Haystack Of Needles

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Haystack Of Needles
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP125
*Initiated: 110806
*Ended: 110806
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: A Haystack of Needles
*Previous Mission: Curiosity
*Next Mission: Fayeryes and Bean Sí
*SIM Concept: Teresa Firelight
*Historian: Teresa Firelight

The crew of the USS Shogun have located the Zurr's home world. But will they be able to convince the government officials there to discontinue their policy of abducting and experimenting on humanoids?


Captain's Log

Stardate: 110804

Location: 161.87 LY Trailing Pinastri System, Sector 012F

Alert Status: Yellow

Based on the information that the Zurr unintentionally shared with LT Firelight while they had her connected to their computer and from other downloads we were able to get, we have learned that the Zurr intend to continue studying other species. If what they did to our crew is any indication, however, their experiments are more like torture.

LT Firelight was able to remember the coordinates of the Zurr homeworld, Zurran, and I have ordered helm to take us there. CMDR Teichmann had reminded me that the Zurr weapons and technology are vastly superior to ours, which indicates that we cannot expect to engage them in any sort of battle.

Our challenge is to find a way to work with the Zurr government to convince them that there are other ways to study other lifeforms. I have tasked Science, Engineering and Operations to work together to find a convincing argument.

We will arrive at our coordinates in approximately 1.5 days.

Computer End Log


The USS Shogun arrived Zurran, the Zurr home world, and received permission to assume orbit. While the bridge crew discussed options/strategies for of how to accomplish their task, it came out that Doctor GreyWolf Kuhr had been kidnapped and experimented on by the Zurr's sister species, The Xerr. He began to share some of his experiences, and was emotionally overcome as he recalled them. Shortly after that, the doctor tapped into the Ship's external communication array and sent out an S-O-S. He was immediately subdued by the crew and sent to sickbay for observation.

The Zurr interpreted that signal as an indication that the ship (who they consider sentient and refer to as Mr Shogun) was in distress from humanoid parasites. They offered to assist “Mr Shogun” by eradicating the crew that was infecting him. Fortunately, XO Rosine Heinkel was able to convince the Zurr that the problem was resolved and that “Mr Shogun” did not require their assistance.

XO Heinkel ordered two away teams to beam down to the planet to attempt to convince the Zurr to stop their experiments on “biological specimens.” The teams wore EVA suits that were equipped with a special device to translate their speech into the same binary flow that the Zurr use to communicate with each other.

The first team was lead by XO Hienkel. When they beamed down, they were immediately intercepted by a Zurr named Zurdic. He scanned them and they requested information. Afer a brief discussion, Zurdic escorted the team to a building that contained the Zurr's data achieves. Part of the team scanned the data while others tried to convince the Zurr that humanoids were sentient and should not be used as subjects for experiments. LT T'prain was finally able to win him over with her logical arguments. However, Zurdic was not in enough of a position of authority to stop the practice of abducting specimens. But he brought them to the Command Center to present them to the Zurr leader.

The second team, let by Cptn SVAndrei Baxton was able to make their way to a building that served as some sort of regeneration/recharge center for the Zurr. Once inside the building, they were intercepted by a Zurr named Zurrad, who specialized in upgrading Zurr units. Zurrad seemed intent on upgrading the members of the away team by plugging them into the regeneration alcoves. He first attempted to upgrade Cptn Baxton, but was talked out of doing so. Then he grabbed Lt Teresa Firelight and forced her into an alcove. Cmdr Moonprince Rhode prepared an EM pulse to rescue her, but Cptn Baxton was able to convince the Zurr that the upgrade would damage the Lt. During that discussion, the Zurr realized that the away team were biological units rather than sentient ones, and brought them to the Command Center to present them to the Zurr leader, Zurkum.

When the teams arrived the Command Center, they discovered that the Zurr were studying the Shogun in alarming detail. Operations and Engineering personnel used their tricorders to link into the Zurr computer system. They modified the data, making the Shogun's tactical capabilities appear much greater than they really were. They also prepared a backup plan to disable the Zurr computer system, in the even that negotiation failed—and because the Zurr were so dependent on their computer system, this would most likely destroy the Zurr.

Cmdr Heinkel began talking to the Zurr leader while the team worked on the backup plan. She attempted to convince Zurkum that humanoids were sentient and should not be experimented on. Zurdic assisted her, and in the end they were successful. Zurkum ordered that the practice of gathering biological specimens and experimenting on them be stopped. Cmdr Heinkel cancelled the backup plan, and ordered the away teams back to the Shogun.


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