New Dawn

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New Dawn
General Data
*Production number: 017
*Initiated: 080302
*Ended: 080303
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Revenge is Powerful
*Next Mission: Epidemic
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger

The surviving crew of the USS Redeemer arrive at Cascade Station for a celebration and surprise from Lt. Quinnell


After the events of "Revenge is Powerful," the crew of the Redeemer meets up at the Cascade Station lounge for a very special celebration. A highly modified Sovereign class vessel is now docked at the Cascade Station bearing the registry: U.S.S Redeemer NCC-100753-A.

After sharing a few drinks the crew of the Redeemer receive a call from Cmdr Barthelmess announcing that their 'chariot awaits.' They all beam onto the bridge of the Redeemer-A and take a small tour.

Their first mission is a test run in the nearby testing grounds marked "Sector 152-B." There they will be testing their ship's functions and capabilities.


Mission Logs

[12:04] michaels Toshi: wow, she's finally complete...
[12:04] Zed Drebin smiles
[12:04] Chase Quinnell: Yea, she's docked at one of the upper pylons of the station..
[12:04] Hanover Dench: Good having everyone back together like this.
[12:04] Zed Drebin: Amazing accomplishments by an amazing crew *smiles*
[12:04] Silkie Dagger hands Blush some water.
[12:04] Chase Quinnell: I can't wait to get this test run underway
[12:04] Zed Drebin: Starfleet command is very proud *smiles*
[12:05] Silkie Dagger pulls the brandy from Mich's hand.
[12:05] Blush Babii: Sir i know you must have a special bottle hidden somewhere for this occasion?
[12:05] Chase Quinnell: That I do
[12:05] michaels Toshi: let's hope we take better care of this one or we won't get our deposit back
[12:05] Silkie Dagger: If everyone is drunk when we get there, you're going to need it. [12:05] Chase Quinnell: Here is some champagne, 2307. Good vintage.
[12:05] Hanover Dench: I'm drinking my usual, tea.
[12:06] Blush Babii: uh i will take just a little Sir, i drive
[12:06] Silkie Dagger smiles.
[12:06] Silkie Dagger: Thank you Sir
[12:06] Blush Babii: thank you
[12:06] Hanover Dench: Well, why not?
[12:06] Chase Quinnell: Once Lt. Calayan finishes up on the ship, we can get our test run going.
[12:07] Chase Quinnell: To good times. *raises his glass*
[12:07] michaels Toshi raises glass
[12:07] Blush Babii: for the new beginning "raises her glass"
[12:07] Silkie Dagger: To safe travels! But interesting ones.
[12:07] Zed Drebin: For a new beginning!
[12:08] =A= Calayan to Lt Quinnell, the ship is all yours. We'll transport your crew directly to the ship. =A=
[12:08] Chase Quinnell: Understood.
[12:08] Blush Babii is excited
[12:08] Silkie Dagger: *hic*
[12:12] Hanover Dench: NICE!
[12:12] Zed Drebin: Oh my
[12:12] Silkie Dagger is speechless.
[12:12] Chase Quinnell: Welcome to the USS Redeemer-A.
[12:12] michaels Toshi: she's a beaut
[12:12] Hanover Dench: Got that new-car smell even!
[12:12] Chase Quinnell: Aye that she is.
[12:12] Chase Quinnell smiles.
[12:12] Zed Drebin chuckles
[12:12] michaels Toshi: the spec papers never fully prepare you...
[12:13] Zed Drebin: She is beautiful, captain
[12:14] Hanover Dench: Never mind me....
[12:15] Chase Quinnell sits in his chair and settles back..
[12:15] Hanover Dench: Just testing the ergonomics...
[12:15] Chase Quinnell: Computer, activate the viewscreen, forward view
[12:15] Blush Babii: very impressive Sir
[12:15] michaels Toshi looks at the XO seat wondering if he will be able to sit in without a ship decloaking of the port bow
[12:16] Chase Quinnell: Alright Helm.
