Magnet of Trouble

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Mission Magnet of Trouble

The Mission Magnet of Trouble started with researches of a stellar phenomenon (wormhole) in the Pinastri System , but it turns over in a Search & Rescue Mission of Pathfinder Fighter Pilots , who trapped in the instable wormhole and ended in the archeaologicial research of an ancient artefact which was filled with psionic energies and which effectet the whole system.

Pathfinder Crew was able to raise the knowledge about the ancient Rajan culture which inhabited the Planets Pinastri III, IV and V more 15000 years ago , found new technologies and got contact to a race which is living on asteroids inside a wormhole.

This mission was a success for many kinds of scientific researches : Astrometry (the wormhole) , Archaeology (ancient Rajan culture), Technology (modified Dillithium crystals), Medical (examination of Psi-matter and a unknown species) -- and, of course, it was an example for the interaction of all departments of a space station like Pathfinder and the intercation of a station with the federation fleets in the Delta Quadrant

Command Logs

  • Stardate 091017

Commanding Officers Log

Todays mission was a well done effort. We are able to successfully rescue Lt. Otsuka from the planet and she is resting now as per medical orders. It is expected she will make a full recovery. To recover the Lieutenant and to investigate what was causing the interference, I found it necessary to send Lt Skytower and an away team to the planet Pinastri 3. What was discovered was troubling, it appears the planet has made a radical shift in both landscape and environment, and I am still waiting from further reports from our science department on that front. Another trouble that arose from this away mission was the retrieval of an object, Alien in appearance, it was responsible for headaches and feelings of discomfort among away team members and despite direct orders not to, a scientist brought it back to the station. I am worried as to what ill-effects this will have on our crew and I hope that we can contain it to Pathfinder alone...I don't want the other station commanders to grow discomforted. Engineering is constructing a defensive shield around the artifact to keep any possible rays from coming through.

Everyone on the bridge did exemplary keeping the away team updated with all that was going on, overall adding to the success of the mission. I will be writing soon as to further developments.

  • Stardate 091022

Commanding Officers Log

With our Away teams return, along with the artifact, times have indeed become rough for Pathfinder. Since arrival, I have had the object under lock and key, however that evidently was not enough. A fleet is said to be massing and heading towards Pinastri, however we are unsure. What we are sure of is an asteroid...a couple of asteroids on a collision course with the planet Pinastri 4. These are similar to the one's used by the race which held Lt's Blaisdale and Otsuka hostage. Something will be happening, but what, I do not know, I only know I must have my people ready.

  • Stardate 091026

Commanding Officers Log

It was what I had hoped would be a typical day, however that soon changed. Though we had initially been able to divert its path, the asteroid soon returned, with a bearing for Pinastri. It was suspected this had something to do with the research we had done on the Magnet of Trouble and were continuing to do. While those on the operations deck methodically began to hail ships and stations in the vicinity to help. While the asteroid interefered with our ability to reach Tranquility, Athena, and Cascadia, Alexandria responded and was a great aide, as well as the USS Menelaus, who was largely responsible for preventing calamity, as well as the USS Caracas. I would like to commend all those who were able to respond and assist, it was appreciated and helped the planet and Pathfinder escape with minimal damage at best due to breaking the asteroid into smaller fragments. Pathfinder will be undergoing repairs for the next week as we attempt to correct damaged parts.

  • Stardate 091029

Commanding Officers Log

As repairs continue to commence on the Facility, I've received orders from Starfleet Command. I knew these would eventually be coming as affairs continue to deteriorate surrounding the mystery that is the Magnet of Trouble. I wish this had never been brought back, it's so very dangerous, and I fear for the safety of Crew and Planet as we examine. Engineering has been working hard, as has SFC however we can not continue to do it alone and are looking forward to debris field cleansing by the Aviator in hopes this will not reoccur again.

  • Stardate 091031

Commanding Officers Log

It was quite a day today and I am still recovering from the aftereffects of it. This Magnet, this damn artifact, has really been trying on me and I still have a migraine. It all started today with the beginning of our mission, what was to be standard cleanup and research turned in to much more as we again had a run in with an artifact. During the course of today's mission I started receiving pressure to my head, heck we still don't know why, luckily it has abated now. As such I relieved myself of duty, handing over command to Lt Skytower as I headed to sickbay. I was treated however they were not able to do much for my condition, and the pain continued. I could hear various reports as SFC went out and from the away team as they were examining the artifact and asteroid. I wanted to head back to command but the doctor would not allow me to. When word came that another asteroid had the potential to cause damage to Pathfinder, Lt Skytower rightly ordered that the station be evacuated to the underwater bunker. We did so however Dr. Muircastle did not come, she was injured in the impact and will look quite different after recovery the doctors tell me. Repairs will continue and I hope we can catch a break, more asteroids will not be good. Time to lean more heavily on medical, we need to know who or what is causing this to occur.

