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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP136
*Initiated: 111022
*Ended: 111022
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Pain
*Previous Mission: Stealth
*Next Mission: Determination
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Teresa Firelight

The USS Shogun attempts to repair the heavy damage she took from a battle with 4 Hirogen Assembly ships, so that she can continue on her way home.


Captain's Log

Stardate: 111020

Location: 98.11 LY Trailing Pinastri System, Sector 007F

Alert Status: Red

Here we are in a situation I have seen this crew in many times before. After taking heavy damage we are incommunicado and all working together to fix, reconfigure and render operational what we can. Our continued obfuscation is essential to our continued existence. We took heavy damage in the attacks by the Hirogen Assembly ships last week. My concern is growing as to why one lone Federation ship is causing them so much concern. I cannot help but believe they plan to deal with all advanced civilizations in the Delta Quadrant the same way as we have already borne witness to on several other worlds.

For now we continue working, hoping that Shogun will be up to spec and ready for the trials that remain ahead.

Computer End Log


Captain Ulrich Bechir called a staff meeting where he took reports on the current status of the ship and then made assignments for the repair effort. The crew was dismissed from the meeting to begin working on repairs on multiple systems. This included including the Deflector Array, the Communications Array, the Warp Drive, the Computer Core, and tapping into the short range sensors on the Captain's yacht.

In addition, security moved around the ship, reconfiguring all security protocols and inserting a level 1 Security lock on all systems. That turned out to be a mistake. There was a subsequent computer glitch on the primary core, and the systems reset, causing the computer lock the crew out of many primary systems, including main engineering and the computer system. This caused several critical problems. The most urgent of which is that Ens Kiefer Eales and Cmdr Rosine Heinkel were locked out of the ship during a space walk to fix the Comm Array, and Ens Eales' EVA suit began loosing oxygen. Another serious problem was that the Captain became trapped in the shuttlebay, where environmental systems were failing. The temperature dropped very cold and the air was becoming unbreathable.

Security was asked to remove the level 1 security lock but found they were unable to do so--the terminals had reset and they were now locked out as well. Operations, engineering and security all worked on bypassing the lockout. They finally got it bypassed. At that point, LtCmdr Teresa Firelight began working to transfer systems from the primary core to the secondary core. At the same time, Cptn SVAndrei Baxton worked on restoring environmental controls to the shuttlebay and getting the airlock open before Ens Eales completely lost all breathable air. Both were successful, and systems around the ship began to stabilize as their controls moved over to the secondary core. Ens Eales was treated in sickbay for Hypoxia, and will make a full recovery. The primary core has been shut down and ship-wide repair efforts are continuing.


Crew Manifest