Kellen Empire - The Nile Part 2

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Kellen Empire - Nile Part 2
General Data
*SIM Type: Pathfinder Research Facility
*Initiated: 110813
*Ended: 110813
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: [[1]]
*Previous Mission: The Kellen Empire - The Nile Part 1
*Next Mission: Kellen Empire - The Nile Part 3
*SIM Concept: AndromedaStJohn Aeon
*Historian: HarleyQuinn69 Resident

The plan for the crew this mission was to split into 2 teams one concentrate on the Kellen science base as there were reports of lt Kazia Ravenhearts capture and possibility she would be there and Team B to recover the security Chief.this resulted in the Co being traded for the security chief who was returned infected with a Virus


Commanding Officers Log

Stardate: 110813

Location: In Orbit of S11-258

Alert Status: Yellow

This is our third day in orbit of 211-258. The first day of our mission was going smoothly until a crewman on my team was seen by one of the local natives using her communicator. That set off a series of events that has led to a 1/3 of our away team been injured and our Chief of Security was being captured. We returned to the planet with two goals. Bravo team continued the search for the hidden Kellen base that was rumored to be here. Lt Cmdr. St John took Alpha Team to the main temple in an attempt to peacefully recover our Chief of Security Lt Simmy Starr.

From what we know of the race that lives here, they are highly aggressive and appear to look for any excuse to inflict cruel torture upon people that venture in. They disguise their forms of torture in rituals that appear to be something out of Earth ancient Egyptian culture in which they appear to torture their victims into submission. Our concern is that they may have done so with LTjg Starr, which can lead to a compromise of the Prime Directive. Covert medical scans on the inhabitants show that they have somehow contracted a virus that makes them extremely photosensitive. This flesh literally burns if exposed to sunlight. They also appear to have a need to feed on fresh blood in order to maintain their existence. The virus is also present in much of the animal population. We have never encountered anything like it.

Computer End Log