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Mission Brief Location: Sheppard Conference Room

Alert Status: Green


To: Selected Officers of the USS Sheppard From: Captain Rich Lombardia

You are invited to join me aboard the U.S.S. Sheppard NCC 74679 - A for a walk-through of the vessel. As an Odyssey class, there are a lot of new capabilities. I will also go over our initial mission and status. I look forward to showing you all our new home and answering questions you may have.

In Service, Captain Rich Lombardia


The ship is still in the works but we can go over what we have and what is planned.

Task: Tour the ship

Uniform of the Day: Duty Uniform

Number of days: 24 hours or less

Security Clearance: Level 2, Need to know.

Personnel: Standard crew compliment: 2,500


1) Joining in late? Not sure what to do? Talk with others in your department to be briefed. If they are unavailable, contact Rich Lombardia to get an update and request assignment.

2) Have a major twist you'd like to implement? IM the Mission Creator (who wrote the briefing)

3) SCS combat system is required.


Reoccurring Information: Confused about the mission? In this section, you'll find background supplemental information about our mission, the area of space we're in, supporting ships, and so on that you can use to help build atmosphere and add detail when participating or to your logging, if you like!

Please visit the Forums or Wiki to make sure you are up to date on our current story arc. ... S_Sheppard

Starting objectives are the task(s) your department is involved in at the start of the RP. As the story progresses, additional tasks and objectives will be assigned by your chief, XO CO or current OIC (Officer in Charge)

Please take the time to think about your actions and get approval before adding any major twists to the RP. Be creative. Don’t simply say Q did this or Q did that.

Mission Specific Information: None