Hidden Discoveries

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Hidden Discoveries
General Data
*SIM Type: Research Missions
*Initiated: 101204
*Ended: 101204
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Hidden Discoveries
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Nabuleone Rhode
*Historian: Nabuleone Rhode

PRF System Check Mission

Mission Briefing & Objectives

Second Officers Officers Log

Stardate: 101204

Location: Pinastri System, Pinastri V

On our most recent mission, we traveled to Pinastri V to investigate the possibility that an antenna might be hidden within the waters of the planet. While there, we made a couple of incredible discoveries, including an antenna, a mysterious power source, as well as some kind of a temporal phenomenon centered around a boat close to that power source.

Could the antenna been built by the Rajan, or was there another presence within the Pinastri System that was more technologically advanced? More importantly, did the antenna and it's power source serve as another means of communication throughout the sector, a way of controlling the sun's violent solar periods, or was it built for harmful purposes . . . to set off a reaction within the sun that would potentially have devastating effects throughout the area?

Hopefully we can find some of the answers to our questions through continued investigation of the location.


Research the antenna that was found, along with the power source, to see if it is Rajan in origin, or if another species constructed both items? If it is another species, determine which one. Determine if the antenna was constructed for peaceful or benevolent purposes, or if it was meant for malicious intents. If it was meant for benevolent purposes, could someone have manipulated it for malicious purposes? Who would have been around to be able to accomplish such a thing? Research the anomoly that is centered around the boat near the power source. What is it, and what has caused the anomoly? Could it be related to the power source itself?

Mission Logs

Command Log :

Again we were at Pinastri V and examined the crater and the mine and technological facilities. We hoped to find out, if and who used this facility to manipulate the Pinastri Sun so long ago. In the mine we discovered an iconian gate - disguised. We collected many data to investigate , if the Iconians infiltrated the Pinastri System to make experiments with the sun, or if someone else used to the gate to get there. We splitted the away team. The commanders Allen and Dagger stayed at Pinastri V to examine the facilities in the cave under the mine, the rest of the team made a trip through the gate. At the other end we found a dark facility or spaceship and we start to examine it collecting datas to find out more about the constructors or the inhabitants. After a medical incident with Commander Broek we decide to return and come back later again. The whole away team returned safe to Pinastri IV.



Officer Name: Melina Firehawk Your Rank: Lieutenant Your Position: Chief Operations Officer Mission Name: Hidden Discoveries Stardate: 101204 Incident Report (i.e what happened, what did you do):

We traveled to Pinastri V again to try and pursue some of the unanswered questions with regards to the antenna, who built it, and what it may have been used for. We didn't spend too long at the antenna itself, although I did ask a team to stay at the antenna and run an investigation on that while I took another team over to check on something that I had seen through the water. The object was embedded on the floor of the sea, behind the hill that had the mine car, and seemed to be what looked like a giant plug. Thankfully it was plugged, and we couldn't see a way to remove it beyond the giant chain that extended from the top of the plug. We returned to the rest of the group, which had gathered on the hill with the mine car, and shared our findings that the area that we were in was definitely man-made - possibly carved out of the rock to create a gigantic parabolic dish. We then descended into the mine and returned to the power source. We started to conduct a series of scans, and a couple of others made a new discovery - something that looked like a controller, of some sort. We also started looking into the anomaly that was present around the rowboat, near the crystal power core. It was a very unusual one, but it seemed to have the same power signature as what was in the Federation database for the Iconian gateways. Although this one didn't show places like the other one, it lends one to really wonder if the vastness of the ancient Iconian empire had stretched into the Delta Quadrant, as well as if perhaps this very star system was the location where the Iconians had gone to through the gateway in order to escape what was taking place on their homeworld. We traveled through the gateway and found ourselves in what seemed to be the cargo hold of a ship. It was a very unusual design, and clearly not Iconian, which really led one to believe who this ship belonged to. Could it have been the ancient Rajans? Another species, perhaps? As we looked around, it became apparent that both Lt Hyland and Commander Broek had been injured. Dr. Rotaru attended to them, while the rest of us explored the area. Commander Aeon had found a holographic map of the ship, and we took the time to download that before we had to return through another gateway back to the cavern where we had journeyed from. One thing that was noted is that the ship seemed to be in the orbit of Pinastri V, which meant that it had to have employed a very powerful cloaking device, since our shuttles had not picked up another ship the past couple of trips. Before we could leave the mine, Commander Aeon fell into a volcano and sustained serious injuries. We proceeded back to Pinastri at the best speed possible in order to get her medical attention upon our arrival.

Follow up actions (if applicable): Now that the coordinates of the cloaked ship is known, further visits to it should take place in order to see what the connection is between the ship and the antenna. Additional research into the antenna is necessary to still determine if it was meant for peaceful means, or to maliciously cause the sun to peak and wreak havoc on the worlds in the system.

