Office of UFSA Heraldry

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UFSA Logo.png
UFSA Heraldry
General Data
*Branch: UFS Academy
*Fleet Affiliation: N/A
*Founded: 2387 - Stardate 100212
*Status: Active
*Location: Pinastri Sector, Delta Quadrant
*Homebase: UFS Academy
Division Staff
*Division Head: Vacant
*Vice Division Head: Vacant
*Yeoman: Vacant
Division Structure


This office in solely in charge of creating and updating any and all UFSA logos and graphics. The department oversees the creation of class logos, division and department logos as well as all award logos for the UFS Academy.

The Office of UFSA Heraldry is directly supervised and overseen by the UFSa Superintendent and part of the Office of the UFSA Superintendent.


Office of UFSA Heraldry
Director of Office of UFSA Heraldry R-o5.png Vacant
Deputy Director of Office of UFSA Heraldry R-blank.png Vacant