Looking at Yourself

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Looking at Yourself
General Data
*Production number: 008
*Initiated: 071201
*Ended: 071202
*Year: 2382
*Aliens: Terran Empire
*Previous Mission: Nuwalan Ale
*Next Mission: Redemption's Sword
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger

The USS Redeemer is patrolling the borders of Federation space, and a Sovereign class ship approaches. Its registration number reads "ISS Redeemer - NCC-100753."

The ISS Redeemer hails us...


While on patrol the Redeemer makes a startling contact.


Mission Logs

[12:08] Orion Pastorelli taps away on his consol...
[12:08] Bogle Richard: ::checking subspace relays.. awaiting com signal feedback::
[12:09] Bogle Richard: Captain? :not believing signal read: I show a.. piggy back? on my.. 'MY' comms? it’s like there is someone doing the same thing.. but.. but it’s me, no.. it’s not me! sir?
[12:09] Bogle Richard: ::looking confused for the first time ever at station::
[12:09] Blush Babii looks confused
[12:10] michaels Toshi: the vessel is matching our moves exactly
[12:10] Bogle Richard: ::listening::
[12:10] Chase Quinnell: Odd... science?
[12:10] Bogle Richard: Vessel.... what-- vessel?
[12:10] Bogle Richard: :: hoping I don't sound like some feedback myself::
[12:11] Orion Pastorelli: Lt. Quinnell, long range scanners detect a sovereign class ship
[12:11] Chase Quinnell: Can you identify it?
[12:11] Orion Pastorelli: working sir...
[12:11] Orion Pastorelli blinks...
[12:11] Orion Pastorelli: sir, it’s the ISS Redeemer - NCC-100753...?
[12:12] Orion Pastorelli: double checking the transponder codes
[12:12] Orion Pastorelli: confirmed, recommend going to yellow alerts sire
[12:12] Orion Pastorelli: *alert sir
[12:13] Bogle Richard: ::checking comms against latest sends from Starfleet::
[12:13] Chase Quinnell: Agreed, yellow alert and shields up.
[12:13] michaels Toshi: I have noticed that their one difference so far is that they are in a offensive stance
[12:13] Reina Beaumont: Yellow Alert, aye, shields up and at full
[12:13] Bogle Richard: Captain.. I am getting the correct command sequences from.. our.. .. our..? relay stations.. and Starbase 9a confirms my read.
[12:14] Bogle Richard: We are where we are.. I mean. suppose to be.. sir?
[12:14] Orion Pastorelli runs long scans on the approaching vessel.
[12:14] Chase Quinnell: I think we have a problem.
[12:15] Bogle Richard: :: trying not to turn around and agree::
[12:15] Orion Pastorelli: sir, the vessel is showing the temporal displacement signature typical of mirror universe objects...
[12:16] Bogle Richard: :: running constant diag on comms:: Captain.. we are being hailed.. by.. .. us?
[12:16] Chase Quinnell: On screen..
[12:16] Bogle Richard: ::on screen com open::
[12:17] Chase Quinnell: ::The viewscreen shows a sinister looking counterpart of Lt. Quinnell. He says "Greetings, Lt. It's so good to see you. Now, I'll ask nicely, what are the codes for UF STARFLEET Command?::
[12:17] Reina Beaumont: ::jaw drops:: oh my...you!
[12:18] Chase Quinnell: The codes are not for you to know..
[12:18] Bogle Richard: ::staring at screen, trying to decide who's orders to follow should there be a conflict::
[12:18] Reina Beaumont: captain, that woman behind the captain...that's her, that's Anier
[12:18] Chase Quinnell: I see.
[12:18] Bogle Richard: ::looking over at Reina:: who?
[12:18] Blush Babii looks in shock
[12:19] michaels Toshi: do I really have a zit there?
[12:19] Reina Beaumont: she's my counterpart, from the past, she went insane and destroyed the Earth I came from, I had always hoped she was left drifting amongst the remains
[12:19] Blush Babii looks at Michaels "yes, you do"
[12:20] Reina Beaumont: she's an immortal, like me, but far stronger and is evolving due to her insanity
[12:20] Chase Quinnell: Well...
[12:20] Orion Pastorelli: and just when you thought things couldn't get worse...
[12:20] Chase Quinnell: How strong is the ISS Redeemer compared to us?
[12:20] Bogle Richard: :: watching screen scan other bridge - Vulcan side kicking in:: Captain. I would venture a logical 'guess' ..that we are in some kind of time loop? Or that ship is from an alternate universe.. or we passed thru some kind of tachyon or quantum singularity sir..?
[12:20] Orion Pastorelli: scanning sir
[12:20] Reina Beaumont: the last time me and Anier faced off, she practically had me beat
[12:21] Reina Beaumont: scanning them, captain, you're not going to like this
