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Biographical information Photo
Name: LeighAnn Mantis (Female) Date of Birth (Age): November 23rd (29) MantisL.png
Species: Human Place of Birth: High River, Alberta
Nationality: Human Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Languages: Federation Standard English Religion: None
Physical information
Height: Not Specified Weight: Not Specified
Hair: Blond Eyes: Not Specified
Blood type: Not Specified Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: None
Other Identifying marks/Features: None
Maritial Status: Not Specified Spouse None
Children B'Elanna LeighAnn Mother Not Specified
Father Not Specified Siblings None
Starfleet Records
Rank: Lieutenant Commander Position: Operations Officer
Current Assignment: USS Veracruz Branch: Operations
2350: Born in an unknown location to impoverished parents on an uninhabitable world that is almost pre-historic like in environment. Abandoned soon after and put in a pod.

2351: The pod drifts through space and crash-lands on Delta Vega. Once found by miners, is placed in an orphanage and given basic food, education, and social instruction, but never more than that. Delta Vega officials also put in a communique to Starfleet Command about the situation, but receive no reply....

2351 - 2359: raised on Delta Vega in the confines of the orphanage. Started looking into Starfleet

2359 - 2369: Expresses a desire to join Starfleet, but her request is denied by government officials and she is employed by the mine and makes enough to survive.

2369: Wanting to make contact with other Humans and perhaps attend Starfleet Academy to learn an extra measure of discipline, she moves to Earth with the help of a Starfleet officer named John Harriman and gets accepted to the Academy on her first try.

2369 - 2373: Attended Starfleet Earth Academy.

2373: Transferred to Deep Space Nine to fight in the Dominion War...

2374: Transferred to the USS Veracruz for extra Communications training.

2375: served as relief staff to the DS9 personnel at AR-558 and remained there until the treaty was signed, unaware that Jem Hadar had marked her as a potential slave for a possible revolt against the peace. Then went to Cardassia to assist in restoration and humanitarian efforts...

2376: In the midst of restoration efforts, was captured by a small faction of heavily armed Breen soldiers who disliked the idea of peace, along with hundreds of other humanitarian workers...Suffered torture and interrogationbefore being put on a prison ship that was run by a Breen/Orion Alliance and had a transwarp coil installed for quick transport.

2377: Finally arrives at AR 558 after six months of being on board the prison ship with many others....Made into a POW slave and given a tattoo of AR558222. -Rumor of the Orions working with a new race begin filtering through subspace communications, but Starfleet dismisses it as rumor due to lack of evidence.

2378: Because of good behavior, is "promoted" to the position of serving slave/consort and during kitchen duty, she meets an enslaved Lieutenant by the name of Percy Aurora who was kidnapped from a shuttle crash and nursed back to healthso he could serve....Despite strict rules, they begin courting secretly.

2379: Percy and LeighAnn marry in secret thanks to the help of an enslaved chaplain who provides them with a marriage certificate. Because the Minoto/Orion Alliance are in a meeting, Percy and LeighAnn also get a "wedding night" in which she becomes pregnant....

2380: LeighAnn gives birth to twins: Percy Miles and B'Elanna LeighAnn Aurora. -Shortly after the birth, the Breen/Orion guards find out and kill Percy Sr. for breaking the strict rules that slaves are bound to, as he is the male and the male suffers for the female's mistakes. LeighAnn hides her children so not to lose them, but the slavers find B'Elanna and sell her off to a Terran orphanage. They find Percy not long after, but LeighAnn promises to work harder if she can keep just ONE child and the Breen/Orion slavers allow it, so long as Percy grows up a slave...Percy is tattooed with the number AR558599.LeighAnn is allowed to raise him so long as it does not interfere with her own duties as a slave.

2381: Along with 598 other slaves, LeighAnn and little Percy are put on another slave ship that has a transwarp coil and the ship travels to the Delta Quadrant because the slaves are slowly dying from malnutrition and overexertion and there are endless opportunities at slaves in the Delta Quadrant...They are taken to a planet called Minos and made to work and develop a comfortable society for their masters....The planet Minos is ruled by strict aliens who call themselves Minoto.

2382: LeighAnn hacks into the communication systems at the base while on cleaning duty and sends a distress signal to anyone out there to rescue the captive slaves. After the message is sent, LeighAnn is caught and severely beaten and her son is threatened.Despite this, LeighAnn continues subtly freeing slaves and helping them escape the planet by sending covert signals to UFS and arranging for them to "purchase" people from the slavers.....