Officer Name: Kondrad Hyland Your Rank: Lieutenant J.G Your Position: Communications

Mission Name: Hidden Discoveries Stardate: 238512.4 Incident Report (i.e what happened, what did you do):

0947...Log Begins

Seems we're having prim problems i hope we get to do our RP Also Cadet Leo Ravenheart is Observing today..... Previously on Pathfinder (sounds like a TV show LOL) Our main focus is to try and find out who constructed this antenna and power supply, and if it's intended for peacefully regulating the sun so it doesn't destroy the planets in the system, or if was designed for a more sinister intent. Also, we need to investigate the anomaly, and find out what exactly it does. 10:04 Briefing Ends/Mission Begins We are on our way to Pinastri V we made it to the planet and back to where we were last week....once again we ended up at the bottom of the mine to where the Power crystal is... we are doing scans around the structure and seemsd the gravity where we are seems to be low....so we ended up talking about where the race went through the round device and something else catches my eye something like large crystal like things...as i turned towards the party they seems to disappear one by one from the boat so i ended up going where they went...seems we ended up on some sort of shuttle Or Ship as walk around this i lose contact with the party due to the fact i am lost and i try my best to find them......TRANSMISSION LOST.....


Reporting Officer : Cmdr. Quron Dagger Mission : Hidden discoveries Stardate : 101204.1000

Computer, start personal log entry... Today we desided to travel back to that strange crater on Pinatri V to continue our investigation of the weird energy device beneath the surface. After we transported ourselfs to the island in the center of the crater, we went down thru the cave again. This time the device seemed to be a lot less hostile, and allowed us to explore the strange items found in the same underground chamber. We continued our investigation of the weird old-fashion rowboat in this chamber, and seemed to trigger some kind of gateway to open. I have a bad feeling about unknown gateways in deep underground caverns, but most of our team seemed eager to explore this odd gate. Me and Mr. Allen desided to stay behind and keep an eye on the gateway on this end, while the rest of the away team entered it. While waiting for the team to, hopefully, return thru the gate, we started to explore this what turned out to be an even larger cavern. We started to explore this cavern, making sure we didn't got to far from the gateway. Crawling thru a small opening next to the entrance of the cavern, we soon discovered a path filled with huge crystals. Even some kind of marker build from simular components the generator-device near the gateway was made from. We made some scans, that couldn't reveal any real purpose other then that it most likely was some kind of sensor. But the trail didn't end there, and we kept following this path. Just a little further was another larger chamber which was almost completly identical to the other one. It even had another generator-like device and a simular rowboat. The items where exactly the same, even the sensor-readings where exactly the same. This chamber had also a trail leading further into the cave. This trail headed up, maybe to some kind of controll-room. While me and Mr. Allen follow this trail, we encountered another one of those strange markers, which also seemed to be a copy of the one we met earlier. The air was getting warmer as we went further and further up on this trail, soon we discovered why. There was an active vulcano-vent at the end of this trail, followed by a deep cliff. Looking down from this cliff we noticed that we went full-circle and we where back at the chamber near the entrance, only up several meters. This was a good spot to continue our scans of the entire cavern-system down here. It wasn't long until the rest of our team returned from the gate, and we transported back to the shuttles and headed back to Pathfinder to analise our scan-results. This was Quron Dagger, signing out....


Name: AndromedaStJohn Aeon Rank: LT CMDR Position: Security, Pathfinder Research Station Stardate: 101204

Arrived at PRF conference room for the morning pre-mission briefing. After the briefing, our team when to the shuttle pad for our mission. We arrived in orbit around the planet in question. We beamed down to the pre-arranged coordinates. From there we split into two teams. I stay with CMD Broek to analyze a large crystal. A few minutes later, the other members or our team rejoined us and we headed to what look like an s mine entrance. I took point and entered the mine. As it turned out, there was a large pit that I jumped down. It ended up being far deeper than I first thought. Somehow, we all landed in water. We also located underwater, another mine tunnel that lead down. There was a slight current that pull towards the hole. Again, I took point and allowed myself to be suck into the current. I landed in a cavern that contained breathable air. I scanned the area for any signs of a security system or other life forms. As the rest of the team arrived, I completed my general scans. I located a functioning stargate. That gave us a secondary way out. The team located another large strange crystal. Scans show that it contained an unknown energy source. There was evidence that showed temporal displacement. I accidentally slipped and feel into the crystal. I was transported to space station at an unknown location. I noted many different life forms that appeared not to take much notice of me. I had no other choice but to wait for the team members to come and rescue me. A few minutes late, LT CND Firehawk arrived and informed me that the rest of the team was also coming. Within a few minutes, the rest of the away team arrived and we started to expose the station. We made our way down to the hanger bay. We took scan and downloaded information from an empty computer console that we had found. We searched the hanger and then CMD Rhode ordered for us to return back the way we came. Surprisingly, we went back through the teleportation device with relative ease. Once back to our original location, I slipped into a lava flow. The intense pain caused me to go unconscious.