[12:16] Chase Quinnell: Take us out, slowly but steadily.
[12:16] Blush Babii: Aye Sir
[12:16] Chase Quinnell: I just got this thing painted this morning.
[12:16] Zed Drebin chuckles
[12:16] Blush Babii presses few buttons and the ship starts to move
[12:16] Hanover Dench: Paint containment holding sir.
[12:16] Chase Quinnell grins
[12:16] Silkie Dagger runs her hands over the console, familiarizing herself with the new layout.
[12:17] michaels Toshi looks over his controls. picks up a PADD and starts assigning the duty rosters for the new redeemer
[12:17] Chase Quinnell: Set course for Sector 152-B, our testing grounds. There should be 3 derelict ships with an automated test program running.
[12:18] Hanover Dench: Warp ready on your command sir.
[12:18] Chase Quinnell: Engage warp 6.
[12:18] Blush Babii: Aye Sir
[12:18] Blush Babii: engaging
[12:18] Blush Babii: warp 6
[12:18] Chase Quinnell: Engage
[12:19] Zed Drebin: Captain, with your permission I can man the science station.. Its fun to watch but I want to play too *smiles*
[12:19] Chase Quinnell: Sure thing, Captain.
[12:19] Hanover Dench: Anti-matter injectors good, containment holding. By the specs sir.
[12:20] Zed Drebin logs into the console and grins at the updated display
[12:20] Blush Babii: Sir we are nearing the location
[12:20] Blush Babii: ETA 2 mins
[12:20] Chase Quinnell: Drop us out of warp in 2 minutes then.
[12:20] Blush Babii: yes Sir
[12:20] Zed Drebin switching to short range scanners, sir
[12:20] Blush Babii: destination reached Sir, going out of warp
[12:20] michaels Toshi starts reprogramming the tactical sensors the way he likes them.
[12:20] Chase Quinnell: Ahh, there's the test dummies
[12:21] Chase Quinnell: They are equipped with an automated test program, to simulate real ships.
[12:21] Chase Quinnell: Tactical, are you ready?
[12:21] michaels Toshi: aye sir, tactical sensors aligned and ready
[12:22] Chase Quinnell pushes a few buttons on his keyboard.
[12:22] Silkie Dagger: Very nice, this should be quite interesting.
[12:22] Blush Babii: Sir what is the max warp of this ship?
[12:22]  ::The starships begin to move and open fire. A glimpse of a Sword and Earth logo is apparent on the Ambassador class nacelle::
[12:22] Chase Quinnell: 9.8 I believe
[12:22] Blush Babii: oh, i hope we will test it
[12:22] Blush Babii giggles
[12:23] ::The ship is hit with a phaser blast::
[12:23] Silkie Dagger mumbles, "Speed demon."
[12:23] Chase Quinnell: What the... that's no test dummy!
[12:23] michaels Toshi: ::shudder:: umm those ships aren't being very "dummy"
[12:23] Chase Quinnell: Michaels, return fire and disable those vessels.
[12:23] michaels Toshi: aye sir firing
[12:23] Zed Drebin I am seeing an increase in power from each of the ships
[12:23] Zed Drebin: beyond specified parameters
[12:23] Blush Babii: oh my
[12:24] michaels Toshi: that's all of them disabled, whew this thing is good
[12:24] Chase Quinnell: That doesn't sound very good..
[12:24] Chase Quinnell: Are you serious?
[12:24] Zed Drebin lets his fingers play over the console
[12:24] Silkie Dagger: That was not in the plan I take it, Sir?
[12:24] Chase Quinnell: Definitely not
[12:25] Chase Quinnell: Alright, send a Marine detachment aboard those ships, lock the Imperial crew up
and see what you can gather from their database.
[12:25] Chase Quinnell: Michaels, you lead the team
[12:25] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[12:25] Hanover Dench: Engineering reports a minor coolant leak. They are locking it down now.
