Pandorra´s Box?

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Mission Pandorra´s Box? -- History and Mission Parameters

  • Stardate : 100130

An unexpected discovery was made at the last Moonraker Mission to Pinastri VIII. A large space station was detected 2500 m deep in the troposhere of the gas-giant. The station is threatened by the heavy storms in that area of the athmosphere (troposphere). On the station were detected weak lifesigns and bio signs which need to be rescued. The station is currently out of transporter range. To rescue the station and every lifeform on it, it is advised to lift it up in a stable orbit arround Pinastri VIII. Who placed the station inside the the athmosphere of Pinastri VIII ? And Why ? For which purpose? What technology we will find ? Is it dangerous or helpful for us ?

  • Stardate : 100213

The Station was recovered and brought in a stable orbit arround the Planet Pinastri VIII - no inhabitants or any other infiltrants of the station were found. Lifesigns appeared an vanishing all the time.

Future mission goals :

• The next goal ist to secure the station protect it from any other infiltration.
• Ananlyse the collected data, metallurgic and energetic scans.
• Explore and examine the all areas of the station.
• Analyse the technology : defensive and offensive armories, energy systems, etc.
• Researches under every scientific aspects.

  • Stardate 100306

The Exploring of the station is ongoing. The mission is overshadowed by a strange appearing and disappearing lifesigns and a few accidents and injuries of the Away Team members. No matter of that, the examination and ivestigation goes ahead. Many secrets and mysteries still needs to be discoveres and researched.

  • Stardate 100313

The Station is named "Deshima" and is more than 15.000 years old. Metallurgic analysis are still in progress and a C14 analysis couldnt finished, due the lack of a finished science lab at Pathfinder Station. So its just assumed that the station can be much older. The station looks inhabited, but inhabitants avoid contact - lifesigns appearing and vanishing - just like "ghosts" The station makes the impression of a galactic traffic junction : large docking areas with airlocks, a large hangar bay, a stargate, internal rail system, crew and traveller quarters, dining and recreation areas, etc. The technology and the computer system needs to be examined - we have to find out more about the physiology of the inhabitants and the purpose of the station.

  • Stardate 100320

Sensor scans of the Deshima station results that the station started to sink out of the stable orbit back into the atmosphere of Pinastri VIII. Another Away Team was send and to rescue the station and if that wasnt possible to rescue and restore the large computer databases of the station. Right after the away team could make a first contact to a part of the station inhabitants, a feline race, the troubles began. The power sources and and energy grids lost energy and heavy storms The away team couldnt rescue the station, malfunctions in the energy grid and power sources made it impossible, storms in the atmosphere of Pinastri VIII made the situation dangerous and the away team had to evacuate the sinking station. But it was possible to rescue extensive computer data from the stations databases. It will be a following task to evaluate this data and informations and find out about more about the staion and his inhabitants.

Mission Logs