Its Never that Easy

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP068
*Initiated: 100717
*Ended: 100720
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: its Never that Easy
*Previous Mission: The Plot Thickens...
*Next Mission: The Burning Pursuit Part I
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Ishan Broek, Teresa Firelight, Kiefer Eales

Continuing their journey home, the USS Shogun picks up a signal that offers hope of a respite from their recent ordeal.


Captain's Log

July 14, 1885 (100714) - Position: 42.22 LY Rimward of Pinastri

After weeks of only our aggressors, we seem to have found an oasis. We’re still two days away from it, but it seems like a ‘service station’ in the stars is out there. We have found a few of these before, stations that are created to cater to starship traffic, are neutral and are around simply to resupply passing ships, but never have we found one at so welcome a time. Even more exciting is the fact that there are no chronitons in the area of it. This means, that it should be from this time period. A moderate course diversion will get us to the station, at which point we can set about resupplying what we can. If the station is large enough and has adequate facilities, perhaps we can also have a bit of shore leave here. I know we can all use the break. Currently, LTCMDR Heinkel is attempting communication with the station, however it seems to be mostly automated. No matter, as long as there is room and sufficient supplies, it should be all good.


The crew of the USS Shogun detect an automatic signal that originated from a nearby space station. Further investigation showed that the station was an automated repair depot. Given the poor state of the ship, Captain Ulrich Bechir decided to set course for the depot for repairs and resupply.

As the Shogun approached the station, sensor scans showed that the environment inside the station changed to accommodate their needs. The crew was given shore leave aboard the station. Several crew members noted an advanced form of replicator technology that instantly provided them with any type of food, drink, or item that they wanted,. It also automatically removed the waste.

Captain Bechir suddenly vanished, right before the eyes of several of the crew. (They later discovered that he had been abducted by a ship of unknown origin. It had flown into the sector and beamed him unto their ship.) The team immediately tried to contact the Shogun, but found that they could not. In addition, they were unable to get back to her, and were stranded on the station.

They decided that if they disabled the computer core, that might cause the Shogun to come investigate, which would enable them to restore communication with their ship. However, as they began to work on the core, they made discoveries that caused Dr. Valerius Swansong to suspect that the one of the computer cores was a sentient being. Then Commander SVAndrei Baxton confirmed that the core was indeed sentient. So the team established communication with it. They discovered that the core had kept the crew there because it was lonely. The team managed to convince the core to accompany the Shogun.

Upon returning to the ship, the search for warp trails began that might lead them to their missing captain.


Crew Manifest