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General Data
*Production number: AST-RP043
*Initiated: 120122
*Ended: 120325
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Tin Can
*Next Mission: Respiratory Distress
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Captain's Log, Stardate 120113: On a routine mission to survey the mostly uncharted Bose-Tacyon System, several light years beyond the Takaar Nebula, our Intrepid Class vessel, USS Argonaut, has detected signs of an unknown vessel travelling through the area. Its energy emission is unlike any known warp signature. We are unfamiliar with any species who might have a ship like this, but since they are obviously warp capable, I have given permission for the Argonaut to change course and make contact.

Crew participation

LT Cmdr Karl Quar - Captain/Engineering

LT Dolfke Barbosa - Chief Security officer

LT Alia Soulstar - Chief Medical officer/Alien Entity

LTjg Genny7 Markus - Asst Chief Medical officer/helm

LTjg David7 Bravin: Asst Chief Science officer


Reporting: Assistant Chief Science Officer David7 Bravin, USS Argonaut, 120115: Whilst aboard the USS Argonaut on a routine survey mission of the Bose-Tacyon system, several light years beyond the Takaar Nebula, I detected signs of an unknown ship travelling through the area. My scanners showed that its energy signature was unlike any known warp signature. I therefore informed the Captain of my findings. After conversing with Astraios Operations, the Captain ordered that we change course to intercept the unknown ship.

As we got nearer to the ship, I managed to obtain further sensor readings. Firstly that the ship was enormous, some 88 km in length. Also that there appeared to be over 1 million organic life signs aboard, in suspended animation. As a precaution we went to Yellow alert.

As we approached, the ship locked its weapons upon us. We responded by going to Red alert.

The Captain opened our hailing frequencies to make first contact. We received a message back from the ship that stated "I am SHIP 63669 of the Jujal Confederacy. I collect specimens". It went on to tell us that it was carrying a valuable cargo (presumably those in suspended animation). It enquired what species we were. Our Captain replied that we were humanoid. It then told us that it was coming aboard and immediately materialised on our bridge as a large, bright, white object which my sensors could only detect as energy. It then simply informed us that it required one of us to join its "collection" and that we needed to choose, if not it would choose for us. The Captain tried to reason with the alien entity, but as it was an artificial intelligence, his efforts were futile. The entity then declared that as we had not chosen a specimen that it would. It then de-materialised and suddenly we noticed that LT Soulstar was also gone.

The Captain expressed his concern and asked for suggestions as to how we might recover LT Soulstar. Having regard to the advanced nature of the alien ship and its weapons, confrontation was not an option. LT Barbosa suggested that LT Soulstar's captor might return her in exchange for another "specimen", adding that our Tribbles would ideal for the purpose. The Captain then contacted the alien ship and suggested the exchange, adding that the Tribbles were our betters and that we worked for them. The exchange proved to be acceptable and LT Soulstar was returned to us a little worse for wear and was therefore taken straight to sick bay.

The Captain ordered that we should make a hasty departure. At which point we received a message from the alien ship stating that the "Tribble specimens" were dead and that replacements were required. Our response was to engage maximum warp and get as far away as possible.


Investigating an unusual warp signature in our proximity, Argonaut made contact with an alien craft of unknown origins. The Ship was a massive 88km in length, several kliometres across, and appeared to be AI sentient. Our scanners revealed over a million lifeforms aboard and all were in suspended animation. The ship trained its weapons on us then its "avatar", a pure energy being, boarded the bridge. It introduced itself as SHIP 63669 of the Jujal Confederacy, explained that its mission was to collect a sample of each sentient species in this galaxy (inferring that other similar ships were collecting in other galaxies). The Avatar requested a human sample from us and while Captain Quar tried negotiation and stalling tactics, it transported me back to its ship.

I will attempt to describe what I saw there. I found myself in an impossibly long corridor. On either side of the corridor were creatures on podiums or in specimen jars, like a wax museum. The diversity of these life forms was astounding (I would give anything to spend a few years there studying these alien specimens). The smallest ones near me were in magnifying cases. About a kilometre away I could see massive creatures, blue whale-sized or bigger, and myriad exotic shapes and forms, even creatures that looked like trees or were suspended in liquid, like seaweed. The avatar directed me to a blank podium and told me that it would place me in a state of consciousness where millennia would pass as seconds. It said that it was taking a living snapshot of sentient life in this galaxy, that i would become essentially immortal, though time would have a different meaning as i would inhabit a virtual reality henceforth. Then it said it had to return to the Argonaut. After that I found myself back on the bridge. I felt nauseous and went to sickbay.

I later found that the Ship had been duped by Captain Quar into believing that i and the other humans were biomechanoids working for Tribbles and a swap was done for me with two animals we had on board. As we departed, the Ship discovered it had been fooled and it sent a message that it would return to collect its specimens from us on the next pass.

In Service,

LT Alia Soulstar

Chief Medical Officer