[12:21] Bogle Richard: :: listening to Reina:: you KNOW of--
[12:21] michaels Toshi: I’m sensing strong telepathic abilities from my counterpart he is trying to enter my mind from there!
[12:22] Reina Beaumont: the ISS Redeemer is considerably more powerful than we are, from these power readings, they could crave us up ten times over and still have enough power left over to tear into the whole fleet
[12:22] Chase Quinnell: Not good at all...
[12:23] Silkie Dagger tries not to watch their Engineer.
[12:23] Orion Pastorelli uplinks science-scanners to tactical, "Lt. Beaumont, here's what I got, yes they are stronger but we are faster, their top speeds should max out at warp 6..."
[12:23] Chase Quinnell: Hail them.
[12:23] Reina Beaumont: I think they're hiding their true speed
[12:23] Bogle Richard: They are responding.. comms open.
[12:24] Reina Beaumont: Captain, let me
[12:24] Orion Pastorelli raises an eyebrow, "possible..."
[12:24] Bogle Richard: Sir.. I'd like the opportunity to. 'speak' logically with .. the .. 'Bogle' on that ship? when possible sir?
[12:25] Reina Beaumont: =/\=Well well, hello sis, and how's the life of a worthless sack of existence? Going to beg like the last time? Or just going to stand there and watch as I destroy that puny ship you're on=/\=
[12:25] michaels Toshi: aye Vulcans are logical and will be persuaded to our logic easier
[12:25] Reina Beaumont: I've wised up since the last time, Anier, why don't you back down?
[12:25] Bogle Richard: ::wondering at logical tactic Reina is doing::
[12:25] Silkie Dagger's nostrils flare
[12:26] Reina Beaumont: =/\=And miss the chance to hurt you again? No go. It was so much fun the last time, destroying that Earth and all those lives, did you know that Nicola screamed as I tore her head off and reduced her to dust and ash? No? She did and she begged and pleaded, it was so stimulating. Now let's hear you scream=/\=
[12:27] Reina Beaumont: sir, they're targeting us!
[12:27] Chase Quinnell: Brace for impact!
[12:27] Chase Quinnell: Fire when ready.
[12:27] Bogle Richard: What--? ::holding onto sta.::
[12:27] michaels Toshi: engaging evasive manoeuvres
[12:27] Reina Beaumont: =/\=Have a nice day, sis=/\= ::cuts comm::
[12:28] Bogle Richard: ::muting audio but leaving current signal com ready for channel re-open::
[12:28] Bogle Richard: Shall I contact, Starfleet, Captain?
[12:28] Reina Beaumont: locking onto their power grid, captain, their shields are stronger than our though, I'm not sure if our weapons will even make any difference
[12:28] Chase Quinnell: Send a priority 1 alert to UF STARFLEET Command. We need backup.
[12:29] michaels Toshi: they matching our moves
[12:29] Reina Beaumont: captain, I recommend we make a run for it
[12:29] You: Fire, Reina.
[12:29] Reina Beaumont: firing sir
[12:29] Reina Beaumont: ::phasers lash out, but their shields hold:: their shields are holding captain, it didn't make a difference
[12:29] Orion Pastorelli: I concur with Lt, Beaumont, we are in no position to offer a fight...
[12:29] michaels Toshi: yeah we should run
[12:29] Reina Beaumont: but maybe...
[12:30] Chase Quinnell: Reverse course, maximum warp.
[12:30] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[12:30] Reina Beaumont: Orion, tie in a tight sensor scan with tactical sensors, just on one spot in their shields
[12:30] michaels Toshi: at maximum speed
[12:31] Orion Pastorelli: working, ma'am
[12:31] Reina Beaumont: if I'm right, I detected a slight fluctuation in their shields in that one spot when we fired, barely anything, but if we can send a tightly focused signal at that one spot just as we fire full phasers, it should get through
[12:31] Bogle Richard: ::trying to cut into ISS Redeemer's comms.. logic suggest they are similar to ours:: Captain.. with your permission.. am trying to gain access to their comms via the similarities of our ships.. comms. Logic suggests this can backfire in that my other may be attempting the same.. ?
[12:31] Orion Pastorelli narrows the senor beams to max setting and uplinks to tactical.
[12:31] Chase Quinnell: I don't think it will be that easy to defeat them. It could have been a sensor glitch.
[12:32] Reina Beaumont: switching to manual targeting
[12:32] Reina Beaumont: most likely it's a fluctuation caused by their crossing over to our universe
[12:32] Chase Quinnell: Probably.
[12:32] Chase Quinnell: Bogle, what's our status on the back-up fleet?
[12:32] michaels Toshi: sir they’re accelerating past warp six their supposed max speed
