Hornets' Nest

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Hornets' Nest
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP052
*Initiated: 110219
*Ended: 110219
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Hornets' Nest
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

The Sheppard crew and their new Rechta allies take on an incoming Urechta fleet while an ion storm looms menacingly.


Location: Midgar Sector, Parsec C1, 32.3 Lyrs from Pinastri

Captain's log, Stardate 110219

I've had several conferences with captain Juran and captain Jaali, the commander of the Retcha task force. They have, unlike their Red Sun Rising contemparies, come across as both intelligent and honourable people. They explained that their culture revolves around several clans, which have their own structure and loyalties, but also take contracts from other species to provide support. This support, they explained, is not always of the military kind but usually involves their ships either escorting or moving goods.

Their honour does not allow them to break a contract once brokered. This has led to a tense situation as the Retcha have taken several contracts out to escort civilian passangers to colonies, this requires them to go through this area of space. Unfortunatly the Uretcha have decided to claim this area and bar all traffic. Attacking several of the civilian vessels has led to the Retcha and two of their allies declaring open war on the Uretcha.

They informed us that both the Red Sun Rising mercenaries and the Urechta have gone beyond the normal clan behaviour in their alliance with the Nabraithians by taking out contracts that involve direct violations to the clans' ethical codes. The exact nature of these violations they seemed reluctant to discuss and I did not push them, not that i needed much to imagine what those violations might entail.

- Smiles -

What I did do was hand over the Red Sun Rising mercenary prisoners in the brig to the Retcha. They were not exactly eager to take them but promised to return them to their clan.

As for the current situation we have a number of Urechta ships incoming and with our backs to the Badlands no way to escape without being intercepted. So on my suggestion the Rechta ships have agreed to make a stand here, Captain Juran after seeing our use of the Dekyon beam has been working to modify the Rechta ships in a similar way. He thinks they may be able to get one shot from their deflectors, any more and they risk burning out half their power systems. The civilians will remain on the surface of the planet where they will hopefully be safe untill we have dealt with this threat.

- Pauses -

I should also log that I have had no contact with command for the past several days, its likely due to the ion storm interference but we simply cannot get any kind of stable link to Pinastri.

Computer, end log.


With their new Rechta allies, the Sheppard crew prepared for battle with an incoming Urechta fleet, while sensors detected a heavy ion storm moving towards the ship’s vicinity. However, it was determined that the system where the Sheppard and the Retcha had chosen to make their stand boasted a satellite orbiting a M-class planet; this satellite seemed to have the ability to control, fend off and disperse ion storms.

The tactical plan was to disable and capture a Urechta vessel and send an away team to it in order to installa Dekyon pulse, which would cause severe damage to all the other Urechta fleet ships. The Sheppard therefore needed to keep the rest of the Uretcha fleet distracted with the help of its Rechta allies.

With Lieutenant Commander Jess Hamelin commanding the Rechta fleet, the battle got underway and quickly turned difficult, with the Rechta losing four ships and Sheppard sustaining damage to a few decks. However, a Urechta fleet was indeed disabled and captured. Its crew was beamed directly to Sheppard’s brig and Lt. Commander Hamelin and her team transported over to install the Dekyon device. They met with some resistance, however, from some leftover Urechta crew and had to seal themselves in the ship’s engine room to do the necessary work. They similarly had to fight their way to the bridge to maneuver the vessel in a position where it would do more damage.

After the away team was beamed back to Sheppard, the device was detonated and incapacitated the Urechta fleet – but also the ion storm-controlling satellite. With a heavy storm incoming, Captain Dwi chose to land Sheppard on the M-class planet.


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