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General Data
*Home System: Midgar Sector - system unknown
*Home Planet: Unknown
*First Contact: 2386, stardate 110514
*First Contact By: USS Sheppard
Biological Information
*Scientific Family: Non-corporeal
*Telepatic: Strong psionic abilities
Other Information

Society and Technology

The only evidence of Guided technology was a station investigated by the USS Sheppard on Stardate 110514. This station had a core powerful enough to destroy a system - which actually did occur as the Guided triggered the device's self-destruct sequence after their short encounter with the Sheppard crew.

It seems that the station was a research facility dedicated to harnessing the Guided's impressive psionic powers into a devastating weapon. They succeeded but were the unfortunate victims of sabotage and the weapon misfired during testing, which affected the entire station. The weapon was designed to attack a starship or station and directly affect its crew by damaging their minds by either rendering them brain dead or insane. Most researchers on the station were killed, but a handful were transformed into something not living, not dead, but rather caught between worlds. They can only act through telepathy or manipulation of electronic devices.

Physiology and Psychology

As stated above, the Guided boast powerful psionic powers, which they have kept even in their transitory state. When they were transformed, some went insane from their new condition; only a handful regained any semblance of sanity. This created two groups - the Guided and the Lost, the latter a rather angry and emotional group. The more sane Guided eventually came to the conclusion that with the Lost's attempt to take control of the Sheppard, things had gone too far, and they decided to destroy the station and themselves.


The only encounter to date with the Guided occurred on Stardate 110514 when the USS Sheppard, after picking up a mysterious transmission, tracked it to the Guided's home system and research facility. As the ship approached transporter range, several systems suddenly malfunctioned or went offline. Away teams who were sent to the station to investigate experienced faulty tricorder readings, heard strange voices emanating from their combadges and saw strange people who, when approached, vanished into thin air.

Two of the crew, Lieutenant Commander Jess Hamelin and Lieutenant Kainin McDonnell, were personally affected as some of the Guided/Lost attempted to gain control of them through the implants both officers were wearing. Once the away teams had discovered the core room and the power source itself, one of the Guided used Lt. Commander Hamelin to instruct the crew on how to deactivate the core and free their ship. She informed them that the attempt by the Lost to seize control of the Sheppard had made the Guided realize that things had gone too far and that it would be better if they died since, she said, "we have ceased to be long ago."

The Guided gave the Sheppard crew five minutes to return to their ship and leave the system while the core's self-destruct mechanism was activated. Information on the Guided was deposited in Lt. Commander Hamelin's brain before the "spokesperson" left her.



A Place Forgotten


Authored by: April Coswell