[12:32] Bogle Richard: Captain.. signal from Starfleet.. a fleet is being organized .. location Nelvara II ..
[12:32] Reina Beaumont: they'll likely learn of that for next time, but it's our only chance at this time, if we're lucky, it should destabilise their connection to our universe and send them back to their
[12:33] Chase Quinnell: Helm, adjust course for the Nelvara II colony, maximum warp.
[12:33] Reina Beaumont: we'll need to get within 900 meters for this to work though
[12:33] michaels Toshi: aye sir course adjusted
[12:33] Chase Quinnell: What's the status of the ISS Redeemer?
[12:33] Orion Pastorelli leaves duty.
[12:33] Bogle Richard: ::not liking the odds, but then again.. 'liking is an emotion!' will have to meditate on that later::
[12:34] Reina Beaumont: the power output to cross over into another universe must be huge, so they could be unable to fully stay in our universe without spending a day here, from these readings, they've only been here for an hour
[12:34] Reina Beaumont: the ISS Redeemer is closing on us
[12:34] Chase Quinnell: engineering, give me more speed.
[12:34] michaels Toshi: trying to manoeuvre away more but it’s just no good....
[12:34] Silkie Dagger: Aye Sir, giving what I got.
[12:35] Reina Beaumont: her weapons are charged, shields are up, and I'm reading a signal I've never seen before, but it's huge
[12:35] Chase Quinnell: What is it?
[12:35] Reina Beaumont: trying to get a clearer lock...got it, wow
[12:35] Reina Beaumont: captain, I don't know how they've done it, but they've managed to combine Borg and Dominion technology
[12:36] Chase Quinnell: darn.
[12:36] Bogle Richard: WHAT?
[12:36] Reina Beaumont: from these readings, they have something akin to a Borg cutter beam that's been enhanced by the factor of five
[12:36] Bogle Richard: and they survived ?
[12:36] Blush Babii: Sir, should I switch to the science station?
[12:36] Reina Beaumont: and it has the power readings of a Dominion heavy phaser
[12:37] Reina Beaumont: those things caused serious damage in the war
[12:37] Chase Quinnell: We won't need science for this mission, since Reina seems to know so much about what's going on.
[12:37] Blush Babii: yes Sir
[12:37] Bogle Richard: ::checking comms.. :: darn! sir they are into our systems with some Borg counter com signal!! I am trying to lock them out! Thanks for the heads up Reina!!
[12:37] Chase Quinnell: ETA to the fleet, Michaels?
[12:38] Bogle Richard: ::engaging algorithmic encryption codes::
[12:38] michaels Toshi: we should be there in 5 mins but they'll be with us in 1 min
[12:38] Reina Beaumont: I studied Dominion and Borg tech after we encountered them, captain, I wanted to know the best way to fight them
[12:38] Reina Beaumont: they're speed is increasing, I was right, captain, they were hiding their engine power
[12:38] Chase Quinnell: Well, Reina, how do we fight them?
[12:38] Bogle Richard: Sir.. I am wondering HOW they got here.. or did WE go over into their special universe?
[12:39] michaels Toshi: they’re closing faster sir we have 30 secs and counting
[12:39] Chase Quinnell: Long story.
[12:39] Reina Beaumont: hmm, they joined two of the most powerful weapons available into one...we could send a compressed phaser beam through that beam as they fire at us, it should send it right back to them
[12:39] Bogle Richard: Someone tapping into science sta. may find out what'-- how they or we got here?
[12:39] Chase Quinnell: The Terran Empire is attempting to take over our galaxy.
[12:39] Bogle Richard: and how we are going to get them or us.. back.. ? sir?
[12:40] Chase Quinnell: This isn't the first encounter with them we've had.
[12:40] Reina Beaumont: most likely the Terran Empire has found trans-dimensional technology in their universe
[12:40] Bogle Richard: ::great!::
[12:41] michaels Toshi: sir they’re upon us!
[12:41] Reina Beaumont: I do remember something like that being mentioned by Captain Sisko, that the rebels had trans-dimensional technology, most likely the Terran Empire found something more powerful than what the Rebellion had
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: ::Computer: Initiating shutdown of Life Support systems. Authorization Lt. Chase Quinnell Alpha Pi One::
[12:41] Chase Quinnell u: What in the hell..
[12:41] Bogle Richard: ::trying to clear Borg coding out of comms::
[12:41] Reina Beaumont: I don't need to breath, everyone get the breathing kits out!
[12:41] Bogle Richard: sorry sir.. that’s how they got in!!
