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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP102
*Initiated: 120225
*Ended: 120225
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: Qapla
*Previous Mission: Space Cowboys and Indians
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

While in pursuit of the space cowboys, the Sheppard has a hostile encounter with a Klingon vessel whose captain accuses the crew of being thieves.


Captain's log, Stardate 120225 Current position: Unknown, 312 years in the future

The Sheppard is currently in pursuit of the thieves who stole several of our supplies, including the secondary computer core, phaser components, a quantum torpedo and, what's more worrisome, two industrial replicators. The loss of the industrial replicators is the most worrisome as that means the Sheppard cannot replicate some of the neccesary supplies and components we need to effect repairs. Engineering has already informed me that our duranium ore supplies are running dangerously low and that we need to find a fresh supply in order to repair and maintain our warp systems. I have authorized Engineering to work with Science to locate a suitable supply.

In the meantime, our pursuit has led us through several herds of what has become known as "space cows". From the looks of it, the thieves must know we are on their trail as I get the distinct impression they are trying to lose us. However, with our sensor array back in full working condition, we have managed to pick up a signal on long range sensors moving at high warp. It will still take us a week at our respective speeds to catch up, but we are definitely gaining on them.


As it continued on its course to find the "space cowboy" ship, the Sheppard suddenly came under attack from a Klingon bird of prey. As it went through a number of decloak-fire-recloak sequences, the attacking vessel inflicted further damage on the already compromised Sheppard. Captain Dwi's attempts at communications were met with an angry retort from the Klingon commander, who accused the Sheppard and its crew of being dishonorable thieves. Faced with the impossibility of a ceasefire, the Captain ordered defensive action against the bird of prey and, when it was incapacited, she requested that its crew be transported directly to the brig. However, Ops was only able to beam two of them out.

Decision was made to form two away teams to go meet the two remaining Klingons face-to-face. While Team Alpha, under Executive Officer Jess Hamelin, was to investigate the bird of prey's engine room, Team Bravo under Second Officer April Coswell would make its way to the ship's bridge.

Once both teams had beamed in, Commander Hamelin's group made its way swiftly to engineering, where it was surprised to find a Romulan-style singularity drive, an unconscious and heavily-irradiated Klingon, as well as a dead Romulan.

Lt. Commander Coswell's team came under fire from the ship's commander as he tried to prevent them from entering the bridge, but they managed to neutralize him. Dr. Axel's examination of him revealed that he, too, was showing signs of radiation poisoning. Once conscious again, the Klingon introduced himself as T'Krath, son of Ch'Bak. Although he answered few questions - other than to renew his accusations of theft - Ensign Oaksi's analysis of the logs revealed that the bird of prey had been on the Klingon/Romulan border only two weeks before, testing out a new type of drive when they had inexplicably ended up 300 years in the future. Before demanding to speak to the Captain, T'Krath volunteered that the bird of prey had the Sheppard on its scanners when it was attacked and its systems taken out.

Both away teams returned to the Sheppard, with Commander Coswell leading T'Krath to the Captain's ready room. There, Captain Dwi did her best to convince T'Krath that both her ship and his were victims of the same thieves, getting him to agree to an exchange of log data.