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  • Just note, this particular mission occurs aboard the USS Moirai, an Archer Class scout ship in the year 2260.

Captain’s Log, stardate 180910

These Archer class scout’s may be small but they are fast as a bat out of hell. I can’t believe we arrived already. Only a few weeks and here we are at the Enroscar Junction. Our mission is simple, head to the center of the junction, launch our probes and await 8 hours for preliminary results then leave a buoy to collect and forward the rest. We have no idea what to expect here.

There is almost no background information in this area. So far there has been a strange interference to our communications and sensors since we entered the sector. Our engineering department thinks it’s partially electromagnetic in nature and has since been able to compensate for it. We are under radio silence anyway and it would take at least a week for our message to reach Starfleet and another week to get a response so little good that would do anyway. We are true on the cutting edge of our known boundaries. How exciting? Computer, end log.

Crew participation

Rich Lombardia as The Captain Fema Firefrick as Cmdr. T-Druuna Kesri Hesse as Ensign Ellis Keson Talena Constantine as Lt. Angela Towers Emerald Lombardia as Dr. Semi Atcheron Martian McDunner as LT. Martian McDunner

Guests Kermie Mistwallow as Lt. Eim’Rek Bing Kronos as Ensign Dakota


Captain’s Log,

The mission was going according to plan. We deployed the probes when we detected a strange anomaly. Our helmsman managed to avoid its path but there appeared to be a strange object left over by the anomaly. It appeared to be an escape pod, but the material was completely unknown. We ended up bringing it aboard. There was a life form aboard and appeared to be running low on oxygen, so we freed the humanoid inside and brought him to sick bay. There must have been a self-destruct mechanism activated and we had to eject the pod out the back of the cargo bay. WE only took a little damage to our warp nacelle.


Bing Kronos as Ensign Dakota

Was my first Mission as science officer. Truthfully my first Mission ever. It seemed to start off well. Quiet. Scans were clear. Something blipped across the screen, then nothing. Buoys were deployed, then sensors detected what turned out to be a pod of some sort, with faint life signs. I blacked out shortly after the Captain and his team went to look at it. End of report, sadly.