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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP072
*Initiated: 100814
*Ended: 100814
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Homecoming
*Previous Mission: Daring Escapes
*Next Mission: Unlikely Saboteur
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Ishan Broek, Teresa Firelight, Kiefer Eales

In a race against time, can the USS Shogun get to Pinastri and prevent a catastrophe that would spell the end for UFS in the Delta Quadrant?


Captain's Log

Actual Date: August 10, 1885

Stardate: 100810

Location: 5.28 LY Rimward from Pinastri

We streak towards the Pinastri system not sure of what we'll find. We know the awesome power of the weapon that the Snake plans to unleash and we have some idea of how he plans to do it, but at this point, we are unsure of exactly how we will stop him. We just know that we must... All departments are working around the clock on various aspects and ways of stopping what is about to occur. Operations is ensuring that systems are at peak and power regulation is working properly. They are checking and rechecking systems and ensure that Engineering is appraised of any issues they find. Medical is readying their department for what could be major casualties. Radiation protocols are being developed for this particular weapon. I have little doubt that some inoculation will be forthcoming for the radiation effects outside of the immediate area blast radius. However, to be honest, if they are planning on the scope I believe they are, it will be hard to be out of the blast radius. Tactical/Security is looking for ways to counter the weapon being employed. We believe that the key may be to several modifications to the hard shell armour. Of course, Tactical/Security is also checking weapons systems and targeting scanners and running simulations on several different tactical scenarios. Sciences is looking for ways to reliably get us home, as well as examining the radiation signature. They need to be able to find devices used to employ the radiation even in a stable state. Hopefully they can tweak scanners and tricorders to find the latent devices when necessary. Engineering is ensuring our ship modifications are completed in case we are able to attempt time travel. We do not want to take the same level of damage as we did before. They are also working with other departments on updating the hard suits and changing scanner configuration. In the end, we are all working around the clock. I only hope we can stop this before it becomes critical.


The USS Shogun raced back to Pinastri. But they discovered that the Snake man has beaten them there. They believe that his goal is to plant explosive devices in the past, in order to destroy the Pinastri colony in the future. Captain Ulrich Bechir contacted the Snake, and attempted to convince him to halt his attack. Diplomacy failed, so the crew engaged the Snake man’s ship. In response, the Snake man’s ship began emitting chroniton particles. This was an attempt to evade the Shogun by traveling through time.

The Shogun continued to engage the Snake's ship, and was drawn into the Chroniton stream and transported back to its own time frame. Pinastri was evacuated, and all UFS ships were recalled to aid in its defense. Three away teams are deployed to the surface to disarm the explosives. The away teams encountered severe resistance from proto-gorn. However, the away teams were able to prevail with assistance from UFS Marines and Starfleet security forces. Only minor injuries were suffered, and Pinastri was saved.


Crew Manifest