Kellen Empire - The Nile Part 3

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Kellen Empire - Nile Part 3
General Data
*SIM Type: Pathfinder Research Facility
*Initiated: 110820
*Ended: 110820
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: [[1]]
*Previous Mission: Kellen Empire - The Nile Part 2
*Next Mission: Rocky Recovery
*SIM Concept: AndromedaStJohn Aeon
*Historian: HarleyQuinn69 Resident

This is our fifth and hopefully our final day in orbit in orbit of 211-258. This mission while it ultimately will prove to be successful, it has been one challenge after another. At this point, we have found the Kellen lab and are in the process of cataloguing our findings. After that is completed, we will remove all traces of the lab from the planet and leave these people to their peace.

Amongst the equipment, there were three bodies that were discovered. It is obvious that the Kellens used them for them experiments. Preliminary scans indicate that they had been an infection with the Federation Virus and because of this, the bodies cannot be returned to their families. According to the records recovered by Dr Sorrowsong, the strain they were exposed to found be much more Virulent than the one that struck the Federation.

The other urgent matter the recover Lt Cmdr St John. Reports are, she sacrifices herself to recover Lt Simmy Starr, our Chief of Security. Medical scan show that he has been infected with a virus. This appears to be the same virus that has mutated this entire race. A tactical plan is in place to recover the Lt Cmdr without violating the Prime Directive.


Commanding Officers Log

Stardate: 110820

Location: In Orbit of S11-258

Alert Status: Yellow

The Kellen Recovery Team has returned to the USS Cortana with very thing that was in the base. Science and medical team are continuing to analyse the equipment and the bodies that were recovered. The room where the base was located has been sanitized.

My team was able to recover LT Cmdr St John. We took some serious casualties but all return to the USS Cortana and are on course for home. Lt Cmdr St John and Lt Starr are recovering in for the time being. According to our Doctor, both will have an extended stay in sickbay once we return to Pathfinder. For the time being, Lt Cmdr St John as placed me in temporary command until she is released from sickbay. the meantime, Lt Cmdr Hyland, and LT Rann and I are going after the Lt Cmdr. Our goal is just to get close enough to tag her with an Isolinear chip and to beam out Unfortunately, she seems to be too well guarded. The other two on my team will have to create a distraction.

Computer End Log