Mendari Situation Briefing - 080826

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Briefing Summary


The following logs are classified to ship captains, XOs, base commanders, and to anyone with clearances above Alpha 1. Anyone with Alpha 2 or below will be filled in with the information on a need to know basis.

The briefing opened with Lt. Chase Quinnell, USS Redeemer and Delta Fleet CO giving a summary of the situation regarding the Mendari. It was determined that UFS and the Mendari were in a Cold war. Following the report on the situation, the discussion turned to how to resolve the situation.

It was unanimously agreed that we should try to prevent a war from breaking out. Plans for patrols along Mendari borders were laid out. It is noted that we are in short supply of materials for new warp cores, as well as limited on our number of available ships. Ships from our mothball fleets would either be brought back into service or have their parts used to retrofit current ships.

Parts from destroyed ships would also be used to supplement our operable ships. Plans for focusing on production of smaller, less costly ships were also put on the table. Ships like the Redeemer, the Sovereign, Prometheus, Challenger(Aviator), and so on would require too much time and resources to construct if a war were imminent. Production of smaller, less costly, but usable ships would be necessary.

It was also decided that we should attempt to open a diplomatic channel with the Mendari. We'd need to contact them and decide on a neutral location and use a small but tactically sound ship to bring our Diplomat(s) in with. The Redeemer has offered to provide transport to the diplomats from UFS.

Briefing Log

[15:10]  Chase Quinnell: =/\= USS Redeemer to [[Tranquility Station]], we are assuming a standard parking orbit. The captain will be beaming to the station momentarily. All officers involved in the situation briefing please wait in the command deck briefing room. =/\=

