Good Samaritan Part III

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Good Samaritan Part III
General Data
*Production number: 025
*Initiated: 080426
*Ended: 080426
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Good Samaritan Part II
*Next Mission: Mysterious Operations
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger

We are at the location where we lost warp, ready to resume pursuit of the Westing.


We've just gotten our warp core back online and ready for action. Our mission now is to attempt to catch the USS Westing (Oberth class) which was last known to be going warp 7. We need to find some answers that can lead to uncovering the mystery behind the possible infiltration of Starfleet. Interrogating the crew of the Westing may provide some answers as to where the hidden Breen superweapon is and what officers are agents from the RFR.


Captain’s Log


Captain's log, supplemental, SD 60708.7:

We've restored full power to our engines. We're preparing to resume pursuit of the Westing in hopes of finding the location of the Demon class planet which contains the Breen superweapon. My only hope is that the Westing is not a compromised vessel...

The USS Redeemer resumes pursuit of the Westing at warp 6 in order to make sure the engines aren't overheated after their recent repair. They slowly increased speed to maximum. Their sensors picked up an Oberth class ship orbiting a Demon planet in the Carpathian's Lukrotis system.

Upon arriving.. the crew decided to take on a high polar orbit to avoid planetary defense system which had been faintly detected a few minutes earlier. The Westing did not respond to hails, so the crew beamed down to the surface near the suspected location of the Breen superweapon.

Captain's log, supplemental: We've beamed down to the surface to look for and destroy the Breen superweapon. Our initial survey revealed two downed shuttles from the Westing. Both contained Starfleet officers who were already dead...

The crew locates a strange cylindrical orange figure shooting straight up out of the rock. Scans from the Redeemer revealed a heat signature. One of the away team's tricorders determined much of the area was a holographic projection. This lead to the assumption that the Breen superweapon was being concealed via this large hologram.

Captain's log, supplemental: We've discovered that the superweapon is under our feet; concealed by a large holographic planet surface. Our efforts to deactivate the holographic emitters are ineffective.

They determined that a set of explosives was the only option to destroy the superweapon. Just as the explosives went off, the crew was beamed back to the ship.

As the crew materialized on the Redeemer, the ship began to shake and alert klaxons sounded throughout the ship. The Westing had opened fire on the Redeemer. The Westing claimed the Redeemer had just attacked a Federation outpost, which of course was false. It was determined the ship had a contingent of Romulan and Breen people on-board, along with two humans who were most likely traitors, as they were not contained. After briefly returning fire, which crippled the Oberth class science vessel, the Redeemer and the Westing had a brief conversation. After being threatened to be towed back to Federation space and each member of the crew imprisoned, the ship self-destructed.

Captain's log, supplemental; SD 60709.2: We completed our mission and destroyed the Breen superweapon. We engaged the Westing.. but they self-destructed themselves. It was under the control of RFR Romulans and Breen, and 2 Humans. No one jetisoned any escape pods. We're on our way back to Starbase 427. Our final duty is to find out who the under-cover RFR agents are.



