Nuwalan Ale

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Nuwalan Ale
General Data
*Production number: 008
*Initiated: 071124
*Ended: 071125
*Year: 2382
*Aliens: Nuwalan
*Previous Mission: Red Eye
*Next Mission: Looking at Yourself
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger

Stardate: 57112.8 The Redeemer has responded to a distress call near Sector 741-D. Apparently the ship encountered some technical difficulties and lost engines and sensors. It is the hope of UF STARFLEET that we can establish diplomatic relations with the Nuwalans.


Captain's Log, Stardate 57112.8: We are responding to a distress call near Sector 741-D. The ship in question has encountered technical difficulties and requires our assistance. The crew is rather relieved we didn't have to carry out our investigation at the Deyralan Colony.


Department Reports

Mission Logs

[12:10] Chase Quinnell: Helm, what's our ETA to the distress signal?
[12:10] michaels Toshi: 10 mins sir
[12:11] Chase Quinnell: ::The ship is nearing the distress signal and drops out of warp::
[12:11] Chase Quinnell: Hail them.
[12:11] Gus Blessed: Aye sir
[12:12] Chase Quinnell: This is Lt. Chase Quinnell of the Federation Starship Redeemer. How may we be of assistance?
[12:13] =A= Federation vessel, our main systems are offline, we need food and supplies along with some warp plasma. =A=
[12:13] Chase Quinnell: Engineering, can you spare some warp plasma?
[12:13] Orion Pastorelli scans the anthropological database on the Nuwalans hoping to find insights that will enable smooth diplomatic relations
[12:13] Bill Eebus: Aye sir, we have a large surplus of plasma available.
[12:14] Chase Quinnell: We can assist you, stand by for further information. Quinnell out.
[12:15] Chase Quinnell: Our priority here is to not only assist the Nuwalans, but to establish a diplomatic relationship with them.
[12:16] Chase Quinnell: Prepare a team to beam aboard their vessel to assist them.
[12:16] Bogle Richard: ::tactical short range scan::
[12:17] You: Science, keep searching the database for information that may help our diplomatic standing.
[12:17] Orion Pastorelli: yes sir.
[12:17] Bogle Richard: ::per Engineering feeds, checking current warp plasma supply::
[12:18] Chase Quinnell: ::Scans reveal that an energy charge is building up in the Nuwalan's left Nacelle::
[12:18] Bogle Richard: Captain!
[12:18] Chase Quinnell: Yes?
[12:18] Bogle Richard: :: tactical scan:: was about to mention the energy charge my scan just picked up.
[12:19] Chase Quinnell: Is there any way we can suppress the charge?
[12:19] michaels Toshi: maybe a localised dampening field?
[12:19] Bill Eebus: Sir, we could try to cut the plasma flow to that part of the ship. I can tell me engineering team to work on it.
[12:19] Bogle Richard: As it is my job to defend this ship from any inferred threat - that build up--
[12:20] Chase Quinnell: That build up shouldn't be a threat to us, Lt, but it may be a threat to the Nuwalans.
[12:20] Bogle Richard: ::listening:
[12:20] Bogle Richard: Do we know how many are on that ship, sir?
[12:21] Chase Quinnell: Their ship is already crippled enough, if it blows, 250 men and women will die aboard that ship.
[12:22] michaels Toshi: maybe we should evacuate all unnecessary personnel from their ship to the Redeemer?
[12:22] Orion Pastorelli: agreed
[12:23] Chase Quinnell: We should try to save all of the people on that ship.
[12:23] Bogle Richard: ::thinking:: Captain, I have been working with our transporter chief - it has not been tested, but we use the term 'carpet transport'. Instead of taking a local group of people, we leave the transporter beam open and direct it to 'carpet sweep' beings onto the shuttle bay or even in our corridors, sir?
[12:23] Chase Quinnell: There's been enough deaths in the past month, I can't let any more people die unnecessarily.
[12:23] Bogle Richard: Any open space would work, sir.
[12:23] Orion Pastorelli: we can hold the personal in cargo bays 5, 8 and 9, they are currently empty
[12:24] Bogle Richard: Permission to engage 'carpet transports sir?
