Lost in Space

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Lost in Space
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP080
*Initiated: 110904
*Ended: 110904
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Lost in Space
*Previous Mission: By the Light You Will Go Forth
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

Two away teams from the Sheppard board the Borg sphere in search of information on where and when they are... and with a plan to disable the sphere's systems for good.


Location: Unknown

Captain's log, Stardate 110904

Alert Status: Red

The Sheppard is currently in a dark nebula with now way of knowing where we are, how large this nebula is, or even when we are...

The anomaly that we encountered - and I can only call it just that, an anomaly - as we are still not clear what exactly happened, what we do know for sure is that someone modified our deflector dish and the Sheppard went in. When we cut power to the deflector we were spun out of the anomaly into this nebula.

So far investigations suggest it had to be someone with command code access. That means a member of the senior staff, which is a worrisome concept. At any rate, without any reference points or data on this nebula we could be going around in circles; all we do have is the Borg vessel and the strange space station we encountered.

Unfortunately, the station has not provided us with any data to be of assistance so we are left with only one choice: we have to go back and see what we can get from the Borg vessel. Scans of when we escaped showed that our last ditch effort to escape the Borg ship caused severe damage, breaking apart the sphere into small pieces. I doubt any vessel could withstand an antimatter explosion like that, even a Borg vessel with their regenerative abilities. What I'm hoping for is that some of the data nodes within the more intact areas of the ship may provide us with data on this nebula and the quickest way out, as well as answer some of the other more pressing questions about this entire situation.

Computer, end log.


Making its way back to the coordinates where it had left the severely-damaged Borg sphere, the Sheppard found the vessel in pieces, one of which was large enough to accommodate an away team. As Science Ensign Araulya Coronet had come up with a plan to release nanites to disable the Borg systems, Captain Dwi assigned an away team under the command of Executive Officer Kaelin Odriscoll to this task. Another away team under the Captain's command would attempt to retrieve any information from the Borg databases that could help the crew determine where and when they were.

Once onboard the Borg sphere, both teams found that several Borg drones were still active and some officers, including Security chief Jess Hamelin and Ops chief April Coswell, came under attack and were wounded, although not grievously.

The Captain's team made several discoveries - the most shocking one being the half-assimilated Lieutenant James Simpson, reported missing from the USS Madison in the Alpha Quadrant in April 2375. As Lt. Simpson's assimilation had progressed quite a bit, the Captain gave him an easy end with a phaser shot at point-blank range.

Meanwhile, Commander Coswell and Ops Lieutenant Tyler discovered some navigational information that would be useful in ascertaining Sheppard's current location; however, Lt. Tyler also discovered that the Borg sphere was broadcasting a homing beacon and that a signal some light-years away had answered it - meaning that more Borg vessels might be coming.

As Commander Odriscoll's team had managed to release the nanites, both away teams beamed back to Sheppard, where readings showed that the tiny robots were doing their work in disabling the Borg systems. The Captain ordered the bridge crew to ensure that nothing was left of the Borg sphere for any reinforcements to find.


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