Mystery in the Face of Peace

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Mystery in the Face of Peace
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP159
*Initiated: 121118
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: Mystery in the Face of Peace
*Previous Mission: Of New Wonders
*Next Mission: The Red World
*SIM Concept: Mac Gaelyth
*Historian: Kermie Mistwallow

Stardate: 121111 Current Location: Sector OO5D, Extropia System


-Captain's Log-

Our final week of visiting the Extropians, and we are finally given a meeting with one of their Directors, Deebrane String.

This being a relatively new world, we seek peace, trade, and cooperation with all races, we will be seeking to start the long road of Diplomatic Relations with them.

I just hope I don't stick my foot in it, or for anything else to go wrong...


An Away Team consisting of Commander Mac Gaelyth, Commodore Kermie Mistwallow, Lieutenant Commander Araulya Coronet, Doctor Demina Dyrssen and Lieutenant Fuzor 2003 Resident returned to the Surface of Extropia, in waiting for one of the Directors of Extropia, Deebrane String.

First Contact was officially made during this time, discussing the hopes of the planet for the future with the UFS, as well as their technological base, which confirmed the theory from our initial tours that the Civilization was technologically advanced, particularly in the arena of Nanotechnology, and Advanced Artificial Intelligence, of which one of the Artificial Intelligences, referred to simply as 'A Patron' and 'E', seemed to be responsible for the overal 'upkeep' of Extropia itself. The Director informs us they are welcoming of more visitors, as well as giving the USS Shogun free welcome to the Planet.

During the talks, the Officer of the Watch reported to the Away Team that there was a ship on the edge of sensor range, which was likely in distress, drifting. After a probe was launched, it was discovered that there were no life-forms aboard.

The Away Team returned to the Shogun, and made to intercept the ship. Scans showed that the equivalent of a shuttlebay was left open, there was limited power to the engines, and that there was no signs of violent action.

An away team consisting of Commodore Mistwallow, Lieutenant Commander Coronet, and Lieutenant Leogola (Fuzor2003 Resident) beamed over to investigate, to find in essence, a ghost ship.

There was a number of signs to show there was a struggle, mostly from charred remains of the crew, blood trails, damaged bulkheads from their equivalent of projectile 'buckshot'.

The recordings found on the ship sensors and the logs of the Ship's master proved to have limited information on who attacked them, however it seems that a small, organic 'pod' was brought aboard by the ship - a salvage vessel - and was then set upon by the aggressor, killing the crew single-handedly, in several gruesome ways. There is genetic samples left aboard ship, and one fleeting image that may suggest that it is either the creature or one of the creatures found during the investigation of "The Bloop" phenomenon.

The Shogun remains near the derelict salvager to do a full Forensic sweep of the ship.