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USS Erebus
"Qui Ascendit Sine Labore Descendit Sine Honore"
Ship's Patch
Construction Data
*Registry: NX 75919
*Class: Sovereign Class Starship
*Sector: Sector 001
*Base of Operations: Tranquility Station
*Commissioned: 130303
*Ship Yard: San Francisco Fleet Yards
*Ship Designer: Advanced Starship Design Bureau
*Operational Status: Active
Senior Staff
*Commander: Lan Nakajima
*Executive Officer: Fuzor2003 Resident
*Chief Engineer: Talyn Doowangle
*Chief of Security: Marie Lawson
*Chief Medical Officer: Piper730 Resident
*Chief of Operations: Vacant
*Chief Intelligence Officer: Fox Cheri
*Chief Science Officer: Akara Dover
*Marine OIC: Jester Spearmann
Design Specifications
*Type: Multi-Mission Diplomatic Cruiser
*Hull Composition: Ablative Armor
*Overall Length: 685 Meters
*Beam: 224 meters
*Mass: 3,255,000 metric tons
*Decks: 24
*Crew Compliment: 885
*Evacuation Capacity: 2500
Computer Systems
*Computer Systems: Type - AC-24 Bio-Neural Super-System
    • LCARS Version: 6.0
*Shields: Multi-Layered Shielding System (M.L.S.S.)
*Armor: 15cm Microfiber Reinforced Ablative Armour
*Phasers: 12 Type XII Phaser Arrays
    • 3 Type XII Pulse Phaser Emitters
*Torpedoes: Photon 250, Quantum 350, Transphasic 10
    • 1 Type IIA Ventral Rapid Fire Torpedo Turrets
    • 6 Pulse Fire Torpedo Launchers
*Impulse Engine Reactors: 4 Mk. II Sovereign Class Mass Driver Units
*Impulse Engine Output: 85 Gigawatts
    • Max Speed:.85c
*Warp Core Type: Mark II Class 8/S Matter/Antimatter Reactor
    • Integrated Quantum Slipstream Drive
*Warp Core Output: 152 Petawatts
*Cruising Speed: 9.82
*Maximum Cruising Speed: 9.99
*Maximum Rated Speed: 9.992
Auxiliary Craft
*Shuttlebays: 2 Shuttlebays
*Auxiliary Craft Compliment: Transit:
    • 6 Type 9 Shuttles
    • 6 Type 11 Shuttles
    • 1 Mk. II Danube Class Runabout
  • Maintenance:
    • 6 Type III Workbee Maintenance Craft
    • 2 Class 1 Mantis Workpods
  • Special:
    • 2 ArgoClass Shuttles (w/Vehicle)
    • 1 Flyer Class Runabout


Erebus was the Protogenos of darkness, consort of Nyx, whose dark mists enveloped the edges of the world, and filled the deep hollows of the earth. His wife Nyx drew these mists across the heavens to bring night to the world.

Dedication Plaque



The Sovereign Project was one of three main forays into the field of new defensive technologies initially intended for use against the Borg. The prototype, U.S.S. Sovereign (NX-75000) was still in the design phase during the Battle of Wolf 359, and began its actual space-trials in 2369.

Initial production of the Sovereign class began at the ASDB Integration Facility, Utopia Planitia, Mars, with final compartmentalization at the San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth, where it continues to this day. Long term production plans were to include both the Antares Fleet Yards, Antares IV and the New Aberdeen Fleet Yard, Aldebaran, but with the losses during the Dominion War, the need for newer, more varied Starship classes, and the more recent renewed hostilities with the Klingon Empire, all new construction contracts are given to the Utopia Planitia Yards, and the San Francisco Fleet Yards, both located within the Sol System.

Heavily armed, the design philosophy for the Sovereign class was shaped by the discovery of the Borg. The Sovereign Project attempted to push the envelope as far as possible when it came to computer power, shielding, armament and systems capabilities. The Sovereign Class vessel combines the creature comforts associated with the larger Galaxy-class vessels with the tactical power of the Prometheus Class. On the standard configuration, two forward and two aft rapid fire torpedo launch systems are coupled with twelve Type XII phaser emitters, and 1 Ventral Mounted Type IIA Rapid Fire Quantum Torpedo Turret.

Construction and Initial Assignment

With increased tensions with the Federation's enemies, and the need for rapid fleet replacement in the wake of the devastating return of the Borg, in a post-Hobus galaxy, the USS Erebus has been launched to bolster the fleet's numbers in the Delta Quadrant. Of her mission parameters, the highest is to serve as a testbed for new stealth technologies in effort to gain some sort of edge against the Klingon Empire's cloaking device, while not using such a widespread, and detectable technology. Her second priority is to resume exploration, and diplomatic ventures in the Delta Quadrant, in attempt to make new allies for the Federation, and Starfleet, while maintaining peace and order as best as possible.

USS Erebus Database

Missions of the USS Erebus