[15:13]  ::On the command deck of Tranquility station::
[15:13]  Chase Quinnell: Lt, Captain. I hope you're ready.
[15:13]  michaels Toshi: indeed
[15:13]  Chase Quinnell: My XO may be late.
[15:13]  michaels Toshi takes the big chair
[15:13]  Chase Quinnell: Alright, as you may or may not know; the [[USS Luranza]] encountered the Mendari in deep space and were disabled.
[15:14]  Chase Quinnell: Their [[computer core]] and warp core were removed and a clean hole was cut into their hull.
[15:15]  Chase Quinnell: In a nutshell, we found the culprits.. the Mendari. They seemed to be interested in only one thing: conquering. They wanted to take our tech and establish their own government and security forces on our worlds.. as well as others.
[15:15]  Chase Quinnell: They have massed a large fleet in a system in [[Sector 351-Z]].
[15:15]  Chase Quinnell: What they lack in adequate firepower and shield strength, they make up for in massive numbers.
[15:16]  Chase Quinnell: They come from a distance galaxy.. the [[Windsor Galaxy]].
[15:16]  Chase Quinnell: Via an [[Inter-Galactic Portal]] which they have control over.
[15:16]  Chase Quinnell: Basically.. we're in a Cold War.
[15:17]  Chase Quinnell: Whether or not guns begin lighting up depends on what we do from this point forward.
[15:17]  Chase Quinnell: My engineer and I compiled a report on what we've learned,
[15:17]  michaels Toshi: thank you
[15:18]  Chase Quinnell: You may skim through the detailed explanation, but the final analysis at the end pretty much sums up what I think of the situation.
[15:19]  Chase Quinnell: My captains logs also reiterate much of what is in my report. My engineer's report contains data on their [[Mendari Security Drones|security drones]].
[15:19]  Chase Quinnell: An automated security system of sorts.
[15:19]  Chase Quinnell: Instead of employing security officers, they use AI controlled drones.
[15:19]  Chase Quinnell: It allows them to focus on the big picture.
[15:20]  michaels Toshi: a question, these tactical drones you've encountered.. they seem that they could also be used in place of troops?
[15:20]  michaels Toshi: not ship crew, but ground forces
[15:21]  Chase Quinnell: Well, they patrol both the hull of their ships and outposts.. but also the interiors.
[15:21]  Chase Quinnell: It's possible they could act as a ground troop.
[15:21]  Chase Quinnell: But I don't know if they do or not.
[15:22]  Chase Quinnell: My engineer estimated that a swarm of them could destroy a shuttlecraft.
[15:22]  Chase Quinnell: Like I said.. they're big on numbers, rather than powerful ships.
[15:23]  Chase Quinnell: Any other questions?
[15:24]  Chase Quinnell: Or may we begin our analysis and plan of action?
[15:24]  Vinnie Lei accepted your inventory offer.
[15:24]  michaels Toshi: im for moving on, Zania?
[15:24]  michaels Toshi: and of course vinniemouse :)
[15:24]  Chase Quinnell: Oh, by the way, glad you could make it Vinnie.
[15:24]  Chase Quinnell smiles.
[15:25]  Zania Turner: No questions. Let's proceed
[15:25]  Chase Quinnell: Alright.
[15:25]  Chase Quinnell: Well, I'm in favor of preventing a war if it can be done.
[15:26]  Chase Quinnell: Of course.
[15:26]  Zania Turner: I think that would be in everyone's bests interests, if that can be accomplished
[15:26]  michaels Toshi: the way I see it, is the only way they're even going to heat this into a real war is if they use an obvious strike team of ships, so I suggest waiting in groups along our borders
[15:26]  Zania Turner: But, we don't want to cave in and appear to be weak either
[15:27]  Chase Quinnell: Agreed. Both of you are right.
[15:27]  Chase Quinnell: We could beef up patrols of our borders with them. Perhaps lay out a couple more sensor buoys.
[15:27]  Chase Quinnell: Since [[Starbase 427]] isn't too far away, I think we could see if they can help out.
[15:28]  michaels Toshi: also, I'd suggest any vessel on patrol duty should have a nova class at least 3 light years away, incase of ambush
[15:28]  Zania Turner: Putting out sensor bouys could be taken either way. Based on the reports, however, they could likely interpret that as a possible sign of intelligence gathering, or aggression
[15:28]  Chase Quinnell: Since we have limited resources in regards of starships.. I think we may need to dig up a few mothball ships. We have about 3 or 4 of them, don't we?
[15:29]  Chase Quinnell: Hmm.. you're right, Captain.
[15:29]  michaels Toshi: well, we have pieces of the [[USS Colossus]] somewhere, we could use those parts to repair mothballed vessels
[15:29]  Chase Quinnell: We've already kinda peeved them with our little intel gathering with the Flyer.
[15:29]  Chase Quinnell: Yes, the old Colossus parts could come in handy, as well as parts from other ships.
[15:30]  Zania Turner: I know the Aviator is still under construction, but could be launched early if it's needed to assist
[15:30]  Chase Quinnell: I believe the Luranza should be put on priority repair as well. Starbase 427 has only made 60% progress in repairing the Luranza to operating capacity.
[15:30]  michaels Toshi: warp cores are hard to come by
[15:30]  Chase Quinnell: The [[NX Kallima]] may need to be pulled out of her comfy drydock as well.
[15:31]  Chase Quinnell: How are the stores of antimatter materials?
[15:31]  Chase Quinnell: We're not low on those, are we?
[15:31]  Zania Turner: Agreed. I'll make sure that the Admiral sends the order to Starbase 427
[15:31]  Chase Quinnell nods.
[15:31]  michaels Toshi: not antimatter, but the materials needed to build the core compnents are hard to come by
[15:31]  Chase Quinnell: That could be a problem.
