Have You Heard the Word?

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"Piracy, broadsides, blood on the decks"
General Data
*SIM Type: Cross-Region Roleplay
*Production number: UFS-RP002
*Initiated: 100108
*Ended: 100117
*Year: 2385
*Aliens: Orions - Orion's Sword
*Forum Thread: Have You Heard the Word?
*Previous Mission: Winter Wonderland
*Next Mission: Are You My Neighbor?
*SIM Concept: Jadia Triellis
*Historian: T'Rennek Yuitza

Whilst on shore leave on the planet Toxia, Captain P'Trell Mree of the USS Aegis recieves intel of a planned piracy attack on the Pinastri system. UFS Command prepares the fleet in anticipation of the unknown...


After the events surrounding the recent failure of Pinastri Prime's Weather Modification Net UFS operations were starting to get back to normal. However on stardate 100108 Head of UFS Starfleet Operations LTCMDR Jadia Triellis recieved a heavily encrypted communication from Captain Mree of the USS Aegis concerning an apparent upcoming attack on the Pinastri system...

P'Trell Mree

Greetings Commander,

Some troubling news has been found. During our standard shore leave at the Planet Toxia, our crew heard reports of a raid to occur against UFS sometime tomorrow evening around 5pm Pinastri Standard Time. Due to the nature of the intel, I've relayed the report immediately, along with all evidence we've been able to gather thus far.

Initial attempts to trace back the information any further to the source at this time have not proven successful, however we will continue to update you should any changes happen. I would strongly suggest that any and all Security Patrols be stepped up, as well as start long range sensors to scan the immediate area. Be wary for any ships entering and exiting the system and ensure that all stations are well guarded to prevent possible sabotage.

In Service,

Captain P'Trell Mree

USS Aegis NCC-84984


As per the intel, the Pinastri system sure enough came under a coordinated attack. The source was a surprise though as it was vast numbers of Orion traders that had only recently sought both friendship and protection from UFS. Numerous Orion freighters were already in the system and they were soon joined by more.

Professor Mistwallow of UFS Academy was severely injured on Tranquility Station whilst coordinating cadets to assist with the battle that was raging between UFS officers and Orion pirates who had boarded and accessed the habitat ring. Station commander Randt made it clear in his log that he suspected they had help from someone on the inside.

Madadh Magic

Whilst the battle raged throughout the system and stretching resources very thinly, news came in of the tragic loss of the USS Aviator and her brave Captain Magic who stayed till the end going down with her ship.

Whilst Tranquility took the brunt of the Orion offensive, other outposts throughout the system also came under attack. Naturally the Cascadia Shipyards were a prime target, however the stations defences did their job and losses were restricted to minor damage to a number of dry docks.

The night was long, but the fleet stood strong and finally repelled the Orions. A number of prisoners were captured and were held in Tranquility's brig, news of which soon resulted in UFS Command receiving demands from a certain Randolph Zanzibar for the immediate release and transport of the prisoners, and in particular their leader Arealius Barbosa to somewhere called GFC. Fortunately, efforts to recover the USS Aviator also found Captain Magic to still be alive.

On stardate 100107 the very worst happened, when a further attack from the pirates resulted in the abduction of Admiral Calhoun. Immediately they demanded their leader's releasse in exchange for the Admiral. Reluctantly, UFS command felt they had no option but to agree to the terms and the swap was made.

As the pirates left UFS space, they left behind them dissaray, confusion, and paranoia.


SS Tranquility Triage Facility Report

Personal Log - ENS Lan Nakajima (Medical)

Personal Log - LT MagiKesh Tumim (Medical)

Persoal Log - Hawke Caiben (Security)

Captain's Log - Madadh Magic - USS Aviator

Captain's Log - Kinney Randt - SS Tranquility

Vice Surgeon General's Log - Tai Galicia