Lombardia Lost

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Executive Officer’s Log, stardate 180730

I’ve had the crew going between pouring over the various logs and repairing the Freighter. We managed to repair the freighter called Lazy Gundark and get it back into operation. We have trail of the Kazon vessel due to damage done in combat. Using the Gundark’s navigational logs it would appear the Kazon raider is heading back toward Sai’Seki Station, which seems to be an independent trading station at a trading lane crossroads. This is not a place Starfleet is familiar with, so I am hesitant to go there in full display. Especially since the Kazon are familiar and may know who Commander Lombardia truly is.

I have found a good place to hide the runabouts. I have decided we will use the Freighter as a Trojan horse to conceal our identity. We will don civilian attire and dock at the station. Here we shall look for our lost Captain. With a little luck we will find the Captain, crew and the QSD part we need. I am not sure what to expect. This station is not associated with the Federation so who knows what kind of laws they may or may not have. I hope we can pull this off. Time will tell.

Computer, End Log

Crew participation

Rich Lombardia Emmy Lombardia Talena Martian Conrad Starsider Colin

Guest Launce Kes Ellison L1z1x Resident Lei Hanfoi TRAVious69


Dr. Lombardia's Log, OIC of Away Team

We finally repair the Lazy Gundark and pick up the trail of the Kazon vessel, it headed toward Sai’Seki Station. We leave our runabouts hidden and take the Lazy Gundark to the station in hopes of finding our captain and crew along with the QSD. Once on the station I send a team to look for the QSD while the rest of us look for the crew. We meet up with a woman who seems to be running a slave trading business, I get a sinking feeling in my stomach. Myself and Cadet Kolby mingle with the crew of the station, we find out that at least some of our crew has been sold. Hopefully, we can find the captain. The woman who runs the sale of the slaves hints around that there is a prize specimen coming up for sale. When they bring him out, it is our captain and a bidding war begins. I cannot let anyone out bid me for him, finally after I threaten anyone else bidding against me, I finally win. As we begin to leave, they realize the QSD is gone and figure out who we are and come after us. A brief battle begins, finally our crew are able to transport us back to the runabouts and we make it safely back to the ship.

Computer End Log


Ensign McDunner’s Log

Commander Colin and i were tasked with finding the Kochan ship and the QSD unit while the other team was set to find the Captain. After getting information from an Orion at the Station bar we scoured the station looking for the docking bay where their shuttle was docked and snooping around found the Unit. Getting it from there to the stations storage bay where we could protect it better we waited for the others to find the captain I stayed with the unit while the Commander returned to the other team. Finally every one showed up and we were transported out as the station security was trying to get into the sealed storage bay.