Mission to Steeltopia

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Mission Steeltopia -- History and Mission Parameters

  • Stardate 100223

During a Magellan mission from last year, the team has discovered a Sciene Station on planet Steeltopia called SCSE. There we found boats, an airship, a holodisplay of a solar system, a Tesla powered desk computer and above all, a Rocket site. While studying the Rocket i saw a Stellar Cartography display with detailed data of local space stretching 25 ly's. Either they have a powerfull telescope or the rocket have a FTL drive. if the latter, then we found a Warp capable species. I will plan a covert expedition to that Institute with the USS Magellan to find out about their studies and goals. This expedition is expected to last about a week and is pre-planned at early march. Since this will be a covert mission the team will need Victorian clothing.

  • Stardate 100226

The expdition starts on Stardate 100301 at 10 am SLT or a bit later. Some preparations must be performed before the launch of the USS Magellan. The list is as follow:


  • Remove the Tritanium plating we used during "Moonraker" mission to Pinastri VII from the hull.
  • Refit and overhaul the internal systems.
  • Recharge the Warpcore.


  • Restock the Sickbay with medicines, equipment, etc.
  • Recalibrate and upgrade the EMH system.


  • Recalibrate the Subspace Comm array.
  • Establish the Comm uplink for the expedition.


  • Check the weapon systems namely the 2 Quantum Phasers and the Torpedo array.
  • Load 24 micro Quantum Torpedo's.

Mission Logs