engineered artifact of unknown origin

During the course of their exploration Doctor Swansong, Ensign Allen and Captain Bechir all became possessed with an unknown energy. They beamed back to the USS Shogun and attempted to gain control of the Genesis Device for unknown purposes. They successfully beamed the device down to the surface and had primed it, before they were stunned by Beta Team.

Commander Baxton and Lieutenant Kelberry successfully deactivated the device and it was beamed back to the USS Shogun cargo bay. The members of Alpha Team that were possessed eventually recovered, and the device was fired into the sun. Helm moved out of the system to a safe distance to observe the Genesis Effect.


Crew Manifest