Miners Gold

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Miners Gold
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP022
*Initiated: 100626
*Ended: 100626
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Miners Gold
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

While mining rich deposits in exchange for repairs to Sheppard at a space facility, the crew finds a damaged ship with Dr. Nakajima onboard.


Distance from Pinastri: 21.1 lyrs, Midgar sector.

The Sheppard has spent the last couple of weeks limping to a nearby station in order to gain access to repair facilities as well as get some shore leave for the crew. We have spent approximately a week at the station so far and, despite some initial frustration on getting the necessary repairs, I've managed to gain the time at a shipyard.

The captain smiles into the recorder.

The breakthrough came when I offered to do some of the mining ourselves as well as provide sensor data for some very rich deposits within the nearby asteroid fields. Thank God for the Sheppard's sensors is all I can say.

So in return for the repairs to be completed on our ship, the Sheppard has agreed to mine several rare minerals from the surrounding asteroid belts within the nebula. Approximatly 200 tons are required to repay the locals. As we only have a capacity of 35.750 metric tons, we will require multiple trips between the station and asteroid belts. To speed up the process we will be using shuttles in addition to the Sheppard in order to locate and collect these rare minerals.

Computer, end log.


As the Sheppard set out for the asteroid field, scans found a higher concentration of metals / metal ore, including very rare ones like tantalum. Since the main phasers proved uneffective in the mining procedures, shuttles were sent out. During the mining operations, the shuttles found a small, derelict vessel in the middle of the asteroid field. Scans showed one life sign - that of Sheppard medical officer Dr. Lan Nakajima. He was successfully rescued and beamed directly to sickbay, where he reported on what had happened to him (see Supplementals for details).


To: CMDR Mulgrave Dwi : CO USS Sheppard CC: LTCMDR Pedlar Blaisdale : XO USS Sheppard From: LT Lan Nakajima M.D.

Subject: Medical Report; Nanite Report

To begin what is going to be a fairly detailed and lengthy report, I first would like to give a brief history of this situation, from it's origin 2 years ago.

Stardate 080612  :

While exploring the Delta Quadrent with my parents, we had docked at Deshima Station to pick up a few supplies and take on a small bit of deuterium for the rest of the trip to Pinastri. We were on the station for several days when people began getting mysteriously ill. All of the "infected" would have an odd circuit like pattern develop after a few hours of showing mental instability. I mistook the Doctor's experiments for an evil deed, while they may have very well lead to an evil his intentions were only the best. In order to fight off a deadly virus which was infecting the residents of the station, the Doctor tried injecting them with a batch of nanites to see if they could fight off the infection... Instead they had a terrible side effect, prompting the doctor to remove them from the station and placed on a protected planet.

Stardate 100619 - 100626

The Sheppard Docked with Deshima station, a place I had before hoped to never return after the events of two years ago. I was planning on attending the local medical forum on the station and see what sort of new research was taking place, but curiosity caught the best of me and I found myself pawing through the station's records. Several minutes into it I felt an odd sensation in my neck and heard the hissing of a hypospray. I managed to get out of the medical bay, and down several corridors to a supply closet where I hid for a short time while trying to figure out what was going on. After trying to contact the Sheppard for help, I fell unconscious and was taken to an unknown location. After what I assume was several days I woke up to find myself aboard an alien ship in some sort of medical lab, being scanned by some sort of machine. It was hard to remember exact details of the room, but I do rmember a bright awua colored container that was glowing. something happened to the ship and the container fell off of the counter it was sitting on. The contents were released, and began swarming around the room, and then toward me.After that point I presumably fell unconscious again, because I awoke in an alien escape pod to the sound of phaser fire from several of the Sheppard's shuttlecraft. From then a piece of asteroid struck the pod causing it to decompress and explode. At that point I fell unconscious again, and woke up later on in Sickbay to the EMH yelling at me to wake up.

Research into my current condition is ongoing, but it seems that the aqua colored glow was that of the nanites which somehow managed to fuse with me. I seem unchanged aside from odd symbols which have appeared, and share the same glow as the nanites. I have also noted a change in my eye color, and an odd ability the nanites control to change into other forms. This I have been reluctant to investigate further as the experience is quite uncomfortable. It would be suggested that I am monitored within the following days as to see what other sort of effects the nanites have on me.

LT. Lan Nakajima Duty Doctor USS Sheppard