[12:26] Zed Drebin: Short range sensors show no changes
[12:26] Silkie Dagger: I can send your team over whenever you are ready, Mr. Toshi
[12:27] michaels Toshi: aye energize
[12:27] Silkie Dagger: Energizing
[12:28] Chase Quinnell: =A= Lt Toshi, find out where their base of operations is and anything else we can use to shut these guys down.. I'm getting really sick of the Empire. =A=
[12:28] michaels Toshi: =A- aye sir=A=
[12:29] Hanover Dench: So much for a three hour tour...
[12:29] Chase Quinnell nods and sighs.
[12:29] Silkie Dagger hums the tune now
[12:30] michaels Toshi: =A= Toshi to redeemer i've "persuaded" one of the men that telling us where the base is, is good. it's at aurelia prime. also their portal transceiver appears to be in the close vicinity. they use it to get to our universe=A=
[12:31] Chase Quinnell: Understood Lt, I'll inform UF Starfleet of the situation immediately.
[12:31] Chase Quinnell: You may beam back to the ship. 2 ships are on their way to take the prisoners.
[12:31] Chase Quinnell: Leave part of your team behind to watch over the crew.
[12:31] Silkie Dagger: Locked on to their signals
[12:32] michaels Toshi: =A= aye sir=A=
[12:32] Silkie Dagger: Correction: Locked on to Lt Toshi's signal.
[12:32] Chase Quinnell: Energize
[12:32] Silkie Dagger: Energizing
[12:33] Chase Quinnell: Hail UFS Command.
[12:33] Silkie Dagger: Aye, Sir
[12:33] Silkie Dagger: Channel open
[12:33] Admiral Calhoun: =A= Yes Lt, what do you need? =A=
[12:33] Blush Babii smiles to the admiral
[12:34] Chase Quinnell: We have some intel that may be crucial in winning this war. We have seized 3 ships and their databases which are now being transferred to your computers. I think we should organize an assault soon. Their Predator-class vessels are nearly completed.
[12:35] Admiral Calhoun: =A= Very well, you will rendezvous with the assault fleet at the Vevarian Cluster. From there you will assault their base at Aurelia Prime. Calhoun out. =A= [12:35] Chase Quinnell: Helm, set course for the Vevarian Cluster, warp 8. Engage.
[12:35] Blush Babii: aye Sir
[12:35] Blush Babii: warp 8
[12:36] Zed Drebin: Switching to long range scanners...
[12:36] michaels Toshi's face turns serious again "sir, i'm not liking how these terran empire people keep involving us"
[12:36] Blush Babii: ETA 5 minutes Sir
[12:36] Chase Quinnell: I don't either
[12:36] Chase Quinnell: But I think their fun in our universe is about to come to a close.
[12:36] michaels Toshi: lets hope...
[12:36] Silkie Dagger: I hope so.
[12:37] Chase Quinnell: And so do I..
[12:37] Zed Drebin: Detecting duranium alloy at extreme long range
[12:37] Blush Babii: approaching Vevarian cluster Sir, going out of warp
[12:37] Chase Quinnell: Very good.
[12:38] Chase Quinnell: Hail the fleet, order them to begin the assault.
[12:38] Chase Quinnell: It's now or never.
[12:38] Hanover Dench: Engineers log: Untested Engines performed well at warp 8.
[12:38] Silkie Dagger: Aye, Sir
[12:38] Zed Drebin: Multiple warp signatures detected sir
[12:38] Silkie Dagger sends a message to begin the assault.
[12:38] Chase Quinnell: Raise shields and ready all weapons.
[12:38] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[12:38] Zed Drebin: Weapons charging on bogies
[12:38] michaels Toshi: shields at maximum weapons at full battle readiness
[12:39] Zed Drebin: One more just dropped out of warp heading 317 mark 2
[12:39] ::The fleet engages the enemy::
[12:39] Chase Quinnell: The battle has begun..
[12:39] Chase Quinnell: Battle stations!
