Hide and Sneak

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Hide and Sneak
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Veracruz Missions
*Production number: VERA-RP004
*Initiated: 111022
*Ended: 111022
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Hide and Sneak
*Previous Mission: The Plan Unfolds
*Next Mission: Big Bang Theory
*SIM Concept: Kinney Randt
*Historian: Jamie Czavicevic/Aryela Dagger



Stardate: 111022

Location: On the border of Voxxian Space

Alert Status: Yellow

The USS Veracruz is outside a stellar nebula near Voxxian space, Making plans to hide inside because an alliance battleships is en route, they have been told a rouge federation starship is in the area. Hopefully we can buy enough time to make them realize we are not the USS Proto or get the USS Proto back under our control before they attack.

In service Jamie Czavicevic


The crew of the USS Veracruz beta shift prepares the shift th enter the stellar nebula in hopes to hide the ship from the Alliance battle group and the USS Proto until they can take control of the USS Proto. Beta shift Commander Jamie Czavicevic ordered readings of the Nebula to determine if there is any danger to the crew.

Science indicated there is a middle radiation field in the nebula that could have harmful effected if the crew are not properly shielded and or inoculated. This radiation is higher in areas around Pockets of hydrogen ions. Dr Rhea Czavicevic had Dr Azreal Kass started giving radiation meds while she worked on the longer lasting innocculation. As soon as the shuttle team was protected with radiation medication, They launched the San Pedro and headed into the nebula leading Veracruz in. Once inside the nebula, the crew monitors radiation levels and medical continued to work on getting inoculations completed. After narrowly avoiding a pocket of higher radiation, Lt Czavicevic ordered the ship slowed to 1/2 current speed until they arrived at the prearranged mark. Dr Czavicevic completed the inoculations and started giving them to the crew.

As soon as the crew was complete protected Lt Czavicevic ordered the San Pedro to begin checking to see if the USS Veracruz could be seen from outside the nebula on sensors. The answer was a disappointment to the crew. Yes the runabouts sensors could tell the ship from the rest of the pockets. LT Scottybrit Resident proposed an idea to gather the Ionized in storage collectors and release them slowly around the ship to mask the Veracruz further. Lt Czavicevic approved the plan and Engineering and science began work on implementing it.


Crew Manifest