[12:24] Bill Eebus: Sir, I can work with Ops to try and beam more people on board at once, but it is a long-shot at best.
[12:24] michaels Toshi: we should ask them first I think?
[12:24] Chase Quinnell: Carpet Transports, Lt?
[12:24] michaels Toshi: they may not want to leave the vessel unattended
[12:25] michaels Toshi: even with us here
[12:25] Bogle Richard: Carpet transport was more an enemy tactic sir, to remove them from one location to another before they could engage their defences.
[12:25] Chase Quinnell: The way it's going, that ship won't be around much longer.
[12:25] Bogle Richard: And since carpet is nonstop.. we get more people.. sir.. it’s now or never.. ::reading other ships build::
[12:25] Chase Quinnell: Make it so, initiate carpet transports.
[12:26] michaels Toshi: after transport shall I take us to a safe distance?
[12:26] Chase Quinnell: Ops, inform them of the plan.
[12:26] Gus Blessed: Aye sir
[12:26] Bogle Richard: ::contact with bridge personnel stations. working with them. Chief already on it::
[12:26] Chase Quinnell: good thinking, Michaels, keep helm at the ready.
[12:26] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[12:26] Orion Pastorelli continues tapping on his consol, quickly scans some information on idiomatic usage in the Nuwalans native language...
[12:27] Bogle Richard: Ops.. got all life on the ship plotted?
[12:27] michaels Toshi: ::taps console entering coordinates:: whenever you're ready captain
[12:27] Orion Pastorelli transfers info to a PADD
[12:28] Bill Eebus: Sir... I'm reading some power fluctuations in the Transporter Buffer.
[12:28] Bill Eebus: I think a carpet transport may be a bad idea at the moment. I can try and repair the damage but it may take a while. 30 minutes at best.
[12:28] Chase Quinnell: Argh... it's never easy anymore.
[12:29] Chase Quinnell: Work on it, Bill.
[12:29] Bill Eebus: Aye sir.
[12:29] Bogle Richard: Captain? Hold on carpet transport?
[12:29] Bogle Richard: :: listening to Ops as more info comes in that station than any other::
[12:29] Chase Quinnell: Yes, hold on carpet transport.
[12:29] michaels Toshi: maybe if we "docked" with the ship using airlocks instead of transporters?
[12:29] Bogle Richard: Aye, sir.
[12:30] Chase Quinnell: Can we dock with the Nuwalans?
[12:30] Bogle Richard: :: contacting Chief to stand by::
[12:30] michaels Toshi: I think our airlocks seem compatible
[12:30] michaels Toshi: should I bring us in closer?
[12:30] Bogle Richard: Captain.. I wouldn't recommend docking until that threat has been nullified.
[12:31] Chase Quinnell: Hmm....
[12:31] Orion Pastorelli runs his own scans... "Lt, Quinnell, with respect sir, that’s ship does not have much time left, we need to act, the carpet transport is probably our best shot"
[12:31] Chase Quinnell: Let’s try it. But at the first sign of trouble I want the transport halted.
[12:32] Bogle Richard: ::Engaging per transporter Chief:: Commencing transports sir. Taking lower level personnel nearest the nacelle, beaming them out. already 'carpet beaming' on several decks at once.
[12:32] Chase Quinnell: Keep medical teams at the ready... transport accidents are becoming common in this day in age. *sighs*
[12:32] Orion Pastorelli: I'm reading multiple hull fractures and integrity failures...
[12:32] Bogle Richard: ::working like a piano player:: Sir.. we have 105 already.. still commencing..
[12:33] Bogle Richard: 210.. onboard now sir..
[12:33] Chase Quinnell: 40 more..
[12:33] Bogle Richard: :: working ::
[12:33] Orion Pastorelli: sir permission to join the medical teams on standby, I will be more useful there than on the bridge
[12:33] Bogle Richard: I.. I can't get em sir..!!! :Transporter flush in progress!::
[12:33] Chase Quinnell: Permission granted, Ensign.
[12:34] Chase Quinnell: Ugh.. HALT TRANSPORT.
[12:34] Chase Quinnell: Good luck, Orion.
[12:35] Bogle Richard: >inter ship comm< Chief! what’s your status--.. sir.. Chief says remaining people are in some part of the ship he can get at this .. ?this distance? [12:35] Bogle Richard: Can we get them to move.. sir?