Mission Logs

[13:07] Chase Quinnell: Engineering, are engines fully functional?
[13:07] Jaket Benelli: aye sir
[13:07] Nailer Dagger: bandaids and duct tape
[13:07] Chase Quinnell: Helm, engage maximum warp on the last known course of the Westing.
[13:07] Jaket Benelli: just...go easy for the first few mins sir
[13:07] Jaket Benelli: ease it back into use
[13:07] Nailer Dagger: don't bust a bandaid
[13:08] Racquel Darwin: Logged in and engaged at warp 6, sir.
[13:08] Fen Ferraris: All systems online. There's a good start.
[13:08] michaels Toshi is glad not to be stuck in an overheated engineering
[13:08] You: Helm, slowly ease us up to our maximum speed.
[13:09] Jaket Benelli is glad the captain is looking after the engines
[13:12]  ::Sensors detect an Oberth class ship straight ahead orbiting a Demon class planet::
[13:13] Fen Ferraris puts away his rock. There's your stimulant.
[13:13] michaels Toshi: well, we found our demon class.
[13:13] michaels Toshi: and the Westing
[13:13] Chase Quinnell: Drop us out of warp, Michaels.
[13:13] Jaket Benelli: security, we seem to have people being beamed off the bridge
[13:14] michaels Toshi: aye sir. dropping out of warp
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: Take us into standard orbit.
[13:14] Vinnie Lei: Transported to sickbay as I can tell from here. CMO, confirm with sickbay.
[13:14] michaels Toshi nods "aye sir." the Redeemer glides into orbit across the bright red planet
[13:14] Nailer Dagger: Good job Benelli band aid and duct tape really does work
[13:15] Jaket Benelli: naturally
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: Science, I want scans of the planet's surface.
[13:15] Jaket Benelli: ill just rob sickbay next time something needs fixing then
[13:15] Nailer Dagger: beginning planetary scans
[13:15] Vinnie Lei laughs
[13:15] Nailer Dagger: be my guest
[13:16] Vinnie Lei: Sir, I detect faint detections of what might suggest cloaked vessels, but it could also be a natural phenomenon. I'll keep you informed. Sir.
[13:16] michaels Toshi thinks it's creepy that medical uses duct tape on patients
[13:16] Chase Quinnell nods. "Thank you, Lt."
[13:16] Nailer Dagger prepares the tachyon admitters
[13:16] Jaket Benelli: you should see what our good doc does during surgeries
[13:17] Chase Quinnell: Welcome back to the bridge, Racquel.
[13:18] Racquel Darwin: Thank you.
[13:18] Nailer Dagger: Sir I'm detecting activity on the planet's surface
[13:18] Nailer Dagger: Sir
[13:18] Nailer Dagger: I'm detecting Breen superweapon technology
[13:19] Chase Quinnell looks at his XO.
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: I think we've found our planet.
[13:19] Jaket Benelli looks shocked, 'superweapons?
[13:19] michaels Toshi: indeed
[13:19] Vinnie Lei: Cap'n. I suggest an high orbit. I detect orbit defense systems. Cloaked. That's what my sensors had been telling me.
[13:19] Chase Quinnell nods
[13:19] michaels Toshi: can we get a weapons lock through the radiation?
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: Yes, Jaket. That's what this mission is about. finding the Breen superweapon.
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: Our job is to destroy that thing.
[13:19] Nailer Dagger: I agree sir there is definitely something out there
[13:20] Jaket Benelli: captain, id like permission to take all non essential systems offline
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Helm, assume high polar orbit.
[13:20] Jaket Benelli: we might need all the extra power we can get
[13:20] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, high polar orbit.
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Acknowledged, Jaket. You may do it.
[13:20] Jaket Benelli: aye sir
[13:21] Chase Quinnell: Yellow alert. Raise shields and keep weapons at the ready.
[13:21] Jaket Benelli starts pressing buttons, taking things offline
[13:21] Vinnie Lei: Phasers and torpedoes armed n ready.
[13:21] Nailer Dagger puts sickbay on trauma stand by
[13:21] Chase Quinnell: I need an away team assembled. We're going to the surface.
[13:21] Jaket Benelli hopes nailer's preparations wont be needed
[13:21] Nailer Dagger: Aye sir Medical standing by
[13:21] michaels Toshi: prepare some EVA suits
[13:22] Chase Quinnell: Michaels, Vinnie, Nailer, and Jaket, come with me.
[13:22] Racquel Darwin: Sir, is it appropriate for the CO to be on an away team?
[13:22] You: No, but rules are meant to be broken, eh
[13:22] Chase Quinnell smiles.
[13:23] michaels Toshi: i don't see a captain breaking any rules. *looks around*

In the Transporter Room
[13:25] Jaket Benelli hopes ops found a good landing site [13:25] Jaket Benelli: not TOO much lava please
[13:27] Fen Ferraris: Right away. You're locked to the surface.
[13:29] Fen Ferraris: Let's hope what works in a vacuum also works in a corrosive atmosphere.
[13:29] Jaket Benelli: rather you then me, risking your life on an energy field
[13:30] Jaket Benelli: do we go down armed sir?
[13:30] Fen Ferraris: General order 15.
[13:31] Chase Quinnell: Set phasers to stun. Energize
[13:31] Fen Ferraris: Energizing.
[13:33] Fen Ferraris rushes back to the bridge, to the communication's chair. "Redeemer to away team, confirm location?"

