Lift Off!

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Lift Off!
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP086
*Initiated: 111016
*Ended: 111016
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Lift Off!
*Previous Mission: Twenty Thousand Leagues
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

The Sheppard manages to lift off the icy planet, but finds scavengers eager to claim the ship once in orbit, and then learns shocking news from old friends.


Location: Unknown

Captain's log, Stardate 111016

It's time to get off this planet. We have made all the repairs we can on the surface, what we need to do now is get into orbit and assess the rest of the damage on the impacted decks; structural integrity is holding steady at 76 percent, it's the best we could do without getting full access to the exterior of the lower decks. When we get into space we should be able to improve that. First though, we have to get off this surface which is being hampered by some sort of interference in the upper atmosphere of this planet, which causes thrusters and similar systems to shut down. Exactly how is unknown and I have an engineering team working on the exact cause of the malfunction. We will have to find a way around this as another crash landing on this planet will cause the ship to break up.

I have ordered Commander Hamelin to personally begin an investigation and to start taking measures against these energy beings that we detected, which seem to be connected to our time jumps somehow. When or where we are is currently unknown, why we have been brought here is unknown, how we have been brought to these places is unknown. --Sighs-- What I do know is we have a lot of questions to answer and I'm getting that feeling we are being manipulated and pushed towards a goal fast approaching.

Computer, end log.


With the Sheppard's thrusters running at a slow burn to prevent more ice buildup, the bridge crew ran more tests and worked on ways to maximize their chances of lifting off the planet successfully. Since this depended on protecting the ship's systems from the planet's magnetic interference, Engineering Lt. Zapatero had come up with a plan to use the secondary deflector array along with our shielding harmonics to emit an electromagnetic shield around the Sheppard. To prevent the deflector from going critical, Chief of Operations Coswell programmed a "panic switch" which would shut it off if a specific series of conditions - temperature, component integrity - were reached. Although some thruster and deflector malfunctions were indeed experienced during takeoff, the Sheppard did manage to make it into orbit.

Once there, however, a harpoon-like device landed on the hull. A species calling themselves the Oclar hailed the Sheppard and informed the crew they were claiming the ship as salvage, in conformity with Oclar law. As dialogue failed to lead to a friendly resolution, the crew had to come up with a way to break free. Commander Coswell suggested that since the Sheppard's hull had been polarized to help the deflector during lift off, this polarization might be amplified and transferred through the harpoon to the Oclar's ship. This course of action was rolled into a plan which included using the Sheppard's remaining firepower after the original "shock".

The transfer of polarization did short out some of the Oclar's systems and cause the harpoon to retract, angering the Oclar. However, before they could act on that anger, another ship appeared and instructed them to leave the area. The commander of this newly-arrived vessel introduced himself as being from the Chenae - the species that had been born from the union of the Retcha and the Uretcha. When Captain Dwi introduced herself, the commander, after voicing some disbelief, informed the Sheppard crew that they were 20,000 years into the future - and that the icy planet below was actually Pinastri Prime.

He then offered to escort the Sheppard to a repair facility.