Pinastri Fauna and Flora

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History and Mission Parameters

Project : PINASTRI - Flora and Fauna Explorer (Pinastri III, IV, V)

This project is subdivided into three sections - 1 for each planet

Astronomic LCARS Pinastri System :

Task :

  • Research of the local Fauna and Flora of Pinastri III, IV, V
  • Collect and update the data about every kind of usual and unusal animal lifeforms and plants.
  • Create an Index of animal and herbal lifeforms. If necesasary collect samples for further lab studies.
  • Comparing and replenish the new data with UFS LCARS and replenish the current database.

Final goal is to have a database or register of the different types of plants and animal lifeforms from these planets available in the LCARS of UFS Science

Required reports : minimum 1 mission or lab report till every 15th of a month

Mission Logs