  • Stardate 091105

Commanding Officers Log

No further orders have as of yet been received from Command, seems we are on our own here, not that I mind it so much, the directive of last week was clear, and it's one I see fit to apply to this coming mission as well. My crew is responding as always above and beyond the expectations I have. I would also like to note that my Executive Officer has done well, adequately performing her duties. While I am frustrated with some of the recent events, including my injury, that frustration will be utilized in a productive way as we attempt to solve they conundrum behind the Magnet that has given us oh so much trouble. I have high hopes for this weeks mission...and hopefully I will not re experience the migraine that troubled me during last weeks mission.

  • Stardate 091107

Commanding Officers Log

I guess some good news at least came from today, no further harm was inflicted on the Pathfinder Facility, however we have more unanswered questions. We responded to the evidence found in an asteroid by the USS Aviator, scans of the life form aboard the asteroid brought more questions, so I ordered a team consisting of medical, science, and security to go up and inspect the asteroid. SFC provided the ride and all went well, no hostile contact was forthcoming, the creature seems to be more curious than not. After a brief visit to ensure that it would be safe to transport back to the planet, they requested permission and brought the alien back. During transport several issues arose, resulting in an incident with Lt Feld. Medical after a thorough examination recommended he be sedated for 24 necessary evaluation. The alien is now free to roam the planet, it was not hostile and is accompanied by a security escort, we're hoping to find some way to communicate with it, however now we simply have had to content ourself with gestures. More will be added as further research is done, however suffice it to say that today was quite a day.

  • Stardate 091108

Commanding Officers Log

With preliminary reports coming in as inconclusive in regards to who or what this alien is. I've decided to set my team to the task. Time to discover what exactly we have out here. The alien is still roaming around under an armed security escort however we can not continue doing this forever, we have to get to the bottom of things. Another troubling problem that has kept coming to the surface is the sabotage of various parts of the station. Something I will also be allocating what limited resources we have available to solving during Tuesdays mission.

  • Stardate 091112

Things are definitely heating up in many regards as this mission continues progressing. More questions arise and we need to get them solved. This creature, which is known as a Lunar Dragon, is male and feeds on dilithium crystals, however we know little more. We're continuing testing on the creature as we move forward, also measuring the Magnet's affect on it.

More worrisome almost than the mystery of the magnet, are the circumstances that have been unfolding lately. We've been finding blood and more however as of yet no body has been found, I hope he is alive however I fear that like our murdered scientist, Lt. Stephen Nevil, this missing individual could be dead as well. A team is heading up investigations to this especially as pertaining to a // Information is Classified // whose relationship could be affecting the continuation of our investigation. We will be staging a // Information is Classified // and will watch for the results that come in hoping they will lead us to our culprit.

  • Stardate 091116

My crew has been doing very well, so well I think we may get to the bottom of this mystery soon. Saturday's mission brought much to us in the way of knowledge of the Lunar Dragon, quite fascinating to learn really. It seems this particular species has the ability to turn imperfect Dilithium Crystals into perfect ones. An odd process to be sure, but one my scientists, engineers, and medical officers seemed particularly excited about..mutters something unintelligible. Our mission concluded shortly thereafter however, it appeared the day was still young as a surprise attack was suddenly launched on Pinastri, with the assistance of the Aviator and Caracas most of the attack was repelled, however that did not stop one lone cloaked ship from breaking through and nearly wrecking havoc. A small radiation leak was discovered in the aftermath and I had to make a trip to sickbay, *mutters again about hating sickbay* but it was worth it as my crew is safe. I look forward to more solving of this mystery and it appears it will be necessary for all crew, myself included to undergo medical checkups to ensure the radiation will not be a problem. I guess there are worse things in life....

  • Stardate 091122

Commanding Officer's Log

Thanks to a theory developed by the Pathfinder Science staff we were able to facilitate the return of the Aviator. They had theorized by attaching the Magnet to the Hubble and focusing a verteron beam though it to reopen the wormhole. Lt Rhode went to the Hubble to install the Magnet and was flown by Capt Blaisdale and accompanied by Lt Muircastle who went along to monitor them medicaly. The wornhole was reopened and we picked up faint comms traffic from the Aviator and the Second Fleet with the assistance of elements of the Third Fleet were able to tractor the Aviator back through to Pinastri space.She was badly damaged and a large number of the crew injured. She was towed back to Tranquility where Engineering teams promptly started working on her.Unfortunetly as the wormhole started closing the magnet somehow broke free and was pulled into it, which while it was a great loss scientifically, our scientists still do have a large number of scans and logs to go through. Computer, End Log

Mission Logs