On the Demon planet
[13:33] Chase Quinnell: Set phasers to stun, lets move out. Follow the signal of the Breen superweapon.
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, keep those explosives ready
. [13:34] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[13:34] Vinnie Lei: Yes, sir.
[13:34] Jaket Benelli sets phaser to heavy stun
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: A crashed Federation shuttle
[13:34] michaels Toshi: one of the Westings'?
[13:34] Jaket Benelli: from the westing sir?
[13:34] Chase Quinnell checks the registry
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: Aye, it is.
[13:34] michaels Toshi scans the shuttle
[13:34] Nailer Dagger: no life detected
[13:34] Jaket Benelli: careful michaels
[13:35] michaels Toshi: they're all dead
[13:35] Jaket Benelli opens the hatch
[13:35] Fen Ferraris keeps a scanner on the crew. As long as they're moving, he's not stressing.
[13:35] Jaket Benelli: not a pretty site sir
[13:35] Chase Quinnell: Dead end.
[13:36] Jaket Benelli: sir, this rock wall
[13:36] Jaket Benelli: i just fell through it
[13:36] michaels Toshi puts his hand through the wall
[13:36] Nailer Dagger: Sir this appears to be a holographic projection
[13:36] Chase Quinnell feels the wall.
[13:36] Chase Quinnell: Hmm
[13:36] Chase Quinnell: Indeed
[13:36] michaels Toshi: shall we enter?
[13:36] Chase Quinnell: Is it safe to walk through?
[13:37] Jaket Benelli: well ive been through it
[13:37] Jaket Benelli: i fell through
[13:37] Fen Ferraris locates the power source of the hologram.
[13:38] Nailer Dagger: shall we see what is on the other side sir
[13:38] Chase Quinnell: Lets move!

The team walks through the wall::

[13:38] Chase Quinnell: Another crashed shuttle
[13:38] michaels Toshi: wow
[13:38] Chase Quinnell: Hmm
[13:38] michaels Toshi: another?
[13:38] Nailer Dagger: no life
[13:38] Chase Quinnell reads the markings: USS Westing
[13:38] Jaket Benelli: sir, half this rock seems holographic
[13:39] Chase Quinnell: How far are we from the Breen signal?
[13:39] Nailer Dagger: 30 meters
[13:39] Jaket Benelli looks up and gasps
[13:39] Jaket Benelli: what the hell is that bright orange stream?
[13:40] Chase Quinnell: What in the hell.
[13:40] michaels Toshi: oh my god....
[13:40] Chase Quinnell: Analyze it.
[13:40] Nailer Dagger: trying sir
[13:40] michaels Toshi: perhaps that may have something to do with the superweapon?
[13:40] Jaket Benelli: could do
[13:40] Fen Ferraris: =Keep your distance. I'm detecting an intense heat signature.=A=
[13:40] Chase Quinnell: I think it may
[13:40] Chase Quinnell: =A= Acknowledged, Redeemer =A=
[13:40] Nailer Dagger: seems to be a energy transfer beam of some type
[13:41] michaels Toshi: what about those shards in close orbit
[13:41] Nailer Dagger: wreckage of some type I think
[13:42] Jaket Benelli: sir, this whole surface seems to be a giant hologram
[13:42] Chase Quinnell: Is it possible the hologram is covering the Breen weapon?
[13:42] Jaket Benelli: would be my guess
[13:42] Vinnie Lei: Then we better disable the holo emitters?
[13:43] Nailer Dagger: yes and a dampening field is preventing me from seeing it
[13:43] Fen Ferraris: =A=The beam's structure resembles plasma. Heat matter up enough and it amplifies its gravitational field.=A=
[13:43] Chase Quinnell: =A= Acknowledged, Redeemer. Is there any way to deactivate the holo-generators down here? =A=
[13:45] Nailer Dagger: perhaps an em pulse from my tricorder sir
[13:46] Fen Ferraris: =A=Negative, sir. I'm running long-range sensor scans, but exact locations of the generators are being distorted.=A=
[13:46] Chase Quinnell: =A= Acknowledged. =A=
[13:46] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, still got those explosives?
[13:47] Chase Quinnell: I think our only chance to shut the weapon down is to blow the entire area up.
[13:49] Fen Ferraris makes his way back to the transporter.
[13:49] Chase Quinnell: Set the explosives for one minute. Place it around the holographic area.
[13:49] Jaket Benelli: aye sir
[13:49] Chase Quinnell: Make sure they use maximum yield.
[13:50] Chase Quinnell: =A= Redeemer, standby to beam up the away team. =A=
[13:50] Fen Ferraris: =A=I've got a lock. Standing by.=A=
[13:50] Jaket Benelli: C4 armed sir
[13:50] You: Back away!
[13:50] C4: 10.
[13:50] C4: 9.
[13:50] C4: 8.
[13:50] C4: 7.
[13:50] C4: 6.
[13:50] C4: 5.
[13:50] C4: 4.
[13:50] Chase Quinnell: =A= Redeemer, Energize =A=
[13:50] C4: 3.
[13:50] Fen Ferraris: =Energizing.=
[13:50] C4: 2.
[13:50] C4: 1.

