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Mission "Mad Max" - History and Mission Parameters

  • Stardate: 091117

At 8:45 am SLT Cmdr. Gijsjan Broek attended duties in the Command deck of Pathfinder and he picked up signal. Analysis of the signal shows its a low band EM signal at 4,5 Ghz but pretty garbled. Strength of the signal is 210 Janski meaning a very strong signal. first he thought it was just a random static noise but he noticed structure in it so clearly its a message but there is much interference in the stream. This signal is very similiar to an ancient earth communication method called "Radio". At 9:09 am SLT he lost the signal but recorded everthing. He pinpointed the source coming from the Telos sector but an exact location is unknown as of yet. Random measure indicates the signal comes from the Wastelands system. It will take time to analyse the contains and to decipher the message on what it means.

  • Stardate: 091118

Cmdr. Broek pinpointed the low band EM signal. Its coming from the Wastelands system in the Telos sector. The signal itself was still scrambled but will decipher it 1 way or another. Pathfinder authorised Cmdr. Broek an expedition to the system with runabout USS Magellan (NCC-72141). The launch is scheduled on Stardate 091123 or 1 day earlier. After the scans of the planet with the Hubble Telescope the data is as follow:

  • Planet is M class with standard oxygen/nitrogen mix.
  • Tech. scans indicate a pre-warp society.
  • Scans indicate the planet is devastated by a Nuclear war.
  • Cities are all over the planet but all are in ruined state.
  • Infrastructure is all but destroyed.
  • Lifeforms readings are clustered over the planet.
  • Heavy gamma and nuclear radiation in most areas.
  • Post nuclear fallout changed the landscape into desert with little water.
  • Biology readings indicate species mutations.
  • At 1 spot of the planet is a small crater filled with lava with remains of a large complex.

Stellar Cartography data:

Wastelands system:

  • 12 ly's from Pinastri prime.
  • System counts 5 planets and 6 moons.
  • Some artificial bodies detected but not operational.
  • Asteroid belt at the systems edge.

Mission parameters:

  • Explore the planet and find out what happened to these people.
  • Locate the source of the signal.
  • Decipher the signal and translate what it means.
  • Take all Medical steps as needed.
  • Mission team of 5 persons. Recommended to take 2 Doctors for this mission.

Mission Logs