Lost Probe

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Lost Probe
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 090801
*Ended: 090801
*Year: 2384
*Forum Thread: Lost Probe
*Previous Mission: << Mission Menace part III
*Next Mission: The Borg >>
*SIM Concept: Bogle Richard

Mission Briefing

Captains Log: We have been at warp 9.7 for three (3) weeks as we have received a com signal from a torpedo 'probe' we've sent into a deep space sector on our exploratory assignment route. The signal was faint, but reads as our encrypted frequency. Time to visual range of our probe: 84 minutes, present speed. We are unable to contact the probe to download its data, possible damage may have occurred. No other traffic or signals from this sector - local or long range com signals or warp trails, fragmented or otherwise have been detected. Our probe would have not sent us a signal if it had not encountered something out here.

Mission Summary

Stardate 090801 Ships logs

After a longer staff meeting about our future highly probably contact with the bord, we went to the bridge. We received a faint signal and and beamed the Probe back on board. while doing so just before leaving a single Borg beamed on the bridge and looked around, acessing our ships computer. While still discussing how to get rid of it, the borg vanished. The thread from the borg seems real now.


Lost Probe