2383: LeighAnn suffers a personal loss when the slavers take Percy, beat him up and begin aggressively training him as a slave, teaching him not to trust anyone or believe them when they offer help...Percy is slow and often makes mistakes and to spare her son from pain, LeighAnn takes the beatings/punishment when he messes up in things. -Six months into the year, LeighAnn kills several of the Minoto guards when they try to hurt Percy and after beating her, they maroon her on Pinastri Prime, expecting her to die...Fortunately, LeighAnn survives and after receiving medical treatment, she rejoins UFS ranks and first takes a position on the USS Menelaus to recover. She thinks both B'Elanna and Percy dead and just wants to move on. She receives extra Academy training on a continual basis. -Back at Minos, the Minoto continue training Percy aggressively.

2386: -LeighAnn transfers to SS Tranquility to continue recovering and keeps the information from the bad parts of her past from others. -The Minoto/Orion slavers drug Percy with amnesia-causing drugs that aren't detectable by basic medical technology, beat him into unconsciousness and put him in a pod, intending to shoot it into space and allow him to die there....

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Roleplaying History:
  • 1. Bridge RP ------Stardate 090320 (2 hours)
  • 2. Bridge RP-------Stardate 090325 (2 hours)
  • 3. Bridge RP-------Stardate 090327 (2 hours)
  • 4. Klingon Ship RP ------Stardate 090331 (2 hours)
  • 5. USS Nimoy RP -------Stardate 090603 (as Medical Doctor)
  • 6.USS Nimoy RP ---------Stardate 090613 (Medical Doctor)
  • 7. Orion Syndicate Battle ------ Stardate 100109
  • 8. Uss Nimoy RP (Medic) --- Stardate 100220 (1 hour)
  • 9. Orion Syndicate Battle --- Stardate 100313 (2 hours)
  • USS Menelaus RP - Stardate 100703 (3 hours) - Stardate 110409
  • SS Tranquility RP - Stardate 110511 - Stardate 111008
  • SS Cascadia RP (Civilian Guest) - Stardate 110914
  • USS Veracruz RP - Stardate 111015 - Current

  • UFS events attended
  • Remembering Meslissa Ordram, 091211 and 091212
  • Commissioning of the USS Talisman, 100107
  • 100402 to 100425: Undocumented LOA
  • Resigned 100425 (forum account removed)
  • Returned to Active Duty: 100604
  • Comissioning of the USS Talisman: Stardate 100107
  • Simmy Starr's birthday party: Stardate 110812
  • Unification Day: Stardate 110827
  • Companion Guild Open House: Stardate 110910
  • Wedding of Gijsjan Broek & Deanna Sukra: Stardate 110922
  • Companion Guild Grand Ball: Stardate 111008
  • Federation Day - 111011
  • 2013 SL Sci-Fi Convention
    • hosted a panel on Trek fandom
  • USS Shogun Commissioning - Stood As Honor Guard - Stardate 150131
  • Betazoid Love Festival - Stardate 150215
  • 2015 SL Sci-Fi Convention -
    • Voyager Trivia - 150228
    • Relay For Life Formal Ball - Stardate 150228
    • Orion Delegation Visit & Treaty Signing - Stardate 150322
    • Event Planning Meeting - 150412
    • Marine Corps Birthday Ball - 151011
  • Major Asbrink's Combat Practice - 160109
  • 2016 SL Sci-Fi Convention
    • Formal Event - 160318
    • Watched the UFS booth: 13:47-14:24, 14:46- 18:04(160319)
    • Watched the UFS booth: 11:24-12:04, 15:47 - 18:02, 18:48 - 22:09(160320)
    • Watched the UFS booth: 0800 - 14:33, 18:32-19:44 (160321)
    • Watched the UFS booth: 0825 - 10:58, 11:49-13:55 (160322)
    • Watched the UFS booth: 13:24 - 17:00 - included a giving tour of Veracruz (160324)
    • Q&A With Alec Peters: 160323
    • Watched the UFS booth: 1200 - 13:39 (160324)
    • Watched the UFS booth: 08:54 - 13:42 (160325)
    • Promotions and Awards Ceremony: Honor Guard - 160326
    • Promotions and Awards Ceremony: Honor Guard - 170729
    • Admiral's Banquet: 170826
    • Promotions and Awards Ceremony - Honor Guard - 170930
    • Promotions and Awards Ceremony - Honor Guard - 171029
  • OCTS: Grandfathered.
  • COCTS: Passed with Honors: 94%

  • Contributions to UFS

Delta Communicator:

UFS Weekly Newsletter: 38 Issues August 24, 2012 - May 17, 2013

  • Awards
  • Order of Aether: 171125
Medical History Reprimands
  • Fully examined and cleared for unlimited duty
No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

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