Nabuleone Rhode

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Biographical information Photo
Name: Nabuleone Rhode (Male) Date of Birth (Age): 2340 (47) RhodeN.png
Species: Human Place of Birth: Earth
Nationality: Human (German) Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Languages: Federation Standard English, German Religion: Atheist
Physical information
Height: 182 Weight: 77
Hair: Black Eyes: Grey-green
Blood type: O- Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: Allergic reactions to some klingon food
Other Identifying marks/Features: None
Maritial Status: In a relationship Spouse Piper John
Children None Mother Hannah Rhode
Father Dr. Jonathan Rhode Siblings None
Starfleet Records
Rank: Fleet Captain Position: Science Officer
Current Assignment: SS Peedy Thor Branch: Science
Born and raised up at Earth, Middle Europe. Happy childhood, he has to follow his parents on their field trips to different planets in the Alpha Quadrant
Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Studied Archaeology, Anthropology and Earth-History at Daystrom Institute from 2371-2377.
  • From 2377 - 2379 Field Trips in the Alpha Quadrant without concrete research assignment.
  • 081112 reached the Delta Quadrant.
  • 081202 Joined Starfleet Academy
  • 081223 Assigned to Pathfinder Research Facility
  • Order of Cardassia Prime, 1st Class: 160827
  • LOA: 160828 - 170401
  • AWOL: 170402 - 170625
  • Returned to Active Duty: 170701
Medical History Reprimands
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

Federation StarUFSA Achievement RibbonRibbon of ValorPrestigious Service AwardEinstein Ribbon of Scientific AchievementExtended Tour Ribbon3.pngRelativity AwardGalaxy AwardCochrane AwardShooting StarLifetime Service AwardWilliam Ross AwardDistinguished Service CrossLegion of MeritCOCTS RibbonUFSA Award for Academic DistinctionUFSA Superintendents AwardPrestigious Service AwardExecutive Action Award