[12:42] Blush Babii: Sir but their life system will go out too
[12:42] Bogle Richard: I can't keep up with that coding.. I need more access!!
[12:42] michaels Toshi: I have no helm control!
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: Engineering, work on purging their coding out of the system.
[12:42] Reina Beaumont: okay, the signal is ready, we need to get within exactly 900 meters for this to work
[12:42] michaels Toshi: my station received a remote signal
[12:42] Silkie Dagger: aye Sir
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: What kind of remote signal?
[12:42] michaels Toshi: we're changing course
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: darn.
[12:42] Reina Beaumont: nice try, Anier, but I've had over three hundred years to learn your tricks
[12:42] michaels Toshi: they've set an impossible speed
[12:43] michaels Toshi: we're accelerating ::hear bad ship noises::
[12:43] Chase Quinnell: Engineering, Shut the core down!
[12:43] Bogle Richard: ::working with Engineering:: .. Silkie!! I am sitting behind u.. u catch the upper systems.. I can do the lower.. 3... 2...1.. engage lockouts!!!
[12:43] michaels Toshi: ::warning maximum speed passed::
[12:43] Silkie Dagger tries to shut down the core, but is having problems
[12:43] Reina Beaumont: okay, she wants to play rough, I'll play rough, sending signal
[12:44] michaels Toshi: ::core breach in 2 mins::
[12:44] Reina Beaumont: got them!
[12:44] Chase Quinnell: ::Computer: Life support systems offline in 10 minutes.::
[12:44] Bogle Richard: darn! Captain.. need command code override!! Yours!! Engineering open at your seat sir..!!
[12:44] Silkie Dagger: engaging
[12:44] Reina Beaumont: they're beginning to have problems staying in our universe
[12:44] Bogle Richard: good.. good.. we.. we..
[12:45] Bogle Richard: What? Reina?
[12:45] Blush Babii tries to stay calm
[12:45] Reina Beaumont: one more shot...ha! See you later, 'sis'
[12:45] Bogle Richard: Perhaps we can use that.. if we can scan their systems.. maybe they have a 'time limit' to be here.. or power or other time limit?
[12:45] Reina Beaumont: they're beginning to phase, captain, they can't hold their place in our universe
[12:46] michaels Toshi: their engines are fluctuating
[12:46] Bogle Richard: ::trying to use all scans from comms::
[12:46] Reina Beaumont: their shields are down!
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: Fire.
[12:46] Reina Beaumont: got a little present for her, a few tons of anti matters
[12:46] Reina Beaumont: firing
[12:46] Bogle Richard: :: still trying to pull in data::.
[12:46] Reina Beaumont: got them, they didn't expect that, they're phasing faster
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: Welcome to the Bridge, Rezo. We need you at Engineering.
[12:47] Reina Beaumont: I hope they like the anti matter gift I gave them, Anier will be floating for a while
[12:47] Rezo Takashi nods to the captain
[12:47] Chase Quinnell: Detonate the antimatter and get us out of here.
[12:47] Reina Beaumont: they're almost gone, captain...they're gone
[12:47] Reina Beaumont: I set up a timer with the anti matter, captain
[12:47] michaels Toshi: they’ve vanished
[12:48] Chase Quinnell: Good. Rendezvous with the fleet.
[12:48] michaels Toshi: aye sir engaging course
[12:48] Reina Beaumont: in thirty seconds, all that's going to be left is debris and one very angry immortal
[12:48] Blush Babii sighs in relief
[12:48] Silkie Dagger: switching to science station with your permission, Sir
[12:48] Bogle Richard: immortal?
[12:48] michaels Toshi can feel a presence in his mind still
[12:48] Bogle Richard: who?
[12:48] Chase Quinnell nods at Silki.
[12:48] Reina Beaumont: Anier's immortal, like me, only she's been immortal a lot longer, over five thousand years longer
[12:49] michaels Toshi: it’s my counterpart he has gained most of my knowledge
[12:49] Reina Beaumont: well he's dead
[12:49] Reina Beaumont: only person who would survive the anti matter blast is Anier
[12:50] Reina Beaumont: captain, we were lucky this time
[12:50] Silkie Dagger: :: Detecting numerous Terran Empire ships coming into the system::
[12:50] Reina Beaumont: I don't know if we'll be lucky the next time
[12:50] michaels Toshi: we're dropping out of warp at Nelvara II
[12:51] Chase Quinnell: Comms, order the fleet to engage the Terran Empire.
[12:51] Bogle Richard: Confirmed, Captain.
[12:51] Chase Quinnell: Tactical, open fire on the lead vessel.