[15:32]  Chase Quinnell: Starbase 427 has only a limited number of ships in current service that are stationed nearby.
[15:33]  Zania Turner: If I recall, [[USS Voyager]] discovered a few planets that seemed to have the resources that could help provide materials to construct a new warp core. Maybe we should check with [[Operations]] to see if any ships are on patrol near those planets, and see if we can acquire what resources we can
[15:33]  Chase Quinnell: The [[USS Freedom]], [[USS Yarin]], [[USS Benten]](with an E) are stationed near [[Pinastri]], right?
[15:33]  Chase Quinnell: Sounds like a good plan, Captain.
[15:34]  Zania Turner: Yes, I believe those sihps are stationed near Pinastri
[15:34]  Chase Quinnell: Despite our limited starship resources, however, I think it would be in our best interests to keep a small fleet around to protect our core worlds; Pinastri and [[Nelvara]].
[15:34]  Zania Turner: Agreed. Having a strong defense perimeter would help
[15:36]  Chase Quinnell: The Redeemer will be helping out on the front. We've recently increased our long-range sensor capability by about 6%, it should help in our monitoring of the borders.
[15:37]  michaels Toshi: I suggest the [[USS Constance]] acompany you, she's only [[Nova class]], but could mean the difference between a computer core and a empty hole
[15:37]  Chase Quinnell: Nova classes.. aren't they pretty good with sensors?
[15:37]  michaels Toshi: indeed
[15:37]  Zania Turner: Most were designed to be science ships, if I recall correctly
[15:37]  Chase Quinnell: Does it have any modifications that may be of help?
[15:38]  michaels Toshi: only meant for science really, however, they are less costly to build
[15:38]  michaels Toshi: the Constance has been retrofitted 2 times in her history, both times gave improvemtns to tactical systems
[15:38]  michaels Toshi: not by much
[15:38]  michaels Toshi: but it is an advantage
[15:39]  Zania Turner: Are they any faster to build and/or modify in order to provide more weaponry and defensive systems?
[15:39]  Chase Quinnell: I think our best bet is to have our border patrols consist of two ships. One with a tactical superiority and one with a sensor superiority.
[15:39]  Zania Turner: Agreed
[15:39]  michaels Toshi: we're on short supply of [[Redeemer class]] vessels, so dont get yours blown up, or you'll be the one in the nova class :p
[15:40]  Chase Quinnell chuckles. "I won't."
[15:40]  Chase Quinnell: I hope the Luranza will be declared 'fit for duty' soon though, I'd feel safer with another one of them around.
[15:40]  Zania Turner: Nah. We'll just put a lean on his credits he gets every week until the construction of a new ship is paid for
[15:40]  Chase Quinnell: The [[USS Bavon]](galaxy class) should be recalled from its deep space exploration mission to assist with the border patrols.
[15:42]  michaels Toshi checks his padd "yes, she is already rather close to the mendari areas"
[15:42]  Chase Quinnell: The new galaxy class Colossus is being built.. but it is only in the early stages. Doubt it will be completed for atleast a year or two.
[15:42]  Chase Quinnell: I am wondering if we should focus on construction of smaller ships? Faster and less costly to build?
[15:43]  Chase Quinnell: Defiant classes have quite a tactical advantage in many cases.
[15:43]  michaels Toshi: that's why I suggest nova's help out
[15:43]  michaels Toshi: very small
[15:43]  Zania Turner: Agreed. Prometheus classes also are fairly small, and provide a clear tactical advantage as well
[15:43]  Chase Quinnell: Indeed. Our Novas, Mirandas, and Defiants will be needed.
[15:43]  michaels Toshi: Promeuthus classes take a lot of resources
[15:44]  michaels Toshi: 3 cores
[15:44]  Chase Quinnell: Michaels is right.
[15:44]  Chase Quinnell: 3 cores.. and lots of tech that we don't necessarily have time to make in a hurry.
[15:44]  Chase Quinnell: That's why only a handful of them are made.
[15:45]  Zania Turner: Well, when you compare them to the Aviator, or a Galaxy class, it's tiny by comparison
[15:45]  Chase Quinnell: True, but those are the big boys.
[15:45]  michaels Toshi: the aviator is huge
[15:45]  Chase Quinnell: They are even bigger than a Sovereign..
[15:45]  michaels Toshi: and galaxy classes are floating casinos, not practical
[15:45]  Chase Quinnell: Well, that can be adjusted Michaels.
[15:45]  Chase Quinnell: I'm sure you can bully the captains into converting their ships into more..practical refits.
[15:47]  Chase Quinnell: the new Nova class [[USS Benton-A|USS Benton]](with an O) is under construction at Cascadia. How long will that take?
[15:48]  michaels Toshi: a few weeks to bring her systems up to scratch, they're having some problems with a new core design
[15:49]  Zania Turner: New core design? They aren't trying to outfit it with a core that's capable of traveling via the Borg [[Transwarp]] conduits, are they?
[15:49]  Chase Quinnell: Probably not.
[15:49]  Chase Quinnell: Are they?
[15:49]  Chase Quinnell looks at Michaels.
[15:49]  michaels Toshi: no, the nova class would be torn apart, her [[structural integrity field]] is too weak
[15:49]  Chase Quinnell: Hmm.. well Borg conduits are scarce these days
[15:50]  Chase Quinnell: without the collective keeping them all intact, the networks are falling apart. The [[Borg tribes]] are too busy fighting over them to try to maintain them.
[15:50]  Chase Quinnell: Atleast that's what I last heard.
[15:50]  michaels Toshi: the new core design will allow her to use unrefined [[dilithium]] for 26 hours before a complete systems failure, works when you're lost and in a rush
[15:50]  michaels Toshi: will*
[15:51]  Chase Quinnell: Damn.. I want that core.
