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The UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff are the Advisor Council to the Commander-in-Chief as well as to the members and its Ships of the Line. The seven (7) members who make up the UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff are charged with the day-to-day operations of the group. A Joint Chief must be at least 21 years old.

The Commander-In-Chief

The Commander-in-Chief is responsible for the overall management and supervision of UFS as well as representing UFS in any official capacity.


The Commander UF Starfleet is the second in command of UFS, and in charge of the Office of the Commander UF Starfleet. In the absence of the Commander-in-Chief, it is the duty of the Commander UF Starfleet to assume that position and responsibilities. This office is charged with, and oversees the production and revision of, the membership handbook as well as other manuals necessary for the smooth operation of the fleet.

Chief of Operations

UF Chief of UF Starfleet Operations is the third in command of UFS and is responsible for the Role Play Aspect of all Sectors and Ships of the Line. The Office of Starfleet Operations is responsible for creating the continuous storyline and maintaining the different Task Forces active. The UF Starfleet Chief of Operations is also responsible for creating new Task Forces and dissolving those that ended their story. This office has the responsibility to bring activity within UFS and making sure UFS follows its continuity.

Chief of Staff

UF Starfleet Chief of Staff is the fourth in Command of UFS and is responsible for overseeing all Administrative duties for both Ships of the Line and membership related aspects of UF Starfleet. The Office of Chief of Staff have the most oversight of the UF Starfleet Database and needs of the individual member. The UF Starfleet Chief of Staff is also responsible for overseeing and maintaining the Ships of the Line Registry.

Chief of Communications

UF Starfleet Chief of Communications is the fifth in command of UFS and is responsible for the Office of Communications and overseeing the publication of the Delta Communicator as well as other publications as deemed necessary by UFS Command.

Marine Corps Commandant

The Marine Commandant is the sixth in command of UFS. The Office of the Marine Corps is responsible for overseeing the smooth coordination of the United Federation Starfleet Marine Corps. Information about the UFS Marine Corps can be found in the UFS Marine Corps Manual and website (

Academy Superintendent

The Superintendent is the seventh in command of UFS and is responsible for the overall administration of Starfleet Academy. More information on the Academy can be found in its manuals and website (UFS Academy).

Order of Succession

As stated above, in the event that the Commander-in-Chief, United Federation Starfleet is unable to perform his duties, the Commander, UF Starfleet will step in and fulfill the duties as required. If both the Commander-in-Chief and Commander UF Starfleet are unable to fulfill their duties, the order of succession moves down the Chain of Command to the next available individual.