[12:35] michaels Toshi: the ship may be too heavily damaged
[12:35] Orion Pastorelli hands a PADD to Lt. Quinnell, "thank you sir, here is some pertinent info on Nuwalan language, be direct and stay away from idiomatic terms such as 'water under the bridge' you should be fine, sir
[12:36] Chase Quinnell: And some of the crew in those areas may be too injured to move.
[12:36] Bogle Richard: Aye sir.. I meant contacting them to move to another part of the-- ::listening::
[12:36] michaels Toshi: maybe we should dock near them I am reading an airlock close to them?
[12:37] Bill Eebus: Eebus to Engineering, I'm on my way down. :: Sir, I'm going to have to go down to engineering.
[12:37] Chase Quinnell: Michaels, let’s stay away from that ship, we can't risk that thing exploding in our faces.
[12:37] Bogle Richard: ::listening to Helm:: Sir.. until we can get our 'downed transporters back online-- wait.. we can tie in to our shuttle systems.. can we send shuttles on auto-- use them as a relay transport ?
[12:37] Chase Quinnell: Eebus, keep me informed.
[12:38] Chase Quinnell: Hmm...
[12:38] michaels Toshi: are the people close enough to the shuttle bay?
[12:38] Chase Quinnell: possibly.
[12:38] Bogle Richard: They can get in close.. and beam the remainder out ..
[12:38] Chase Quinnell: Do it.
[12:40] Bogle Richard: ::speaking to Toshi:: Doesn’t matter-- all we need is to have our transporter a bit closer.. shuttles can do-- Aye sir.. Helm.. u can auto fly them? Captain.. 3 will do?... I have to work with the Chief..
[12:40] michaels Toshi: I can pilot them
[12:40] Bogle Richard: :: already relaying the status to the Transporter Chief::
[12:40] michaels Toshi: on auto
[12:42] Bogle Richard: ::working::
[12:42] Bogle Richard: Toshi.. we need them closer.. .. nearest to the ship as u can--
[12:43] michaels Toshi: moving them in....but radiation from the nacelle is interfering
[12:43] Bogle Richard: Captain.. Chief is--:: working program carpet transport:: .. .. getting them sir...
[12:43] Bogle Richard: 12... 32...
[12:44] Bogle Richard: .. remaining.. seem to have items in their.. on their person..
[12:44] Chase Quinnell: What kind of items?
[12:45] Bogle Richard: ::defensive transport protocol 10:: leaving items in transport.. sir.. as I cannot determine their function.. I.. left them.
[12:45] Bogle Richard: All aboard now sir..
[12:45] Chase Quinnell: Very good.
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: I want the Captain of the Nuwalan Vessel up here.
[12:46] Bogle Richard: ::head down cleaning up with the Transport Chief::
[12:47] Chase Quinnell: We need to talk about .... ::pauses as the viewscreen shows the Nuwalan vessel exploding::
[12:47] You: Helm, full reverse!
[12:47] michaels Toshi: moving off max impulse
[12:47] Bogle Richard: ::auto shields::
[12:48] michaels Toshi: we managed to avoid most of the explosion
[12:48] Bogle Richard: ::pre-defensive program running within nano-seconds performing non-attack shield posture::
[12:49] Bogle Richard: Kind of.. close, sir.
[12:49] Chase Quinnell: Quinnell to Lt Blacker, inform the Nuwalan captain that I'd like to see him in the meeting room.
[12:49] Chase Quinnell: I'll be in the meeting room, Lt, the bridge is yours.


[12:51] Chase Quinnell: Hello, Captain Mendwan, is everyone alright?
[12:51] Bill Eebus(Nuwalan Captain): Yes, thank you. My crew is safely aboard your ship. Without you and your crew, we would have never survived.
[12:53] Bogle Richard: ::engaging long range tactical scan for ship safety::
[12:53] Chase Quinnell: I will make arrangements to bring you back to Nuwal III.
[12:54] michaels Toshi: ::taps console running diagnostic of helm and engines::
[12:54] Chase Quinnell: The Federation would gladly open trade opportunities to your people. *smiles*
[12:54] Bill Eebus(Nuwalan Captain): Thank you, Lt.


[12:55] Chase Quinnell: Helm, set a course for Nuwal III at warp 6.
[12:55] michaels Toshi: aye sir setting course
[12:55] michaels Toshi: course laid in and engaging at warp 6
[12:55] Bogle Richard: ::adjusting tactical posture per warp::