Mission Centaurian - Part II

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Centaurian Mission - Part II
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 081101
*Ended: 081115
*Year: 2383
*Aliens: Centaurians
*Forum Thread: Centaurian Mission - II
*Previous Mission: << Mission Centaurian - Part I
*Next Mission: Mission Centaurian - Part III >>
*SIM Concept: Bogle Richard

Mission Briefing

We have picked up strange warp signatures – many unknown and not in the Federation Starfleet database – and some decay after only 10,000km, others signatures last for days, some even weeks. We have been able to identify Hirogen, Borg and some transwarp signatures we think belong to the race that call themselves – The Great Voth Nation- and the Borg. Nine other warp signatures are unknown.

Mission Summary

Stardate 081101

Captain's Log:

I have decided on a course of action to help the one Centurian warp ship survive its neighbors and be introduced to the interstellar community. We were in the process of distracting the new warp ship's 'sister ships in order to not be seen or heard by them and find a place to then meet the new culture and about the warp ships development. Seems the fates may have other things in mind for us.

'Computer, log all internal ships communications and procedures per Prime Directive protocols - no time marks'

Ships logs

Centaurian Mission - Part II