As the crew beams out, the explosives blow the holographic projection and the superweapon sky high::

In the transporter room
[13:55] Racquel Darwin noodles with some button.
[13:55]  ::The away team materializes in the transporter. =A=
[13:55]  ::The ship begins to shake and red alert klaxons go off::
[13:55] Nailer Dagger: Well that was fun
[13:56] michaels Toshi: what the hell???
[13:56] Fen Ferraris: Seriously, guys, making me run like that. I gotta stop smoking..."
[13:56] Chase Quinnell: Everyone to the bridge.
[13:56] Nailer Dagger: now what
[13:56] Fen Ferraris: Yessir.
[13:56] Jaket Benelli runs for his engineering console
[13:58] Chase Quinnell: Status report!
[13:58] Racquel Darwin: Holding orbit, Sir.
[13:58] michaels Toshi: i'd really like to know what's going on!
[13:58] Nailer Dagger: standing by
[13:58] Chase Quinnell: Tactical, report!
[13:58] Fen Ferraris: Heavy radiation, sir.
[13:58] Jaket Benelli: warp core still stable sir
[13:58] Chase Quinnell: ::The ship is rocked by a phaser hit::
[13:58] Jaket Benelli: im locking down everything i can though
[13:59] michaels Toshi looks shocked. "who's firing on us???"
[13:59] Nailer Dagger: Well sir seem we are being shot at that is my tactical opinion
[13:59] Racquel Darwin enters evasive maneuvers.
[13:59] michaels Toshi averts his head
[13:59] Fen Ferraris shields his face from a shower of sparks.
[13:59] Jaket Benelli: very EDCUATED opinion nailer
[14:00] Unable to create requested object. Please try again.
[14:00] michaels Toshi: Tactical, return fire
[14:00] Nailer Dagger: thanks monkey wrench [14:00] Unable to create requested object. Please try again.
[14:01] Jaket Benelli: an auto system from the surface?
[14:01] Nailer Dagger: possible
[14:01] Jaket Benelli: maybe we triggered it with our little bang down there
[14:03] Vinnie Lei: The Westing is attacking us sir. Shields at 88%.
[14:03] Chase Quinnell: Hold fire.
[14:03] Chase Quinnell: Hail them.
[14:03] Vinnie Lei: Yes, sir. Hailing frequencies open.
[14:03] Chase Quinnell: This is the Federation starship Redeemer, why are you firing?
[14:04] USS Westing: =A= You've attacked a Federation outpost! =A=
[14:04] Chase Quinnell: I wasn't aware we had outposts in Carpathian territory.
[14:04] Nailer Dagger: like hell we did
[14:04] USS Westing: =A= You will die. =A=
[14:05]  ::The channel is cut::
[14:05] Chase Quinnell mutters a Terran curse
[14:05] Vinnie Lei: And I'm Santa Clause no doubt.
[14:05] michaels Toshi: *sigh*
[14:05] Chase Quinnell: Tactical, open fire on that ship. Shoot to kill.
[14:05] Nailer Dagger: one big happy fleet............
[14:05] michaels Toshi: to kill???
[14:05] Vinnie Lei: Yes, sir. Firing phasers.
[14:05] michaels Toshi: sir, i suggest disabling first?
[14:05] Chase Quinnell: Yes, my CONN reads Romulan and Breen people on board.
[14:06] michaels Toshi: oh, in that case
[14:06] michaels Toshi: shoot to kill!
[14:06] Chase Quinnell: And two Humans, but they are not in a brig or containment field.
[14:06] Chase Quinnell: Most likely they're traitors.
[14:06] Vinnie Lei: Firing torpedoes on their engines and warpdrive.
[14:06] Nailer Dagger: detecting hull breaches and engine damage to the opposing vessel
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: Hold fire.
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: Hail them again.
[14:07] Vinnie Lei: Holding fire. Frequencies open.
[14:08] Chase Quinnell: Westing, we know that you are under the control of the RFR and the Breen. But explain to me.. why are there two unrestricted humans aboard? Traitors?
[14:08] Romulan Cmdr: =A= Why should we tell you? =A=
[14:08] Chase Quinnell: Because if you don't, not only will we tow your hide back to Federation space.. we'll have each one of you put in a Federation prison.