[12:40] Hanover Dench: Engineering is combat ready sir.
[12:40] michaels Toshi: the enemy is opening fire
[12:40] michaels Toshi: a mild phaser hit to the shields
[12:41] michaels Toshi: shields holding
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: Fire a full spread on that ship!
[12:41] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[12:41] michaels Toshi: they are out of the fight captain
[12:41] Zed Drebin: Sensors detect a direct hit...
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: Good, engage the nearest target.
[12:41] michaels Toshi: aye sir.
[12:42] Zed Drebin: Closest bogie at 157 mark 3
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: Fire phasers
[12:42] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[12:42] michaels Toshi: firing
[12:42] Zed Drebin: coming about to our port side
[12:42] michaels Toshi: suggest helm gets fancy sir?
[12:42] Hanover Dench: That coolant conduit has broken loose again. I'm shutting it down.
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: Aye, evasive maneuvers pattern delta 4.
[12:43] Blush Babii: /tries to maneuver the ship to avoid the fire
[12:43] Zed Drebin: Direct hit to bogie
[12:43] Zed Drebin: he is still alive
[12:43] michaels Toshi: they're hitting us again.......shields at 90%
[12:43] Zed Drebin: she is coming about to 158 mark 5
[12:43] Chase Quinnell: Fire on their port nacelle.
[12:43] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[12:43] Chase Quinnell: Bring us about, Blush.
[12:44] Zed Drebin: Direct hit she is venting plasma, sir
[12:44] Chase Quinnell: Good.
[12:44] Chase Quinnell: Engage the next target.
[12:44] Hanover Dench: Stay out of the plasma stream!
[12:44] Blush Babii continues evasive maneuvers pattern delta 4
[12:44] Chase Quinnell: Randomize evasive maneuver patterns
[12:44] Hanover Dench: Our intakes might go nuts with plasma in them.
[12:44] Blush Babii: aye Sir
[12:44] Zed Drebin: new bogie, heading 120 mark 8
[12:44] Zed Drebin: Correction
[12:44] Zed Drebin: 120 mark 7
[12:44] michaels Toshi: firing
[12:45] Zed Drebin: watch the after shields, she is coming about
[12:45] Zed Drebin: 180 mark 0
[12:45] Blush Babii randomising evasive maneuvers
[12:45] michaels Toshi: firing again
[12:45] Chase Quinnell: Reinforce those shields Ensign!
[12:45] Silkie Dagger briefly wonders why we never have seatbelts, then grabs onto the chair handle for support.
[12:45] Hanover Dench: Rerouting all power I can to help sir.
[12:45] Zed Drebin: new bogie joining the fray
[12:45] michaels Toshi: the ship is adrift
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: Good, take on the next target
[12:46] Zed Drebin: Heading 270 mark 45
[12:46] michaels Toshi: aye got it, firing
[12:46] Zed Drebin: disable bogie closing on impulse
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: Wait, they're trying to divert us from our desired targets.. their station and the transceiver.
[12:46] Zed Drebin: Recommend a 20% phaser spread at her port nacelle
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: Engage the station and order the fleet to converge on the station and transceiver.
[12:46] Zed Drebin: That will cllaps their engines
[12:47] Silkie Dagger: Sending the orders, Sir
[12:47] michaels Toshi: the other ships have noticed us and are firing
[12:47] michaels Toshi: ::ship rocks:: shields at 85%
[12:48] Zed Drebin: Direct hit.. bogie is dead in space
[12:48] Chase Quinnell: Return fire but keep the make focus on that station. Order flight wings 3 and 4 to engage the ships.
[12:48] Silkie Dagger slips forward a bit in her chair from the impact.
[12:48] michaels Toshi: aye sir returning minimal fire
[12:48] Hanover Dench: Sir, damage report from engineering, coolant leaks all over the place. Risk of fire is high.
