Out of the Frying Pan

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Out of the Frying Pan
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP092
*Initiated: 130224
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Into the Looking Glass
*Next Mission: Spring Forward
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Captain's Log Poison Toocool - USS Argonaut. Location: 10 LY trailing SS Astraios. Stardate 130301:

We have come, with relative safetly, through the anomoly. The area we are in is unknown to us, uncharted, and we can find no information on it in our databanks. We are out of contact with Astraios, Starfleet, and our allies. Our first order of business is to ensure the safety of ship and crew.

Our Executive Officer, Commander Genny7 Markus, is working with Dr Breydon Lane in Sick Bay to assess everyone's health. About 10 percent of the crew was affected by radiation prior to our entering the black hole, sick bay replicators are back on-line and mediation is being synthesized to assist in treatment. In addition, there have been reports of headaches and trouble sleeping. This could be a stress reaction, we shall see.

The Argonaut is a mighty ship, even so Commander Karl Quar and his Engineering department needs some time to return her to a state of readiness. Our shields took a beating, weapons are off-line, replicators are off-line except in Medical, and several decks were evacuated to allow more power to shields.

Although we have exited the anomoly there are still some gravimetric eddies to deal with, Helm is sluggish but Ensign Djmikey Macintyre is maintaining our distance. Operations is liaising with Engineering on power consumption, as I would like to get the crew back to quarters and have meals served in 10-Forward as soon as possible.

Commander Dolfke Barbosa is anxious to have weapons charged - with weak shields and no weapons, she feels we are vunerable. Communications has recommended we do not attempt to send any signals until we have moved further from the anomoly.

The burden of gathering data and extrapolating our best course of action falls to LT Commander David Bravin and the Science department. Stellar cartography is gleefully requesting use of sensors to chart the area.

The anomoly behind us, although dangerous, is also incredibly beautiful. We have emerged into a new place, and although we are all anxious to find our way home, we are also excited to explore this region. Scans show a nebula not far from our position.

I am reminded of the USS Voyager and Captain Kathryn Janeway... the tenacity of her crew... because of Voyager, UF Starfleet expanded to the Delta Quadrant.

SS Astraios and Astraios Colony are our first footholds in the Gamma Quadrant. Willing or no, we have stepped outside the Astraios Sector. We have an opportunity now, to seek out new civilizations, map the uncharted, and boldly go towards the unknown.

Crew participation

Cptn Poison Toocool - CO/Operations

LTCmdr David7 Bravin - 2nd Officer/Science Chief

Cmdr Genny7 Markus - XO/Medical

Ensign Djmikey Macintyre - Helm/Tactical

Cmdr Karl Quar - Engineering Chief


Reporting: LTcmdr David7 Bravin - Chief Science Officer, Stardate 130303

Having come through Black Hole relatively unscathed, we held our position while all departments reported on the current status of the ship and its crew.

Since we did not know where we were, I recommended that we stay on impulse power and that we take a circular route for the time being in order that to get some bearings and be able to return to the point of our exit from the anomaly. However the Captain decided that we should launch a warning beacon as a marker and head off at half impulse towards a nebula that was directly ahead of us. We tried using the communications array on the warning beacon to get through to the communication probe we had left on the other side of the Black Hole, but the anomaly reflected the signal back.

I checked with Stella Cartography that they were mapping the area of space around us. Whilst confirming this to be the case, they added that they were very exited about the nebula ahead of us. It was then that we received a faint signal coming from somewhere within or near the nebula. The Captain reminded us that our primary mission is to explore strange new worlds and to seek out new life and new civilisations. With this in mind, she ordered that we enter the nebula, to which I voiced my concerns that the our sensors may not be very reliable once we are inside. We therefore launched a beacon at the edge of the nebula that we could use as a homing device. Once inside the nebula I started leaving a trail behind us that we could follow (rather like the ancient tale regarding leaving a trail of breadcrumbs). Scans revealed the nebula had high levels of ionised gases and static discharges which were affecting communications.

Analysis of the signal, which had become a little clearer, confirmed that it was from a sentient source, but the language was unknown to the computer. We need more data to attempt a translation.