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Guy Maloy.JPG

Personal Information

  • Name: Guy Maloy
  • Date of Birth: 2348
  • Place of Birth: Alpha Centauri
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Graduation: Starfleet Academy - 2371

UFS Operations Data

  • Current Rank: Colonel
  • Current Assignment(s): Commander, III Marine Expeditionary Force
  • Current Duty Status: Active

Biographical Notes

After a long spell on the front lines as a combat marine during the Domion War, where he was decorated four times for valor in the line of duty, received the Wounded Lion medal, and promotions to the rank of Captain, he was hand picked to command the brand new (at the time) 21st Marine Training Regiment. This regiment, stationed a mere week's journey from the most intense fighting, was created to give new Marines and Starfleet Security personnel a final opportunity to hone their skills at ground combat and starship boarding in hostile conditions. Maloy established many of the rigorous field exercises used by Starfleet Marine instructors to this day. This earned him additional awards and a fast track to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

The decision to join up with Brigadier Maxwell's 588th Marine Expeditionary Force to begin the colonisation of Pinastri in the Delta Quadrant, was a no-brainer. Maloy was promoted to the rank of Colonel in late 2384, some short months before leading his expeditionary team through an Iconian Gateway to the planet Astraios Prime, paving the way for the setup of a starfleet colony there.