[12:48] michaels Toshi: at least you have a seat
[12:48] Zed Drebin: Transceiver emitting verteron radiation, could be shielding, sir
[12:49] Chase Quinnell: It is likely the shield generator is in the station
[12:49] michaels Toshi: i'm going to fire a full spread at the transceiver
[12:49] Zed Drebin: Recomend torpedos at a safe distance, phasers may feed back
[12:49] Chase Quinnell: Focus all power on the station's ventral shielding.
[12:49] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[12:49] Chase Quinnell: Noted.
[12:49] michaels Toshi: i have a good lock, firing
[12:49] Chase Quinnell: Helm, bring us about for another pass and keep our firing arcs on that ventral shielding array
[12:50] Hanover Dench: Sir, that coolant is ery toxic. I've evacuated all non-essential personnel from engineering. We need to have a damage control team ready in case of fire.
[12:50] Blush Babii: aye Sir
[12:50] Chase Quinnell: Dispatch that damage control team immediately
[12:50] michaels Toshi: their ventral shields are at 55%
[12:50] michaels Toshi: firing another volley
[12:52] Hanover Dench: Aye. I have advised them to be prepared for hazmat threats.
[12:52] michaels Toshi fires another volley as we come about for another pass
[12:52] Zed Drebin: Incoming bogie
[12:52] Zed Drebin: aft
[12:53] Zed Drebin: Heading 180 mark 33
[12:53] Chase Quinnell: Fire full spread and keep focus on that ventral shield array
[12:53] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[12:54] Zed Drebin: Transceiver shields buckling
[12:54] Zed Drebin: Verteron radiation increasing
[12:54] Zed Drebin: Recomend changing shield harmonics to 98878 MHZ
[12:55] Chase Quinnell: Aye, do it.
[12:55] Chase Quinnell: Change the harmonics to compensate
[12:55] michaels Toshi: their ventral shields have buckled
[12:55] ::Another hit on the ventral shields destroys it and the tranceiver's ships fall::
[12:55] Zed Drebin: new shield config holding, radiation below dangerous levels
[12:56] Chase Quinnell: Fire on that transceiver!
[12:56] Hanover Dench: Sir, we have the leaks patched up again. Our coolant pressure is critically low from losses. Ive sent a team to storage to restock us.
[12:57] Zed Drebin: Transceiver structural integrity failing
[12:57] Chase Quinnell: Keep firing on that thing, we nearly have it!
[12:57] Chase Quinnell: Fire 4 quantum torpedoes at that thing
[12:58] Zed Drebin: YES!
[12:58] ::the transceiver explodes in a violent mess of fire::
[12:58] michaels Toshi: woohooh!!!
[12:58] Zed Drebin: Complete failure sire
[12:58] Zed Drebin: nothing left but some confused and lonely atoms *smiles*
[12:58] Chase Quinnell: Mop up the place, disable that station and clean out the remaining ships!
[12:58] Silkie Dagger shoots a quick glace at the screen.
[12:59] Zed Drebin smailes and initiates a short range scan
[12:59] Zed Drebin: 3 bogies heading away, sir
[12:59] Zed Drebin: One hero closing on intercept course
[12:59] Zed Drebin: Heading 90 mar 334
[12:59] michaels Toshi: shall we keep on hitting the station or go after the ships now?
[13:00] Chase Quinnell: Let the fleet handle the station, we can get the remaining ships
[13:00] michaels Toshi: aye sir, my pleasure
[13:00] Zed Drebin grins
[13:00] Chase Quinnell: Helm, attack pattern 2.
[13:00] Blush Babii: aye Sir
[13:01] Hanover Dench: Sir, we're limited to warp 3 until that coolant pressure is back to full. We can't outrun anything right now.
