Pirates of the Cheronibbean

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General Data
*SIM Type: SS Athena Missions
*Production number: ATH-RP044
*Initiated: 120226
*Ended: 120226
*Year: 2386
*SIM Concept: Lei Firehawk
*Historian: Thallanor Rasmuson

With the knowledge of a cloaked Cheronian vessel in the vicinity of Athena, the crew devise a method to lure them into the open.


Captain's log, stardate 110226:

After continued discussions with Faldo, we have determined that there is another Cheronian vessel in the vicinity of Athena. I will be meeting with my officers in the next few minutes to see if we can figure out a way to lure them out of hiding.

Computer, end log.


With the condition of the Cheronian scientist Faldo stabilized, we have continued to interrogate her in order to determine more about her own research projects but also the general state of her species. During these discussions, it came to our attention that there is a cloaked Cheronian vessel in the vicinity of Athena. With this knowledge, I sat down with several of my officers to devise a method to lure out this vessel.

We believed that there is some association between Faldo and this vessel, and we decided that the best method to lure out this vessel might be to broadcast her lifesigns from a runabout, in hopes that the vessel would decloak and attempt to engage us. Boarding the runabout Veracruz, we departed from Athena, broadcasting Faldo's biosigns. As expected, the Cheronian vessel decloaked almost immediately and set course for us. This vessel was absolutely enormous, many orders of magnitude larger than some of our largest vessels. Preliminary scans also indicated that its engines were vastly underpowered for a vessel its size, and so we quickly formulated a plan. While intentionally keeping our runabout slow, bouncing in and out of their weapons range, we started luring them towards Pinastri VII, a gas giant. As soon as they opened fire on us, it was determined that their weapons were Polaron Radiation in nature, which is lethal to organics but passes harmlessly through the hull. Lei promptly administered hyposprays to the crew of the Veracruz to offer some protection, and we continued to lure the Cheronian vessel along. By the time they realized they were caught in the gas giant's gravity well, it was too late for evasive maneuvers. They attempted to bounce off the upper layers of the planet, but eventually it started to pull them down.

Communications were opened, and it was determined that, despite its size, the vessel was completely automated. With the risk to actual lifesigns non-existent, we did attempt to tractor the vessel, but as soon as its mass started drawing us both into the planet, we released them and fired a probe, which lodged into its hull, allowing us the possibility at a later date to perhaps investigate it further. We pulled away from Pinastri VII and made way towards Athena, confident that the threat of this vessel to the Pinastri system was now eliminated.