[12:51] Bogle Richard: ::wondering if there's anyone over there we can -talk- to::
[12:52] Reina Beaumont: that's odd, sir, I'm not getting any solid readings from them
[12:52] Chase Quinnell: What do you mean?
[12:52] Reina Beaumont: the only thing I am reading is a very strong signal just outside the system
[12:53] Reina Beaumont: I mean, there's nothing to shoot, the readings seem to be photonic
[12:53] Rezo Takashi accepted your inventory offer.
[12:53] Bogle Richard: :: trying to confirm::
[12:53] Reina Beaumont: here, I'll show you
[12:53] Reina Beaumont: ::opens fire on the lead ship and the shot flies through, making the lead ship flicker::
[12:54] michaels Toshi: sir I suggest we and the fleet move away then....
[12:54] Reina Beaumont: cunning gits, we don't have holographic technology at that level yet
[12:54] Bogle Richard: Confirmed sir.. they are not where our sensors are getting signals from.. IF they are even here?
[12:55] michaels Toshi: they obviously want us there for a reason whatever that reason is I don’t want to find out
[12:55] Reina Beaumont: getting a complete lock on the signal, it's directly outside the system, captain, it's like a highly advanced holographic generator, from these readings, it makes our holo decks look like old fashioned 20th century holograms
[12:56] Reina Beaumont: the reason could be that they've left a message for us
[12:56] Chase Quinnell: Helm, take us to the source of the projections.
[12:56] michaels Toshi: aye sir setting a course mark 124.67
[12:57] michaels Toshi: engaging
[12:57] Chase Quinnell: full impulse
[12:57] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[12:58] Reina Beaumont: we might be able to create a defence with these readings we got from the ISS Redeemer, but I'm not sure if it will be enough, if they could manage to send a large ship through, then it's only a matter of time before they begin to send whole fleets through
[12:58] Bogle Richard: ::running level 5 diagnostics on internal/external comms -- LCARS detailed assist for non-programmed signals or sequences::
[12:59] Bogle Richard: ::FTL complete in 2mins::
[12:59] Reina Beaumont: we're at the signal, captain, I was right
[12:59] Reina Beaumont: there's a message buried within the beacon, one from Anier and one from your counterpart, captain
[13:00] Chase Quinnell: Send the one from my counterpart to my ready room.
[13:00] Reina Beaumont: aye captain, done
[13:00] Chase Quinnell: Reina, you have the bridge.
[13:02] Bogle Richard: Reina? why are u not sitting in the Captain's seat?
[13:03] Bogle Richard: Captain did leave you in command..?
[13:04] Bogle Richard: Seat too.. big.. for you?
[13:04] Reina Beaumont: I prefer to stand right here, this message is disturbing
[13:04] Bogle Richard: Well.. I'd sit in the seat.. but since you have my.. comms.. I can only speculate what you’re engaged in?
[13:05] Reina Beaumont: this message...she's alive, Nicola's alive
[13:06] Chase Quinnell: Helm, set course for Pinastri, Sector001. Engage warp 7.
[13:07] michaels Toshi: aye sir engaging at warp seven.....
[13:07] Reina Beaumont: Nicola was a friend of mine, she was basically like my adopted little sister not long after I became immortal. I trained her, helped her manage her blood lust and gave her a home after her family wanted nothing to do with her. She was killed in 2007 by Anier, but Anier's just said in her message that Nicola is alive, that she brought her back from the dead
[13:07] Chase Quinnell: Ambassador, I hope the ride wasn't too... rough.
[13:07] Bogle Richard: ::always running subspace relay checks::
[13:08] Ashcroft Dyrssen shakes his head reassuringly

Captain's Log

CO's Log - Stardate 57120.6 (071201)

After the encounter with the ISS Redeemer, I've decided to head back to Pinastri, Sector001 and allow my crew some time off. I think we could all use a break. I hear that it snowed back home. Looking forward to being back on solid ground.

The Redeemer is currently getting refitted with brand new technology that Lt. Cmdr Barthelmess has been working on as of late. These new improvements include advanced hull armour, more powerful phasers and torpedoes, and even a new sensor array. Ensign Pastorelli is eager to try out the new sensors.

My only hope is that maybe someday the Redeemer can actually do some exploring.. I'm getting wary of all these battles. When I signed on as CO of this ship, I never expected I would be facing an Empire from another universe.

Computer, end log.