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Mission Objectives

After some exciting research missions we found the Servantor robot civilization - a friendly robot culture just build to help and suppport. And now they themselves need help. Thousands of years ago they started their search for their constructors and the "Master Code Alpha 1" - the only code which can repair their malfunctions. The Servantor visited and observed the Pinastri System to find the "Blue Master Builder" , their constructors. The Pinastri System is also the place for their hidden maintenance base and they use the ancient rajan technology as a communication center. The last mission leads the Pathfinder Crew to Pianstri I and it seems the ancient rajan technology and the Servantor technology is connected in a mysterious way - and more than expected , yet. It is my wish to help the Servantor with their search for the Master Code Alpha 1. The evaluation of the last mission datas and the datas we collected before in the "Blue Box" give us a hint and we found some coordinates which can be helpful to find this important code. If its possible we will use the Servantor transportation system , again to reach a special point. Maybe the code is not only helpful to solve some Servantor malfunctions - maybe it can be helpful to discover a few more rajan technological secrets, too.

Mission Objectives

  • Examination of the recovered coordinates from of the Servantor BLUE BOX
  • Use the Servantor Transport System to reach the coordinates
  • Find out more about the Servantor robot civilization and technology
  • Find the Master Code Alpha 1

Mission reports & results


In the Servantor databases we found hints about the Master Code of the ancient constrcutors of this robot-civilization. This Master Code seems to be a code section which need the Servantor robots to reboot and reset their parameters. This includes all systems of the Servantor civilization - robot drones, computers system and starships. The Master Code can help to reduce their malfunctions. This malfunctions prevent the from doing their original coding and their main goals to research and help biological life everywhere in the universe. They are just busy to find this code and for some unknown reasons they cant get access to all parts of their bases. The discovered coordinates gave us some hints on a habitat area and so we requested to use the Servantor Transportation system of artificial wormholes. We got the access and the Pathfinder away team found a strange habitat somewhere - sometime. A habitat on a dark and dead planet , but inside the habitat we found plants , water, and technology. Antennas , styled like plants and a violet lighted interface. Everywhere energy line, energy grids and crystalline gras. The habitat apparently was made for the Blue Master Builder which were a biological lifeform and the environment and atmosphere was adequate for humans and felline races. In consideration of the master code we hit the mark. After some evaluations and researches we got a code sequence which was called the Master Code Alpha 1. We took many scans and returned save.

Its time to find the master code in order to help the Servantors. OPS hailed the Servantors and they opened a wormhole right inside the mission room. I scanned the wormhole and found it very stable. We all went trough it and ended up in a flora and fauna setup. Only you find out that its a bioscope with metallic based plants. After some intensive scans i noticed this bioscope is on the surface of a wasteland planet with a Hydrogen/Methane mix. I've sent LT. Firehawk to explore the surface a bit since she's the only one wearing a helmet. Cmdr. Rhode suceeded to download the Master Code and we all returned home. The Doctors treated all of us for chroniton radiation.


Further research continued into the Servantor, with Lt JG Kondrad Hyland initiating communications over the frequency used by the Servantor. We weren't sure if it would work at first, in spite of all of the time that had been spent researching the frequency to make sure it was correct, but within a short period of time of sending out the signal, a response was received. Commander Rhode asked the Servantors if they were willing to meet with us, and almost instantly a portal appeared . . . one that was almost exactly like what we had encountered previously on the two moons. It was decided to go thorugh the portal, so we could try to learn a lot more about the Servantors, where they originated from, and what their purposes really are. After we went through, we came out on the other side in a place that looked like a small valley . . . filled with colorful grass, a small pond, and other forms of vegetation. There was also a rockface by the pond that bore skulls in it. It was also observed that the further away we got from the pond, the more desolate the ground seemed to become. We also noticed that we seemed to be within some kind of a dome. The atmosphere beyond it was not able to support life, but I volunteered to go outside of the dome due to my helmet, which basically had a sustained atmosphere for me. As I went out there, I was immediately stunned by just how dark and desolate the rest of the surface seemed to be beyond the dome. It almost reminded me of a barren moon. But, as I continued to look around, it became more clear that the surface had once previously been inhabited as there were structures, but something occurred which destroyed the structures and made the surface uninhabitable. That was likely the reason for why the two moons we discovered were artificial on the inside . . . the whole civilization had moved to deep within the planet in order to survive. After I returned to the dome and reported all of my findings, we decided to proceed back to the point where the portal had been. Lt Hyland downloaded some more information before we went back through the portal, and returned to PRF . . . although the questions that we had still lingered, and even more of them became prevalent due to our recent findings.

Follow up actions (if applicable): Further research is needed to try and determine the true nature of the Servantors, and find out if they've evolved beyond their original programming to become peaceful. Further research also needs to be done to determine, exactly, what the relationship is with the Rajans, Servantors, and even the former Borg.