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Stardate : 091028

A dead body as found by Pathfinder Security. After an autopsy and first investigations it was found out that the dead person was a scientist named : Dr. Stephen.Nevil

Dr. Stephen.Nevil was a specialist for experimental crystalline research at the Daystrom Research Institute. He published a few theories of the combination of crystalline structures with biological lifeforms. His work was not accepted by the ethics commission of the Daystrom Institute, because of the past troubles with the Crystalline Entity in the years 2336 and 2368 when the Crystalline Entity destroyed a few Fedration Colonies and killed many inhabitants. No matter of this fact he seems to continue his studies outside of theDaystrom Institute. Rumors reported from failed experiments he did with animal lifeforms and Viidians in the Nekrit Expanse, but these rumors were not confirmed at this time. A data padd was found with messages from a company named “Fitzgerald-Data-Storage-Company” – short FDSC. This company is spezialized to produce crystalline data storages for Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS).

Stardate : 091113

Another dead body was found. A civilian named : George Fitzgerald A coherence to the “Fitzgerald-Data-Storage-Company” (FDSC) was confirmed.

Medical Autopsies

  • Dr Stephen Nevil

UF STARFLEET - Sector 001 & Sector002 Pathfinder Research Facility Medical

Pathfinder Research Facility Staff Medical Report To: Ensign Hawke Caiben cc: Lt. Domhnall Skytower, Lt. Nabuleone Rhode


I was asked by Ensign Hawke Caiben to do an Autopsy of the dead Scientist he found. So this are my findings:

External examination:

Name: Lt. Stephen Nevil Race: Human Age: 46 years Sex: Male High: 183cm Weight 75 kg Hair: short, blond Eye colour: blue Several old scar tissues

I noted the clothing of the deceased and the position of the clothing. (This is because once the clothing is removed for the examination, any evidence pertaining to the position of the clothing cannot be documented.) I collected evidence off of the external surfaces of the body. Hair samples, fingernails, fibers, I found on the surface of the body are collected and noted. After this I took residue and fingernail samples. There was some cutaneous under his fingernails which i also collected. After i collected all the evidence from the body i started to clean the body. I also weighed and measured the body.

After some further examinations on the body i found out that the victim has a broken neck. Seems he got a thump on back of his head. I asume he then felt with the head on the console in front of him. Which causes the broken neck and also the cut on his forehead. And i also found some skin particles on his neck, which i have collected. Unfortunately there is nothing in our Database which matched to this particels. I will talk to Science. Maybe they can help out on this.

He also has several haematoma and proximal and distal fractures all over the body. Maybe caused during a fight.

Internal examination:

I does a large, deep, Y-shaped incision that is made from shoulder to shoulder meeting at the breast bone and extends all the way down to the pubic bone. After that I peeled back the skin, muscle and soft tissue using a scalpel. Once this is done, the chest flap is pulled up over the face, exposing the ribcage and neck muscles. Two cuts are made on each side of the ribcage, and then the ribcage is pulled from the skeleton after dissecting the tissue behind it with a scalpel. Bleeding from the cuts is non-existent, due to the fact that the pull of gravity is producing the only blood pressure at this point, related directly to the complete lack of cardiac functionality.

Basal skull fracture: Battle's sign - is ecchymosis of the mastoid process of the temporal bone. Raccoon eyes - is periorbital ecchymosis i.e. "black eyes" Cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea Cranial nerve palsy Bleeding from the nose and ears Hemotympanum ocular nerve entrapment occurs the ocular nerve is pressed by the broken skull bones, causing irregularities in vision. Serious cases usually result in death

Vasogenic cerebral edema: Due to a breakdown of tight endothelial junctions which make up the blood-brain barrier (BBB). This allows normally excluded intravascular proteins and fluid to penetrate into cerebral parenchymal extracellular space. Once plasma constituents cross the BBB, the edema spreads; this may be quite fast and widespread. As water enters white matter it moves extracellularly along fiber tracts and can also affect the gray matter. This type of edema is seen in response to trauma, tumors, focal inflammation, late stages of cerebral ischemia and hypertensive encephalopathy.

I lined the internal body cavity close the chest flaps and sew them back together.

Final Conclusion:

Cause of death: Basal skull fracture and broken neck

Initiator of death: UNKNOWN (Science may find out more)

Skinparticles and DNA collected and brought to Science for further examinations.

Autopsy Results sent to CO to notify his family.

Dr. Bareil Laren (Piper John) Vice CMO Pathfinder Research Facility

  • George Fitzgerald

UF STARFLEET - Sector 001 & Sector002 Pathfinder Research Facility Medical

Pathfinder Research Facility Staff Medical Report To: Ensign Hawke Caiben cc: Lt. Domhnall Skytower,Cadet Meta Korobase


I was told by Ensign Caiben that he had found a dead person near the vulcan at sector 001. I submitted a fully autopsy on the victim:

External examination:

Name: George Fitzgerald Race: Human Age: 35 years Sex: Male High: 183cm Weight 75 kg Hair: short,brown Eye colour: brown

Fully autopsy - done Clothing of the deceased and position - noted Evidence - collected Blood Samples - collected

The body in front of me was cutted in two peaces. The cut was direct between the Processus xiphoideus and the rectus abdominis.

I collected severeal blood samples and skin samples. Which are stored safe in PRF Sickbay.

The body was sliced into two pieces with a Bat'leth. Only a Bat'leth can do such a precise cut...... During a fight i assume. The victim has cutaneous under his fingernails which i also collected. I also found several bruises and small cuts all over the body.

I found some Klingon DNA on the body but i could not assign it.


Cause of death: Extrem loss of blood because of sliced into two pieces.

Initiator of death: UNKNOWN (Klingon DNA was found on the body)

D. Bareil Laren (Piper John) Vice CMO Pathfinder Research Facility

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