Mission to Caledon

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Mission Caledon "Up they go" -- History and Mission Parameters

Mission parameters: Intensive study on the mineral called Cavorite, an ultra rare substance only found in the Delta quadrant. Target planet is Caledon in the Telos Sector, 11 ly’s away from Pinastri. Most notable property of Cavorite is the defiance of gravity.

Mission is as follow:

Primairy objectives:

  • 1. Fly to Caledon system.
  • 2. Locate and observe the mine in Caledon Moors.
  • 3. Locate and observe the Cavorite floating anomaly in Caledon Morgaine.
  • 4. Mine and extract samples as much we can.
  • 5. Scan and study the mineral on-site and onboard the lab of the runabout.

Secondary objectives:

  • 1. Observe the Victorian culture of the Caledonians.
  • 2. Find possible evidence of a space program or warp program.
  • 3. Find proof of rumours about Caledonian time travel.

Mission Logs