[13:01] michaels Toshi: then, we'll have to fight our way out
[13:01] Zed Drebin: Torpedo’s can outrun these scows
[13:03] michaels Toshi: another ship disabled
[13:03] Zed Drebin: she is adrift sir
[13:04] Chase Quinnell: Engage the next target
[13:04] michaels Toshi: moving onto next target sir
[13:04] michaels Toshi: their ship is losing shields
[13:05] michaels Toshi: their shields are downed
[13:05] Chase Quinnell: Fire on their nacelles
[13:05] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[13:05] michaels Toshi: their starboard nacelle is sheared off
[13:05] Chase Quinnell: Is that all of them?
[13:06] michaels Toshi: seems so
[13:06] Chase Quinnell: Status of the station?
[13:06] Hanover Dench: Engineering reports back to normal sir.
[13:06] Zed Drebin: no bogies detected without 200,000 km, captain
[13:06] michaels Toshi: completely crippled
[13:06] Chase Quinnell: Good.
[13:07] Chase Quinnell: I guess the Empire isn't going to be causing any more trouble.
[13:07] Chase Quinnell: I lost a ship to them, and now they've seen just how fierce we can be..
[13:08] Silkie Dagger: Hopefully that is the case, Sir, however.. it's best not to underestimate them.
[13:08] Chase Quinnell: Aye
[13:08] michaels Toshi cries out in joy "DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!"
[13:08] Zed Drebin laughs and secures his station
[13:08] Chase Quinnell: ..Interesting thing to sing on the bridge.
[13:08] michaels Toshi looks sheepish and starts writing reports
[13:09] Silkie Dagger makes a note to invest in some singing lessons for Mich's birthday.
[13:09] Hanover Dench: Nice boring shake-down cruise sir. Remind me to decling invitations to exciting trips.
[13:09] Zed Drebin: Astrometrics reports minor damage on the particle detector array... Repair crews on the way
[13:09] michaels Toshi: stand down from red alert sir?
[13:09] Chase Quinnell: Aye
[13:09] Chase Quinnell: Condition green
[13:10] Silkie Dagger: Brand new and already she has some minor dings and scratches. Pity. *shakes her head*
[13:10] Zed Drebin smiles
[13:10] Chase Quinnell: I'm gonna have to ask the Lt for another paint job..
[13:10] Zed Drebin: just a couple brusies
[13:10] Zed Drebin: fine ship you have here, captain
[13:10] michaels Toshi: we'll soon have that out, just give me a hammer and a pack of nails...
[13:11] Hanover Dench: Too bad we're not allowed to use POWs to repaint her.
[13:11] michaels Toshi: we're well stocked
[13:11] Silkie Dagger: Sir, we are receiving a hail
[13:11] Zed Drebin: hehe, they would leave drip marks in the duranium
[13:11] Chase Quinnell: onscreen
[13:11] michaels Toshi: perhaps the imperial emperor can scrub my quarters?
[13:11] Silkie Dagger puts it on the screen
[13:11] Chase Quinnell: Ahh admiral..
[13:12] Admiral Calhoun: =A= We heard you succeeded in your mission. Good work Redeemer.. but next time you go on a test cruise, make sure your dummies are REALLY dummies. =A=
[13:12] Chase Quinnell: Yes sir, we will try.. *smiles*
[13:13] Admiral Calhoun: =A= Admiral Calhoun out. =A=
[13:13] Blush Babii: set curse to home, Sir?
[13:13] Chase Quinnell: Helm, set course for Pinastri, warp 7.
[13:13] Chase Quinnell: engage
[13:13] Blush Babii: aye Sir
[13:13] Blush Babii: warp 7, ETA 5 minutes
[13:13] Hanover Dench: He's not a long winded admiral. How did that happen sir?
[13:14] michaels Toshi: ooh comfy
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: Oh yea
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: You know it
[13:14] Silkie Dagger: Does it have a coffee holder?
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: Unfortunately not
[13:14] michaels Toshi pushes a button and seatbelts cover him. he then sticks his tongue out at silkie
[13:14] Zed Drebin snickers
[13:14] Blush Babii: engaging Pinastri, Sir, going out of warp
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: but it has a head rest
[13:15] Silkie Dagger gasps
[13:15] Chase Quinnell grins