[15:51]  Chase Quinnell: Can we trade? *winks and grins*
[15:51]  michaels Toshi: it's about half the size of the redeemer's but you're welcome to try
[15:51]  Chase Quinnell: Ok.. bad fit.
[15:56]  Chase Quinnell: Anything left that needs discussed?
[15:57]  Zania Turner: Have we considered contacting them directly, and see if they'll accept a diplomatic envoy for discussions?
[15:57]  Chase Quinnell: The Mendari? We could try.
[15:57]  Vinnie Lei: I demand a refit for the Redeemer, I want a chair with a console, buttons to push xD
[15:57]  michaels Toshi: well, you can have some constitution classes, they would have to get refitted with the colusses parts
[15:57]  Chase Quinnell: You got one, it's just small, Vinnie.
[15:57]  Chase Quinnell: I am afraid we got more important things to worry about than you playing [[DooM]] with a small screen.
[15:58]  Vinnie gasps.
[15:58]  michaels Toshi: however, if used, they'd have to go in groups of vessels
[15:58]  Vinnie Lei: I'll hax0r the main viewer!
[15:58]  Chase Quinnell: We have [[Constitution class]] ships in our mothball fleet?
[15:58]  michaels Toshi: if only to supplement the larger vessels
[15:58]  Chase Quinnell: I thought they kept all those back in the [[Alpha Quadrant]].
[15:58]  michaels Toshi: nope, they were used to carry passengers with us
[15:59]  Zania Turner: It's at least worth a shot when it comes to trying to avert an all-out war, which could be costly on both sides. Perhaps we suggest a neutral planet to meet for the negotiations, and see if [[Mike Calhoun|Admiral Calhoun]] could be there, but with Security nearby for protection.
[15:59]  Zania Turner: His presence at the table could go far with brokering a peace
[16:00]  Chase Quinnell: Agreed. I will find a planet, and I will also make sure the Mendari's demands are considered.
[16:00]  Chase Quinnell: However, I don't know if it would be wise to have the Admiral arrive in his flagship.. it might give the Mendari a reason to be suspicious.
[16:01]  michaels Toshi: it would certainly make them thin twice about an attack
[16:01]  Vinnie Lei: Send him in an escape pod then >;P
[16:01]  Chase Quinnell: True.. but they will realize that numbers of smaller ships can easily destroy a large capitol class starship.
[16:01]  Zania Turner: True, but if not the Admiral, we're going to need a very skilled negotiator
[16:02]  Chase Quinnell: Defiant class ships could swarm a large Dominion cruiser and destroy it.
[16:02]  Chase Quinnell: Well, I'm not the best negotiator in the quadrant.
[16:02]  Chase Quinnell: As far as I know, the Admiral is our best choice.. perhaps Captain Drebin?
[16:03]  Chase Quinnell: I suppose you'll need to find a skilled negotiator for the job. I'll offer to ferry them to the chosen location.
[16:03]  Zania Turner: We could also ask [[Sanstrom Laxness|General Laxness]]. Since he oversees our [[Judge Advocate General|JAG]], he would be well skilled in trying to deal with the legal nuances of any agreement that could be reached
[16:03]  Chase Quinnell: Also a good idea.
[16:05]  Zania Turner: Also, as a former [[Marine]], I'm sure he's well versed in the art of negotiations . . . including aggressive negotiations
[16:05]  Zania Turner: Ones that might involve a phaser
[16:05]  michaels Toshi: and if the negotiations go badly, god help the mendari
[16:05]  Chase Quinnell: The mendari?
[16:05]  Chase Quinnell: What about us?
[16:06]  Chase Quinnell: Who knows how many ships they got back home.
[16:06]  Chase Quinnell: They could send reinforcements almost instantaneously.
[16:06]  Chase Quinnell: The General may knock out their ambassadors.. but that will definately set off the Mendari.
[16:07]  Zania Turner: If the negotiations do go poorly, we're definitely going to need to come up with a strategic plan for not only securing a few planets - as we have already discussed - but also with responding to the threat that the Mendari pose
[16:07]  Chase Quinnell: Indeed.
[16:07]  Chase Quinnell: It's unfortunate that our next [[Khitomer Wormhole|wormhole]] opening is forecasted to be much later that I'd like.
[16:07]  michaels Toshi: I'd also like people to have a way to cmbat their drones if they do decide to go to war
[16:08]  Chase Quinnell: Michaels, I think that should be given to Intelligence to work on.
[16:09]  Chase Quinnell: the [[USS Caracas]].. aren't they becoming a sort of "black ops" ship for [[Intelligence]] to use?
[16:09]  Chase Quinnell: It could become useful in the future.
[16:10]  michaels Toshi: yes, however i dont want to lose our [[holomasking]] tech to the mendari
[16:10]  michaels Toshi: Lyis better be damn sneaky
[16:10]  Zania Turner: Maybe we should send this to our Engineers, to see if they can come up with new devices to help with personal protection, but also to improve our weaponry as well
[16:10]  Chase Quinnell: Agreed. I think we should keep [the Caracas] either undercover or close to home.
[16:10]  Chase Quinnell nods. "Sounds fine, Captain"
[16:11]  Chase Quinnell: Anything else we need to discuss?
[16:11]  michaels Toshi: not that i can think of
[16:11]  Chase Quinnell: Captain, let me know once you've found a suitable diplomat and I'll arrange transport.
[16:12]  Chase Quinnell: Meanwhile, I'll get in touch with the Mendari and try to open a diplomatic channel.
[16:12]  Chase Quinnell: The Redeemer will be nearby for a couple days, give or take.
[16:12]  Zania Turner: I think we've covered most everything. Let me know what happens with the offer of diplomacy with the Mendari, and then I'll let you know who of Command would be available to conduct them
[16:13]  Chase Quinnell: Will do.
[16:13]  Chase Quinnell: I think that wraps it up.