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Science log Stardate 090521:

After the destruction of SS Andromeda i was able to tow the Federation/Borg hybrid Sensor away to the colony. Luckily it survived the crash near the Vulcano but its damaged. I hope i can repair the damage since its the only one we have and we cannot replace it. After the repairs i intent to install the Borg Sensor onto a satellite with all the needed systems and put it into orbit around a planet in the Pinastri system. Current aims are Pinastri 2 ,4a and 6. With the intended Hubble Telescope we will observe the stellar anomolies and find new civilizations. The Borg Sensor is ultra sensitive and cannot be installed in a large body like a Starbase because of the magnetic fields the hull produces plus the Sensor doesnt react well at Warp speeds.

The sensor consists of 4 phase coils, 4 phase discriminators, 4 energy transfer units, 4 powercells, a central processing unit, sensor screen, 6 sensor pallets and the security system.

Each phase coil is connected to a powercell and phase discriminator which all combined is connected to the sensor pallets. The phase coils creates 4 dimensions of unknown origin but with temporal properties and the phase variances. In each dimension consists Transphasic Quantum particles over 1000 billion phase waves. The phase discriminator channels all particles and controls the Transphasing. All phase variances are channeled into the sensor pallets. The phasings is so intensive the sensor signals or scans go into unknown higher channels in Transwarp. The travel from and back to the sensor of the signals is instantly. No delay what so ever. The max. range is 500 ly's plus it can adapt itself to per example alien masking techniques like the Borg always do. All results are processed by the central computer. The analysis of the dimension and the higher Transwarp channel are incomplete but we do know matter cant travel in these higher channels of Transwarp.

Science log Stardate 090603:

Finally. All the hard work is done. A few weeks ago i constructed the Satellite and placed it in orbit around Pinastri 4a. Lt. Rhode assisted me for installing the Fusion reactor and the power systems. The damage on the Borg sensor is worser then i thought. 2 of the 4 arrays are badly damaged and i cant fix it. I disconnected them and placed a bypass to the 2 remaining arrays and i removed the 2 damaged arrays. The phase discriminators are offset to so much i cant tell. Still its darn transphasic and still useable but i'm not sure how strong and how intelligent it is. Only the sensor pulse dont go through transwarp anymore so it will take days if not weeks for the pulse to return with results. After diagnotics the max. scan range is now 250 Ly's. I installed 2 long range narrow focus Imaging sensors for stellar research. The incoming pictures will be analysed by the Satelitte's main computer. The max. range for the best picture resolution result is about 3000 Ly's but it will be very hard focus for the Imaging sensors to even get a planet in its lenses. After a EVA i installed the Borg sensor along with 2 Quantum Phasers. All systems are checked out and online. With the new Hubble Telescope we will find and observe Stellar anomolies, New planets and new civilisations to explore.