[14:08] Vinnie Lei: *snickering as his fingers are tickling close to the phaser command on the LCARS*
[14:09] Romulan Cmdr: =A= That's supposed to make me tremble? I'm so scared.. Federation prisons are luxurious compared to Breen prisons. =A=
[14:10] michaels Toshi: or we could just blow you and the westing to kingdom come?
[14:10] Jaket Benelli: we COULD send them to a cardassian prison sir
[14:10] Jaket Benelli: i hear they pull teeth as torture
[14:10] Chase Quinnell: I'm afraid our prisons in the Delta Quadrant aren't as well stocked as their Alpha Quadrant components.
[14:10] Fen Ferraris: Would they accept our generous gift, though?
[14:10] Jaket Benelli: im sure we could convince them
[14:11] Chase Quinnell: So, what'll it be?
[14:11] Nailer Dagger: Sir... I'm detecting a warp core over load sir she's going to blow I suggest moving us away NOW sir
[14:11] Racquel Darwin: Sir, I was wondering what happened to the Westing crew.
[14:11] Chase Quinnell: Helm, full reverse.
[14:11] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, full reverse.
[14:11] Nailer Dagger: 10 secs sir
[14:11] Jaket Benelli: im sending all reserve power to impulse and shields
[14:11] Racquel Darwin punches the console.
[14:11] Vinnie Lei: Shields stabilized on 78%.
[14:12] Fen Ferraris: The Bajor have a nice penitentiary, I hear. All the ultrinium you can mine.
[14:12] Nailer Dagger: it was her self destruct sir
[14:12]  ::The Westing explodes in a fiery ball of fury::
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: Why would they self destruct?
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: Something to keep out of our knowledge?
[14:12] Jaket Benelli: better than being forced to talk i guess
[14:12] Racquel Darwin: We prefer rehabilitation now.
[14:13] Nailer Dagger: Reports coming in minor damage to my LAST nerve sir
[14:13] Jaket Benelli: and if any of my systems got fried, id kill them if they hadn’t just killed themselves.
[14:13] Fen Ferraris: Just to be sure...scanning for life signs. I wouldn't put it past them to jettison a survivor or two.
[14:14] Chase Quinnell: Helm, take us back to starbase 427.
[14:15] Racquel Darwin: Course laid in, Sir.
[14:15] Chase Quinnell: Warp 7 engage.
[14:15] Racquel Darwin: Aye sir, engaged.
[14:15] michaels Toshi: Ops, transmit logs to starfleet
[14:15] Nailer Dagger: who's for a drink in the club?
[14:16] Fen Ferraris: Transmitting, sir. They're gonna have a field day.
[14:16] Jaket Benelli: you buying nailer?
[14:16] Nailer Dagger: you bet
[14:16] Jaket Benelli: ill have the most expensive champagne then
[14:16] michaels Toshi: no thanks, looks like i'll have quite a few reports to write up
[14:17] Nailer Dagger: I find report writing much more fun with Romulan ale on my breath
[14:17] Vinnie Lei: I think I got a small pile of Romulan Ale in my quarters...
[14:17] Chase Quinnell: Captain's log, SD 60709.2: We completed our mission and destroyed the Breen superweapon. We engaged the Westing.. but they self-destructed themselves. It was under the control of RFR Romulans and Breen, and 2 Humans. No one jettisoned any escape pods. We're on our way back to Starbase 427. Our final duty is to find out who the under-cover RFR agents are.
[14:17] Jaket Benelli: any idea what happened to the real westing crew sir?
[14:17] michaels Toshi: may be hard to find the infiltrators
[14:18] Chase Quinnell: We're going to find out.. Jaket. I want to know as much as you do.
[14:18] Jaket Benelli: didnt you know the westings
[14:18] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie.. you said you had Romulan ale?
[14:18] Vinnie Lei: Eh, yes?
[14:18] Chase Quinnell: I think it's time we used up your stock.
[14:18] Chase Quinnell smiles
[14:19] Fen Ferraris: One can only assume...
[14:19] Vinnie Lei: Is that an order, sir?
[14:19] Chase Quinnell: If it has to be.. *smiles*